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plant: @elfluuva you haven't post videos
sidonie: <3 <3 <3 happy bday! <3 <3 <3 @elfluuva
cheseball: HBD U PYT @elfluuva
K8moSS: hey @elfluuva would u still wanna do a music video w me?
cheseball: @elfluuva
hoquang: @elfluuva can you @ me that conflict song you sent to foot
bluecow: don't forget to send me your criticism please if you read it @elfluuva it is extremely important to me
bluecow: @elfluuva
foot: VROOM vroom @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
luke: @elfluuva sure!
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
kiptok: @elfluuva come over
foot: @elfluuva come over
sidonie: @elfluuva u r beautious 2
foot: @elfluuva
foot: Alive! from the dead to tell @elfluuva "Hello"
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
thekraken: bahaha wow the miitomo camera creator is something else @buyuadraank @elfluuva
foot: hey @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
Ice: @elfluuva have you seen all is lost
maxlabor: it's where they throw all the excess skin away @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: Smokey: wheres @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
maxlabor: @elfluuva bomb ass chest hon
foot: @elfluuva
taehyung: @ELFLUUVA
taehyung: @elfluuva ikr i love smile
badbot: a real lol @elfluuva
foot: Can we sell your voicemails at the Big Dunk: Frown Downtown event @elfluuva
foot: Cody & Roll @elfluuva
foot: Rick & Roll @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva