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sidonie: @elfluuva
kiptok: 5704606542:) @foot @elfluuva
kiptok: @elfluuva i'm meaner online bc it's a place of exaggerations & i don't think we can always try to just compensate the other way. need to learn a new form of discourse so we don't dilute IRL interaction
kiptok: @elfluuva @foot can i get ur phones
kiptok: @elfluuva i'm not mean
kiptok: hey @elfluuva & @foot i'm in pa what are you guys doing i kinda wanna visit easton:>
kiptijek: @elfluuva i'm mean to many ppl online
kiptijek: @elfluuva the internet only allows a different kind of rhetoric so i'm trying not to compensate to be the same kind of person i am IRL
kiptijek: @elfluuva as far as you i use a fucking exaggerated tone online
kiptijek: @elfluuva kintrala is annoying as hell & only ever really contributes content on herself, on other people's profiles which she copies & reuses
cheseball: @elfluuva
jfk: did you ever go to tic tock @elfluuva
kiptok: or kiptok @ gmail @foot @elfluuva
kiptok: you should add me i'm sorry i was mean @elfluuva
kiptok: kiptok 1877 @elfluuva
kiptok: i.e. tone @elfluuva
kiptok: learn to not get upset at things you don't know how to interpret online @elfluuva
kiptok: good 4 u @elfluuva
plant: @elfluuva
peggy: @elfluuva yeah
plant: @elfluuva this is what I was looking
maxlabor: thx @elfluuva
plant: that's it @elfluuva you're my music dealer
plant: @elfluuva you haven't post videos
sidonie: <3 <3 <3 happy bday! <3 <3 <3 @elfluuva
cheseball: HBD U PYT @elfluuva
K8moSS: hey @elfluuva would u still wanna do a music video w me?
cheseball: @elfluuva
hoquang: @elfluuva can you @ me that conflict song you sent to foot
bluecow: don't forget to send me your criticism please if you read it @elfluuva it is extremely important to me
bluecow: @elfluuva
foot: VROOM vroom @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
luke: @elfluuva sure!
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
foot: @elfluuva
kiptok: @elfluuva come over
foot: @elfluuva come over
sidonie: @elfluuva u r beautious 2