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lux: duuuuude !!! @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 you need to be banned for your fake pics
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 they need to be put down
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 i redid the gtr trax
lux: ill smell ur west coast @dolphin300
divanopka: @dolphin300 u mean so much 2 me
lux: @dolphin300
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody @dolphin300 @elizabeth
cheseball: @jonathn @tommoody @dolphin300
trill: @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @Chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @FAUXreal @GucciSoFlosy @hoquang @jerseymike @JSONvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @McChimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @RaineRaine @lizzy @Dr_Age @lux @sterlingcrip @fingers @DreWeL @fink_fille @grass @frederick @elfluuva @kiptok @peur @pummp @whocares1 @youngbumpkin @sdonvoorhees @jimmyjammer @DreWeL @a2soup @anndunham @jerseymike
lizzy: penultimate NxC raverss playlist @byron @whocares1 @dolphin300 @aids_Enoch @shlucht @kintrala @elfluuva @kiptok @anndunham etcetc
kiptok: don't fuc w/ me @dolphin300
helvetica12: oh my god @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
arella: also i asked @dolphin300
arella: @dolphin300 which one should i ignore
JustinArias: @dolphin300
kiptok: you do @dolphin300
elfluuva: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 lol
McChimperson: LOL @dolphin300
RaineRaine: thanks for that @dolphin300
kiptok: stfu @dolphin300 naysayer
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 currently doing a poetry analysis in a group with zach johnson and stephen and humza
carlosdngr2: ooo v good @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 i left to do homework and drink snapple and i came back and they were still being bitchy 9 year olds
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 its really good
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 so good
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 you got slash in the band yet?
carlosdngr2: i crunched on yr mum's numbs btw @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: you ever watched the show numbers @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
helvetica12: @dolphin300
callus: @dolphin300
callus: out @dolphin300
kalan: happy birthday, dad! @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
hoquang: @dolphin300 she ignored multiple facebook messages about the matter.
pies: @40ozbeer @dolphin300 @pfifferking @robot @ssnack
cheseball: @dolphin300 you got rid of some of the layering
cheseball: those others are alternatives incase a font doesnt work @dolphin300 sometimes they can be tricky