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callus: bad move @cxzy
kiptok: bacon egg and cheese ez @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy kale roots
kiptok: @cxzy kombucha culture
kiptok: idk? @cxzy bc ur noob at fashion? @cxzy
bees: @anndunham @kalan @aids_enoch @pfifferking @doritowitch @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy i gues
kiptok: @cxzy cool tumblr
kiptok: @cxzy uhh wtf?
years: wow, @cxzy , is this you?
bees: @cxzy @anndunham @aids_£n0ch @orlando_bloom
petrograd: @cxzy @hoquang
aids_enoch: @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
DCshoes: @cxzy what school
kinny: @cxzy :
rihenna: listen to kisses down low @cxzy @byron
byron: let's watch it at mine @rihenna @soverymonkey @cxzy
wrinkles: @cxzy sounds right up my alley
kintrala: @CXZY :
anndunham: @cxzy
peur: @cxzy
cheetos1: @cxzy @ben_dove
cheetos1: pwned @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy
years: @cxzy
kintrala: @cxzy :
POLYMER: hopefully i will feel better by saturday @andrej and @cxzy and @aoifeml and any one else in NYC - i am having a birthday party at crown victoria bar in williamsburg around 10pm :)
powerstripp: @cxzy big money
kiptok: sitting here waitin for the go ahead @cxzy
kiptok: am i supposed to call you still wtf @cxzy
alessandra: @cxzy r u gonna dress up for halloween?
kiptok: @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy click!
kiptok: @cxzy
bees: @cxzy @cheetos1 @artist @??
kalan: @glasspopcorn @weh @lcky @ryz @ben_dover @cxzy @catz @dates @wilhelmreich @ryder @nna @aids_enoch @anndunham @godless @photocopy @pretzel
powerstripp: pour champaign on the keyboard @cxzy
kintrala: @cxzy :
kalan: @cxzy do you have different outfits depending what youre eating, matching fashion with food?