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kiptijek: ya but whats a reasonable amt of time for a response online place like here or anywhere @footbath & how 2 discern
goblin: wow cool group @footbath
sidonie: good job! @footbath
thekraken: @footbath
kiptijek: i think the qu'ran is cooler than the bible @footbath
thekraken: lol for a sec I thought that was a framed print of a photographed antique bookshelf behind you @footbath
kiptokvanity: really? @footbath
girlafraid: breakfast is served @footbath
photos: there is a web interface too @footbath
photos: @footbath
kiptok: yay @footbath
jfk: do you know what algorithm that is @footbath
kiptok: listen to her @footbath
cheseball: @footbath the styrofoam cup has meaningfully added to my ice coffee experiences. ty for the suggestion.
noth: he must be Wiseau's pupil @footbath
jfk: hey @footbath, hey @goblin, hey @reneabythe, hey @thekraken
thekraken: lol @footbath -boobs.gif
kiptok: @footbath