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jacqueez: yes, thank u @footbath
badbot: how to turn words to images @footbath
carlosdngr2: @footbath same
carlosdngr2: @footbath i took chinatown busa couple weeks ago
thekraken: thanks for the hot tip on James K @footbath
sidonie: @footbath clean your room!
kiptijek: it was a good game u ass @footbath
cheseball: @footbath i mean streaming the video to a website like castAMP and then cast that tab to the TV
thekraken: " further credence to an idea that Einstein famously rejected. He said quantum theory necessitated “spooky action at a distance,” and he refused to accept the notion that the universe could behave in such a strange and apparently random fashion. " @footbath Einstein's words. E=Mc²SPOOKY
reneabythe: @footbath
thekraken: @JAS @footbath
cheseball: @librtnplease @footbath @youngbumpkin
pepperII: I love that tune @footbath