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JustinArias: @cheetos
jonathn: @cheetos1 @cheetos @cheetos0
fink_fille: @cheetos that's thai iced tea
helvetica12: @cheetos hi
hoquang: robert durst is fred's cousin @cheetos
lux: @cheetos
lux: cheetos i swear i care gr8pevine rocking the vote lux no problem i'm waiting right at the door @cheetos
lux: lmbo @cheetos
lux: @cheetos
lux: zackisontumblr: when bae says he’s gonna cum and it burned your eye last time @cheetos
KingofMugen: @cheetos
carlosdngr2: @cheetos what's it like having a disposition to being a depressive dickhead
carlosdngr2: @cheetos good rule of thumb, criticizing dispositional attributes is gay as hell
carlosdngr2: @cheetos that is not cool
carlosdngr2: @cheetos you insulted a person's appearance
carlosdngr2: @cheetos because you were mean to mcchimperson
McChimperson: u should ask her to play with ur hair @cheetos
carlosdngr2: @cheetos you are on thin ice
carlosdngr2: @cheetos apologize to mcchimperson first
McChimperson: dun hate me cuz i'm byootiful @cheetos
carlosdngr2: @cheetos go fuck yourself
elfluuva: he is @cheetos
D_MAGIK: @cheetos i wrote "90's..." to sort of say wat does that mean
fink_fille: @D_MAGIK @cheetos hannah diamond does basically all the vocals for PCMusic
carlosdngr2: its friendly to decline when they give you $100,000 in scholarship money @cheetos
carlosdngr2: @cheetos how are you ?
themario: @cheetos
problem: @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos h89h8998h98h8h98h8h8
problem: @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos ghgfhgfth
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problem: @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos j90j0990j90j09j
problem: @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos @cheetos 89h98
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