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helvetica12: @Copaceticusa no i just redid roots
copaceticusa: @copaceticusa
lux: I told this kid Ryan in 8th grade I couldn't be his girlfriend because I was dying of diabetes. He believed me, and told his mom. His mom called the school, then my dad, and I got in a lot of trouble. He wouldn't even look me in the eye all throughout high school. :| @copaceticusa @byron
lux: lux i used to win the modelling comps and then start talking shit and runway walking in a line buyuadraank i was a google wallet evangelist i shouldve been sponsoered lux until they got what i was doing lux and kicked me buyuadraank do you make like @copaceticusa habbo
thekraken: @copaceticusa ^_^ thanks I love her!!
Zimbardo: @copaceticusa
thorns: @copaceticusa you look like my mental state; kinda glassy eyed and mostly grey
thekraken: hands up 'yay' emoji @copaceticusa
kiptok: no thx @copaceticusa
thekraken: haha byron the YT u @ me while I was afk :'^) @copaceticusa
Samantha: @copaceticusa i should be a sex worker
sidonie: thank u for birthday wishes @copaceticusa <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
sidonie: have good foood <3 @copaceticusa
helvetica12: hi @copaceticusa