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KingofMugen: @cheetos
KingofMugen: @cheetos
rockhero: we where having a nice conversation about our lifes before you started showing your immense self awareness to us @cheetos
KingofMugen: @cheetos
JustinArias: couldn't have just gone with the xbox one... @cheetos
kiptokvanity: @cheetos what do you say to that
kiptokvanity: @justinarias is mad that you got a ps4 @cheetos
kiptokvanity: hows the ps-4 @cheetos
KingofMugen: @cheetos
kiptokvanity: @cheetos make sure to wtach the video its sick
D_MAGIK: @cheetos
kiptokvanity: @cheetos
kiptokvanity: listen to sog @cheetos
kiptokvanity: @cheetos remember this omg
D_MAGIK: @cheetos
JustinArias: @cheetos my dog does the same thing if wind is hitting his face but not so extreme lmfao!
rihenna: the position is called Flow @cheetos
lux: @peur @rihenna @cheetos
lux: @cheetos
frederick: @cheetos
wakefulness: @grass @mrheaith @ssnack @unhealthy @halitosis @cheetos
hoquang: @cheetos wishes to read this book
aneth: @cheetos i hvaen't heard american intelligence why
ryz: @cheetos you never sent me these!!
peur: CRK @cheetos
peur: @cheetos
wakefulness: @cheetos
callus: @cheetos
callus: fred nailed you @cheetos
BirdRaymond: @cheetos
ohahalicia: you got nice brows @cheetos
DreWeL: Being good looking is a state of mind @cheetos
pretzel: @cheetos
wakefulness: @cheetos
hoquang: @cheetos
petrograd: @cheetos here is your video
dolcevita: I'll take one @cheetos
aneth: that was a no @cheetos
aneth: one of the guys in lakker @cheetos
DreWeL: @cheetos
kiptok: you have the right to @cheetos