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kiptok: @foot
kiptok: @foot
maxlabor: <3 @foot
maxlabor: @foot what are you wearing for the parade
helvetica12: was she your special lady @foot
maxlabor: overboard is my mom's favorite movie @foot
KingofMugen: @foot
oolong: @foot
photos: @foot
taehyung: this is cool @foot
photos: omg @foot awesome
elfluuva: @foot
kiptok: finally @foot
maxlabor: @foot even in outer boroughs
maxlabor: really? @foot
jonathn: @kiptok @cliffdarling @maxlabor @1au @bees @oolong @foot @drewel
kiptok: cityslickers smh @foot
maxlabor: @foot
kiptok: i put @foot 2 the floor
kiptok: idk action park @foot
kiptok: i want to yea @foot
kiptok: lehigh valley ftw @foot
oolong: where do you live @foot
maxlabor: no mshr i guess @foot
maxlabor: i thought that was a cup of fries between your legs @foot
maxlabor: search dv handycam in craigslist and someone is likely trying to get rid of it @foot
elfluuva: @foot
photos: @foot
maxlabor: @foot you should be him for all hallow's eve
betrayer: a @foot joint?
badbot: @foot
badbot: log out? @foot
elfluuva: @foot
maxlabor: @foot there's maybe a blizzard on sat.
elfluuva: @foot
maxlabor: @foot
noth: @joy @bees @foot
elfluuva: @foot
cheseball: @foot
maxlabor: @foot how was the chew
maxlabor: one day i will hand you a ghost potato @foot