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melipone: @erikhaspresence
wigs: @erikhaspresence
wigs: lol you were so trashy and young in 2010 @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence eat something lmao
lux: collecting my bosses airline miles/chatting online @erikhaspresence
lux: the end is me @erikhaspresence ur the girl with the gap
lux: watch that 2000 (?, if so, glam) movie Gossip with jackie @erikhaspresence
lux: always waiting to do heroin @erikhaspresence
carlosdngr2: @erikhaspresence that was the year of the neon signs on album covers
lux: @frederick @erikhaspresence
lux: it's kendrick lamar @erikhaspresence
lux: your review of trainwreck was my fave of the year js @erikhaspresence
collinrn: @erikhaspresence
lux: jackie posting silicone was glam @erikhaspresence
photos: @erikhaspresence
lux: go to one of lena's performances @erikhaspresence
lux: queen of earth needs to calm down @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence
lux: sending it blessings @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence
lux: she came @erikhaspresence
gr8pevine: lol @erikhaspresence
years: @erikhaspresence
wrinkles: they are @erikhaspresence
lux: hi @erikhaspresence
lux: @erikhaspresence
lux: wotch Coherence @erikhaspresence or don't
gr8pevine: @erikhaspresence @yert @melipone @greebles @polymer @bluray s/o @hoquang RIP alefk
petrograd: @polymer @erikhaspresence @gr8pevine
petrograd: @erikhaspresence
petrograd: @erikhaspresence
epipen: @erikhaspresence ??
melipone: @erikhaspresence
kiptok: @erikhaspresence @fuckyouall
gr8pevine: @erikhaspresence
POLYMER: @erikhaspresence
petrograd: @erikhaspresence
whocares1: @erikhaspresence octopus rift
lux: S @erikhaspresence
lux: too masc to live @erikhaspresence