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DoritoWitch: thanks @cxzy
pretzel: seems very aggro @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
kalan: @cxzy is @jonathn sleeping on your legs?!?!
DoritoWitch: @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy are you on a boat?
kalan: @cxzy i think i maybe saw a future or alternative version of you in a dogme95 movie yesterday
kalan: @cxzy see what i mean???
kalan: @cxzy
zybergrrl: how did work go? u didn't get drunk last night? @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
powerstripp: !!!! @ediut @cxzy pinecone, alternate view
robot: yay @cxzy! ty ty ty
kalan: @anndunham @cxzy
kalan: @cxzy
kalan: @cxzy this is her
kalan: @cxzy hey do you know a mari from Tromsø ?
robot: awww, he did?! @cxzy *gush*
melipone: @cxzy
DoritoWitch: @cxzy
melipone: @cxzy
melipone: check your horror scope @cxzy
powerstripp: @anndunham @cxzy
mascara: @cxzy
kinny: @cxzy r u @ms_cxzy ?
catz: hmmm. @cxzy and @kalan . it.
DreWeL: you're quite good at responding to YO's but not fb friend requests @cxzy
zybergrrl: @melipone @hoquang @cxzy
robot: *fancy bow* @cxzy
melipone: @cxzy
melipone: @cxzy
zybergrrl: OMG IS THIS YOU @cxzy HE HE
powerstripp: #want @ediut @cxzy
powerstripp: @cxzy @ediut
zybergrrl: lol @cxzy
zybergrrl: i found ur naturally warm and loving nature very apparent! @cxzy
kalan: @cxzy @zybergrrl omg is she talking about you guys???!?!
kalan: @cxzy @zybergrrl do u guys Know Abba?
melipone: @cxzy
anndunham: met a lil norwegian sweetie named Ingrid last night, talked about Norway for a while, then she asked me who was was staying with... well it turns out you're famous. cool. @cxzy
2DEEP4U: @cxzy we need yr gavel pls