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betrayer: @footbath
betrayer: @footbath
cheseball: @reneabythe @joy @footbath
joy: @footbath
betrayer: @footbath :D
betrayer: exactly @footbath
betrayer: anime? @footbath
photos: wow @footbath synco
halitosis: we made them the same height @footbath
fish: nice @footbath
Axxcessx: @footbath whats that from
photos: i'm sorry @footbath
betrayer: @footbath do u kno wat i mean abt too much time wasted on music writing tho i just think that ppl waste time on a thing that is predicated on time any
betrayer: ey @footbath if u listen to cloud becomes u should tell me if u like it
betrayer: @footbath @plant
thekraken: lol this movie was GARBARGE @footbath
betrayer: lonely @footbath
taehyung: shut the fuck up @footbath
kalan: @footbath WOW that IS Soft. i wanna keep touching
kalan: @footbath as if that was even possible in 2016: HUMANITY AFTER THE SELF