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fartist: @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy
hoquang: here's what gawker had to say about cxzy's name: A strong name should have a singular distinct meaning and a clear cultural lineage. This is not so with Kaya. According to Baby Name Wizard, Kaya means, across several languages, "wealthy elder little sister rock yew of the physical body temperament tomorrow [garbled translation] skin." @cxzy
zybergrrl: @cxzy
lux: @peur @cxzy
rihenna: @lux @cxzy
rihenna: @cxzy @byron @lux
anndunham: @cxzy @feelfeel @ #pile
anndunham: @nicolashorch @ShlucHT @pfifferking @cxzy
hoquang: and so does @cxzy
fartist: @cxzy
hoquang: @cxzy @doritowitch
callus: @cxzy
hoquang: @cxzy
pretzel: @cxzy
hoquang: @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy you ever hear back from those people?
hoquang: i met @cxzy while i was there
bees: #limitedtimeoffer @pfifferking @anndunham @cxzy @thetip
kiptok: @cxzy so boring omg u watch this stuff? i quit
bees: lisa frank gradient dotted 12th notes @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy
bees: @cxzy
kiptok: is it for class @cxzy
kiptok: wtf does that mean @cxzy
byron: red @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy ok
kiptok: no @cxzy
kiptok: coward @cxzy
kiptok: tinder is wack @cxzy
kiptok: the new godard movie @cxzy
pfifferking: @anndunham @dvvidpw @cxzy @ryz @peur @eduit @justinarias @frankhats @petrograd @DORITOWITCH @andrej @robot @feelfeel @peggy @thekraken @pretzel @photocopy
lux: @cxzy
lux: @cxzy @rihenna
kiptok: @cxzy where u @ i wanna look at this prof
hoquang: @cxzy lol
kiptok: @cxzy what do i mean
kiptok: @cxzy wtf?
anndunham: @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy