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lux: @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
JustinArias: @dolphin300
helvetica12: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 i filled my car with regular gasoline and im fucked
maxlabor: @1au @alessandra @avatars @beardcookies @bootymath @cheseball @copaceticusa @dagmar @dedchil @dolphin300 @drewel @gbrl @guccisoflosy @helvetica12 @justinarias @kiptokvanity @librtnplease @robot @shlucht @sidonie @taehyung
wrinkles: i'd eat your cinnamon rolls @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 new less western so good best thing
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 we've all been there lol
cheseball: @dolphin300
JustinArias: @dolphin300
cheseball: cheseball it had some moments, the singing vvasnt as bad as i thought itd be. cheseball suki girls and grapes are a lot stronger than skid rovv cheseball maybe he moves to ohio next and releases gummo II cheseball vvhen its good, it reminds me of OPN instead of ferarro cheseball not sure thats good cheseball oh he left cheseball lol @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
minty: omg that trendy soundtrack was so annoying @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300 skid row's online
wrinkles: @maxlabor @pfiferking @goblin @LibrtnPlease @JustinArias @youngbumpkin @dolphin300 @cheseball @elfluuva
kiptokvanity: @dolphin300
helvetica12: wait what @dolphin300
ravelord: is that a print @dolphin300
kiptokvanity: what @dolphin300
kiptokvanity: broken @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
cheseball: @kiptijek @dolphin300
kiptijek: i like this album @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 me and noah might live here next year
jacqueez: thank you ! @dolphin300
taehyung: @dolphin300 i dedicate this to u
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 today this dude who is banned from the chelsea for sexually harassing customers and saying "nigger" under his breath tried to come inside
halitosis: give me your youth @dolphin300
cheseball: @1au @dolphin300
thekraken: @dolphin300 lmao @ this vimeo. I was trying to figure out where the tab came from earlier. thanks. it is strangely motivating for all the reasons the guy didn't make the video lol
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 ben mad e a poster for the drums and its Graphic Design Bro as F
lux: @dolphin300 can u find a link 2 the grimes leak
JustinArias: thanks for the good music! @dolphin300
thekraken: MMMMMMMMM @betrayer cc @dolphin300 2
kintrala: @dolphin300 :
JustinArias: @taehyung @dolphin300
taehyung: where yo ass was at @dolphin300
cheseball: merry xmas (via @BirdRaymond) @dolphin300
BirdRaymond: Thank you so much!! @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 19.95