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ryz: @dates led wall in the window
ryz: @dates yah you wanna make somehting?
kalan: @ice @dates @wrinkles yall might like this too. still roughcut
kalan: my favorite radio show ever is this BBC between the ears, but i cant get/download most of the episodes outside of the commonwealth. do you know how i could get a reservoir? they're almost all mindblowingly good. especially the one about the first pianos in australia - @dates (you too!)
kalan: @dates i realized i think i lost more than half of those EGS tracks you converted and the website it gone now!
kalan: @dates! how are you?
ryz: @dates ehehhehhehe
kalan: @glasspopcorn @weh @lcky @ryz @ben_dover @cxzy @catz @dates @wilhelmreich @ryder @nna @aids_enoch @anndunham @godless @photocopy @pretzel