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lux: @sidonie @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300 i think interactivity is the future of netart and that getting into it is a good call because it wont be enough to simply make cool looking images/making physical objects you'll also have to understand how to make a responsive, interesting website/app/program. is a good example of where its all headed and what the new floor is. being conscious about the way someone interacts with and "feels" your piece is just as important as making the image itself.
lux: @sidonie @dolphin300 @guccisoflosy @jimmyjammer
lux: @sidonie @dolphin300 @guccisoflosy
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 we jammed at noah's house last night and this weird savant guy who is sorta friends with teddy showed up
lux: @carlsdngr2 @cheseball @dolphin300 @sidonie
lux: @dolphin300
lux: turnt af @dolphin300
Samantha: @dolphin300
ssnack: @dolphin300 do you have lead poisoning
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: sentinel - hybrid @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 listen to the new ought album
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 all the RAs at carolina are narcs
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 max taylor got into WXYC
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 the coeds are prime here
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 lots of reddit?
noth: @dolphin300 it's an old tv show
cheseball: @dolphin300 that cover is based
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 max taylor goes to this school
photos: @dolphin300 yea the textures
cheseball: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 swings got signed to exploding in sound the day after we played with them
ShlucHT: @dolphin300 thats how you make memphis rap
lux: n.e.r.d @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 im looking at the FB group for my floor at hinton james and all of these people wear dress clothes in their profile pics
lux: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 you let the hijackers on the plane?
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 did you ask him if he is pro apartheid
carlosdngr2: hell yeah @dolphin300 sam rebilas 4th grade
carlosdngr2: @thekraken @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 did you hear the new alex g song?
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 are you going to the Rock Sho tomorrow
Ice: @artist @dolphin300 @melipone
elfluuva: its either adler0 or adler_0 @dolphin300
dolphin300: @dolphin300 alder0
thekraken: @dolphin300 cc @cheseball @kiptok
carlosdngr2: that's @dolphin300's mom yall
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 ben thinks im starting to look like the mad scientist from parquet courts