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blue: @footbath
LibrtnPlease: @footbath
trini: @footbath
thekraken: choose the one that puts you closer to work @footbath
McChimperson: move in2 an rv @footbath
GucciSoFlosy: tight, or pdschatz - gmail @footbath
melipone: @footbath
kiptok: this the shit u into? @footbath
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nicolashorch: @footbath
tommoody: @footbath - like when rising tensions reblogged something of mine thinking it was an internet found object - i emailed her and i think she was too embarrassed to reply
tommoody: @footbath - i would jump for joy for the attention dividends it would pay, especially when i started making fun of the fact that he was dumb enough to use something of mine
GucciSoFlosy:,5 @footbath
Alluring: im surprised i never heard of this guy till now @footbath
JustinArias: @penisholer1 @footbath it's a ribbon worm and it was trying to eat the mans hand
years: take a @footbath
bugmenot: ☿ @lux @seacam @kiptokvanity @foot @footbath @dolphin300 @soverymonkey @ice
thekraken: thanks @footbath - I got it to work. Just kinda too hungry / tired to have seen that I had to manually copy and paste a link in a verification email
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carlosdngr2: @footbath
carlosdngr2: @footbath Mateo is a student who is one of the leaders of our high school's Grunge Movementâ„¢
peggy: @footbath the problem with shared accounts is that it undermines accountability... apparently some of those accounts were used to dump some nasty mean stuff, but because they're shared, whoevers using it at the time can deny that *they* posted it
ShlucHT: @footbath
ShlucHT: @footbath nice link before the snake ladders one
WUPREME: @footbath can you add this to the beggining of the video
carlosdngr2: @footbath one of the songs on the docking release is just me spelling "docking" with a delay on the vocals
kintrala: @footbath :
pummp: probably 100 @footbath
carlosdngr2: @footbath you deserve it
jerseymike: @footbath arent you a mod?
callus: this has to be included in the petition @footbath @jerseymike
cheseball: @footbath
carlosdngr2: @footbath are there any dudes who go to emerson
carlosdngr2: @footbath thats what it says under influences on my band's FB page
carlosdngr2: @footbath they say "i am addicted to netflix"
illalli: @footbath
pretzel: @footbath