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xoMrs_kiptok: shes into u @cheetos
xoMrs_kiptok: @cheetos
Ediut: u fucking alt lit pinko @cheetos
IlIlIllIlIlI: i dont get mad if you don't reply @cheetos
IlIlIllIlIlI: don't demand a response @cheetos u act like the link is a favor
IlIlIllIlIlI: <3 @cheetos
IlIlIllIlIlI: face your anger @cheetos
hoquang: @cheetos
anita_hug: @cheetos
anita_hug: why don't you stop being an asshole? @cheetos
anita_hug: don't tell me what ot fucking do @cheetos
anita_hug: lmfao @cheetos
lux: JAPS KEEP MOVING @cheetos
dolcevita: there's a chrome extension that hides the news feed @cheetos
ssnack: thoughts on my music choice? @cheetos

@melipone @cheetos
kiptok: @plams is @cheetos
kiptok: @cheetos is @kiptok
reneabythe: @fingers no im @cheetos
JustinArias: @cheetos buy and play brothers on steam and thank me later
JustinArias: oh god @cheetos
hoquang: @cheetos @rockhero
JustinArias: @cheetos hit me up if you get on today
fingers: @jerseymike @cheetos
kiptok: @cheetos @peur @frederick
kiptok: @cheetos is this u viewing pinterest looks kinda like it
ryz: @pine @cheetos
JustinArias: @cheetos @peur
callus: @hoquang @pretzel @doritowitch @eliath @peggy .................................... @cheetos
ryz: @pine @cheetos sorry ...
ryz: where did you go @pine @cheetos
ryz: i wish u put more videos on youtube @cheetos @pine
ryz: i like this video a lot @cheetos @pine triggers a lot of memories
ryz: @cheetos
ryz: @pine @cheetos
JustinArias: @cheetos am i the only one who finds this a lil weird?
cheetos: @cheetos & @kiptok & @peur
byron: sorry @cheetos
disrspctful: @cheetos
Khaleesi: nigga @cheetos
lizzy: @cheetos