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yo_matty: @cliffdarling
robot: pinky swear @cliffdarling
grass: @burial @jonathn @robot @cliffdarling
jonathn: @cliffdarling my aunt took me to london when i was young . she went to go meet a pen pal from like rolling stone or some shit like that. i remember going to the tate and seeing that as a young child
dagmar: @cliffdarling
wrinkles: @cliffdarling you know me too well <3
wrinkles: that'd be too cool for work @cliffdarling
wrinkles: @ssnack @jonathn @cliffdarling this came on shuffle yesterday while i was driving. so good
jonathn: @sidonie @cliffdarling @hoquang Sade covers, with members playing into speakers in each others’ mouths.
robot: @cliffdarling
jonathn: @cliffdarling
cliffdarling: @cliffdarling
yo_matty: @cliffdarling back the fuck off
KOOLSKULL: @cliffdarling this track is sid and me but three months ago
KOOLSKULL: @cliffdarling listening to negativland
math: have you seen love is colder than death @cliffdarling
wrinkles: <3 @cliffdarling
kintrala: @cliffdarling its such a buck adventure in this film im pretty disturbed
peur: @cliffdarling
lux: u WHITE @cliffdarling
ferrihydrite: @cliffdarling
wrinkles: @frederick @cliffdarling @august @hoquang
wrinkles: ED is a queer film @cliffdarling
wrinkles: @cliffdarling i wish. i got it a flea market
antenna: @cliffdarling
ferrihydrite: thanks @cliffdarling i used it
ohahalicia: yeah @cliffdarling I just came back. seems like quite a few folks did too. What made you log back in/
obelisk: @cliffdarling fuck you and youtr triggers you wanna see a fucking mother closing an SUV's trunk in a parking lot???
obelisk: @cliffdarling never sexually harass me again
obelisk: @cliffdarling learn programming through python
jonathn: @cliffdarling
jonathn: @cliffdarling
ferrihydrite: @cliffdarling
kalan: @cliffdarling omfg thank u so much this is amazing
ferrihydrite: @cliffdarling
island: @cliffdarling butts never sleep
ohahalicia: oh @cliffdarling, that is terrifying
obelisk: @cliffdarling wow thanks :)
decrvnk: @cliffdarling
decrvnk: @cliffdarling, wanna hang out sometime?
decrvnk: @cliffdarling