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anndunham: im not a mod @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: She's been getting meaner )-: @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: Have u been watching sssniperwolf overwatch streams @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: omg she's still screaming about cheese at 13minutes @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: she's yelling about getting the wrong cheese order at 12minutes @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: her explaining breakup video is stressing me out @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: do u think wolf and sausage will get back together @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: @copaceticusa lol nooooooo
kiptijek: @copaceticusa i love that someone made this video for her 'friend'
kiptijek: @copaceticusa
kiptijek: yes i love the line that she gives u in extraordinary @copaceticusa
kiptijek: hell yea dope album @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: @copaceticusa she eats on the ground on her lil chair by the window with a plant
thekraken: @copaceticusa ah I love it!! thanks I had never given her a chance but enjoy the sophie song and this one with oizo
thekraken: @copaceticusa I am going to pretend this was the last video you @ me before the latest dumpfm reset
kiptok: nice @copaceticusa
buyuadraank: sniperwolf broke up with sausage for real this time and im scared for her @copaceticusa
watertight: im over here like sup @copaceticusa
watertight: @copaceticusa you think 5th-grade level trolling by way of pretending somethings an inside joke is gonna rattle me?
thekraken: this week's Mr Robot was 100 % art @halitosis @guccisoflosy @copaceticusa @maxlabor @yo_matty @any1elsewatching