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thekraken: lol wow finn are you making these heaven's gate patriots ? @dolphin300
footbath: @dolphin300
JustinArias: oh shit for sure i'll probably hit you up! @dolphin300
kiptok: @dolphin300 all right
kiptok: @dolphin300 is this real r u srs
cheseball: @kiptok @dolphin300
Axxcessx: @dolphin300 test
cheseball: @dolphin300
anndunham: @dolphin300 ur bro's fb cover has my stork gif on it..
jfk: @dolphin300
JustinArias: New bladee album out today :o @cheseball @dolphin300 @taehyung
cheseball: top kek @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: -----> ---------> @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
Soccer: @dolphin300
JustinArias: @taehyung @cheseball @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300 id watch a music video of
betrayer: "dumphaus" -- @dolphin300
plant: snake plant @dolphin300
halitosis: @dolphin300 is the worst
wrinkles: @dolphin300 is great! fuck you guys
cheseball: @dolphin300 hmu*
cheseball: @dolphin300 theres specific times when registration is open. try checking during the weekdays. if that still doesn't work then hmm again
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 did u rip off yr shirt and say "im swole as fuk u pussies sculpt THIS"
wrinkles: @dolphin300 @taehyung Madonna's is horrifying like i said haha
wrinkles: lol yeah he's a strange beauty're easy on the eyes. he looks like amonster sometimes @dolphin300
JustinArias: hell yeah finn i dig it! @dolphin300
maxlabor: @dolphin300 send me that list of Paris shit
JustinArias: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300 re: audiobooks
cheseball: @dolphin300 check out The Disaster Artist; its about The Room
taehyung: @DOLPHIN300
kiptok: r u going to earthly/dog dick @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 she was playign neptunes when i was playing kings lol
Samantha: @dolphin300
JustinArias: @taehyung @dolphin300