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lux: @erikhaspresence
ssnack: ?? what do you think ? @erikhaspresence
fartist: my ex-internet-gf's friend went to this ad school in seattle...was it the same ad school u went t2 bro ? @erikhaspresence
gr8pevine: @erikhaspresence
fartist: @erikhaspresence
blingscience: @erikhaspresence
petrograd: @erikhaspresence
petrograd: @erikhaspresence
hoquang: @erikhaspresence
gr8pevine: LOL FUCK @bluray @erikhaspresence @polymer @ben_dover
gr8pevine:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/laxjgppcohgtpk7t3dwm.png @erikhaspresence
kiptok: goodbye to language 3d @erikhaspresence
lux: No topic is off-limits to the adulterous couple that serves as the film’s primary non-canine characters. @erikhaspresence
lux: office-altar.jpg @erikhaspresence
ryz: @erikhaspresence
ryz: @erikhaspresence
ryz: @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence @byron @rihenna @ivy
lux: love it @erikhaspresence
lux: i am 'very valuable' in forecasting........but really. @erikhaspresence
ryz: best spice/herb resource @erikhaspresence @tommoody
rihenna: body party by ciara was written about u @erikhaspresence
ryz: @erikhaspresence
ryz: @erikhaspresence unintentional juxtaposition
lux: @erikhaspresence
bluray: @erikhaspresence hi
lux: @erikhaspresence
lux: Un hacker amenazó a Emma Watson con publicar sus fotos íntimas, luego del emotivo discurso que ofreció la actriz de “Harry Potter” en Organización de las Naciones Unidas. @erikhaspresence
tommoody: @erikhaspresence
lux: my @erikhaspresence
lux: would u let me son be friends with ur son @erikhaspresence
lux: "just saying" @erikhaspresence
years: what's the password? @erikhaspresence
melipone: @erikhaspresence
erikhaspresence: @melipone @POLYMER @ben_dover @pretzel @erikhaspresence @ryz
melipone: @erikhaspresence this is great
kalan: @erikhaspresence only the pope can unblur aids_enoch
ryz: @melipone @polymer @ben_dover @pretzel @erikhaspresence
petrograd: @gr8pevine @hoquang @bluray @erikhaspresence @peggy @ryz @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @andrej