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cheseball: @dolphin300 i passed out
cut: crine & dine @dolphin300
cheseball: @thekraken @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: nicki or tswift @dolphin300
Samantha: deluge @dolphin300
cheseball: on ur song, u should extend the area between 53 to 57 and syncopate it better and then mix it in with ur base beat at around thr 1:40 mark. it sounds kinda dead in parts. idk if thats intentional or not @dolphin300
thekraken: @cheseball @dolphin300
kintrala: @dolphin300 : raep halpp
JustinArias: that was hilarious @dolphin300 haha
JustinArias: lmfao I haven't seen this one @dolphin300
helvetica12: thx @dolphin300
lux: @copaceticusa @rihenna @dolphin300
thekraken: @dolphin300
soverymonkey: @dolphin300
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 anna grace bought her mom an airbrushed t shirt at the state fair that says "kevins [dad's] bitch" on it
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 what the fuck
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 my summer assignment is to get a ton of chicks and let a frat bro brand my ballsack
thekraken: (thats obvi fan art but check this out korn x bbhmm lol - & new song ) @kiptok @cheseball @DreWeL @dolphin300
thekraken: lol wtf @kiptok @cheseball @drewel @dolphin300
lux: did he @dolphin300
GucciSoFlosy: @dolphin300
kiptok: @dolphin300
lux: do u like punk girls yelling @dolphin300
GlamSam: brunch all who are invited: @illalli @lux @byron @mcchimperson @hoquang @kiptok @librtnplease @kintrala @sidonie @cheseball @dolphin300 @halitosis hmm am i missing anybody
thekraken: I hope the fav counter gets reset every year :) @dolphin300 cc @ryz
Samantha: @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
lux: Bring It On (8/10) Movie CLIP - Sparky the Choreographer @dolphin300
cheseball: thats not a bad deal @dolphin300
Samantha: thts rubber johnny @dolphin300 lmfao
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 david smith mentioned me in his review of the spider bags sho lololol
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 they were taken down last night
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300 im eating sushi with noah rawlings in raleigh on friday lol
carlosdngr2: @dolphin300
years: @dolphin300 how'd it go ?
ssnack: redumping and @ing bc it's important you hear this @dolphin300 dolphin3000 i want to be your friend pls visit IT'S SUMMER you can stay in the extra bedroom i pay $900 a monnth for so i have more floor to throw my clothes on
lux: @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300
GucciSoFlosy: @dolphin300 I used a plugin for AE called Element 3D that uses OpenGL to do realtime rendering in AE. If I was smarter, I would have used C4D (which now ships with AECC and up), but I'm not smart, and element is awesomely easy
carlosdngr2: ya @dolphin300