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jerseymike: this new ratking tho @friendster im only ont he first track but it's fire
kiptok: @friendster
fartist: you should change your avatar @friendster
fartist: happy new year ! @wakefulness @stage @weh @friendster @scotty2hotty69 @jonathn @drewel @anndunham @buyuadraank @waves @kiptok @ShlucHT @elfluuva @catluvvr
hoquang: @friendster
hoquang: @friendster
lux: @klm @hoquang @friendster @wrinkles
lux: @friendster
KlM: why @friendster would hateme is one forrrrr sure!!!!
KlM: @friendster is super into heroin ask him he loves to talk about it literally wont stop forever
orlandobloom: @friendster we pony now
callus: if you catch rockhero on dump ask him about mgtow @friendster
petrograd: @friendster
years: @friendster @maggie @flourides @weh
goatmilk: @friendster
joy: i am in lower queens @Friendster
callus: sick chola brows @friendster
grass: @friendster
grass: @friendster
thekraken: haha oh nooo @friendster (continuation of kim k west thread)
thekraken: @friendster
alessandra: @friendster miss you too
years: dang, this is ur best yet @friendster
orlandobloom: @friendster
years: respekt @friendster
frederick: @friendster this is up but will get taken down soon
mrhealth: @friendster
pretzel: @friendster
GucciSoFlosy: @friendster
hoqueef: v_sullock is a bootleg version of @friendster
yemano: powerful @friendster
kintrala: @jonathn @friendster :
jonathn: @hell @friendster @eyedeekay @kintrala
thetip: @ssnack @frederick @kintrala @friendster @wupremee
alessandra: ily 2 @friendster
ohgod: @friendster
alessandra: @friendster plz make me a bangers cd
GucciSoFlosy: @joy @thengb @dak4ndym4nfu @andrej @doritowitch @kim @friendster