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whocares1: @WinCo @dolphin300 @cheetos
SuperSeaCat: I used to stab myself with barbed needles all the time @dolphin300
Sweetly: cam urself in underwear and ill upload it for u @dolphin300
JustinArias: @dolphin300 whaaaaaaa
Safeway: @dolphin300
Sweetly: @conqueror @dolphin300 @guccisoflosy @mcchimperson
taehyung: Is he not sus @dolphin300
Goy: @dolphin300
kiptok: ur gona look weird bein in korea @dolphin300
kiptok: @dolphin300 weeaboo
cheseball: @dolphin300 go to this on ur korea summer thing
maxlabor: do you have a website @dolphin300
sleepaid: @dolphin300
thous: i would give a rimjob to @dolphin300
thous: i would rim u @dolphin300
kiptok: @jimmyjammer @dolphin300
safesex2011: hehe i think so @dolphin300
safesex2011: I a lot of people hate et @dolphin300
safesex2011: a MICA alum edited has book and did other cool things so I though MICA was rad @Dolphin300
safesex2011: @dolphin300
safesex2011: what would you want to do at Parsons @dolphin300
kiptok: that girl at mica tho @dolphin300
McChimperson: should have used protection @dolphin300
cheseball: @dolphin300
kiptok: reminds me of that dj warlord vid @dolphin300
helvetica12: @jfk @dolphin300 lemme see u cam
lux: good!!!!!! @dolphin300
minty: omg i want that shirt @dolphin300
kiptok: bone athena @dolphin300
jfk: lol @dolphin300 i was thinking about soup lantern with the tom cruise thing
jfk: @dolphin300
JustinArias: @dolphin300 for sure will watch the whole thing
jfk: i mean thats pretty rare @dolphin300
jfk: it reminds me of that stuff @dolphin300
lux: @dolphin300 @tae
JustinArias: He talking on the Internet! Ay n***a where yo mama at! @dolphin300
taehyung: @dolphin300
kiptokvanity: no @dolphin300
KingofMugen: @Dolphin300
bees: @aoifeml @cheseball @dolphin300 @grass @guccisoflosy @guysalmon @halitosis @jimmyjammer @kazooie @maxlabor @noisia @noth @nscthsptl @frederick @peur @scotty2hotty69 @selectall @thekraken
carlosdngr2: Those donald trump girls dancing @dolphin300