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hoquang: @cxzy do u want spider plant
kiptok: @cxzy very fun last ntie thx!
kiptok: @cxzy
kiptok: cool @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy
anndunham: @cxzy
hoquang: and @cxzy
hoquang: @cxzy's old apartment or @frederick's new lair
frederick: @cxzy
frederick: @cxzy
kintrala: @cxzy :
byron: @cxzy
kalan: @cxzy so staying in oslo thru tomorrow midday to get some amazing stuff done ive been waiting for for years. anything i should be sure to check out here? people not to miss? staying at the squat beside hausmania...
pies: @cxzy
kintrala: @cxzy : please be nice to me in class next semester :{P
kintrala: @cxzy u there
kiptok: where u now @cxzy
cheseball: @cxzy
kalan: @ShlucHT @anndunham @cxzy @dumpFMineurope flying to norway on the 19th! probably hitchhiking south form there! id love your recs! id love to see you!
pfifferking: @cxzy
whocares1: @hoquang @ben_dover @polymer @melipone @dolphin300 @d_magik @serenity @peur @frederick @helvetica12 @xinyi @doritowitch @cxzy
years: <3 @cxzy
kiptok: @cxzy
cheseball: @cxzy
bees: @cheseball @elfuuva @justinarias @tanya @whocares1 @wupreme @cheetos1 @frederik @mcchimperson @peur @years @halitosis @thekraken @drewel @kingofmugen @shlucht @kintrala @ssnack @ediut @cxzy @d_magik @conqueror @pretzel @epipen
cxzyrules: @cxzy u rule
kiptok: @cxzy dad's bathroom reading lol
gr8pevine: @melipone @hoquang @peggy @epipen @doritowitch @andrej @cxzy @tommoody @polymer @yomatty @robot @petrograd
cheseball: @cxzy
gr8pevine: @epipen @cxzy @polymer @ZYBERGRRL @kinrala @aoifeml @sidonie @halitosis @alessandra @ all babes
alessandra: @cxzy
cheseball: @cxzy
bees: sleep in the duchamp lounge @cxzy
cheseball: @cxzy
thekraken: cheers rick @cxzy
bees: @kintrala @sidonie @cxzy
byron: @lux @cxzy @rihenna
melipone: @cxzy
bees: @cxzy
gr8pevine: @cxzy
Ediut: @cxzy