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anndunham: this dude is in batonrouge @friendster
jonathn: @friendster
jonathn: i wish the images involved the use of text @friendster
jonathn: @friendster
POLYMER: @friendster
cheetos1: it rules! @friendster
kintrala: @catz you need to get help. please refer to @grace @kim and @friendster for advice on kintrala ocd rehab
scary: wow i have to say i didn't actually believe @aids_enoch was @friendster but he just won't stop denying it....
KlM: @aids_enoch i cant see what you are saying but i think you are saying that you are scared we found out your @friendster
KlM: wait is @aids_enoch actually @friendster??????
kiptok: @friendster do u remember rapmart
kiptok: do you like the yg album @friendster
aoifeml: @friendster
joy: rarely @friendster
Ice: @friendster
joy: @frankhats @friendster
melipone: @friendster
frankhats: @friendster
frankhats: @friendster
frankhats: @friendster
mascara: what party did u go to that you saw that shirt @friendster
cheetos1: ok thanks!! @friendster
cheetos1: ayy lmao @friendster
guwopo: did u cover it in kief @friendster
futbol: @friendster
hoquang: @friendster
jonathn: >>>>> @friendster
mascara: this is tight right? @friendster
mascara: i like your site @friendster
jonathn: another tragic artist death @friendster
jonathn: "loneliness is such a sad affair" @friendster
jonathn: @friendster
cheetossss: tracks up @friendster
DoritoWitch: @friendster maybe if you remembered her name
cheetossss: @friendster
frankhats: r u torrenting that sex tape @friendster
hoquang: @frederick @friendster
minty: @friendster
alessandra: @friendster my # is the same hmu
alessandra: @friendster yes lol
frederick: @friendster