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bees: @cheetos
Samantha: i already did @cheetos
frederick: @years @cheetos
lux: osdngr2 @cheetos you know that little film of poop that builds up towards the top of yr butt crack if you dont wipe too well? ew what
carlosdngr2: @cheetos you know that little film of poop that builds up towards the top of yr butt crack if you dont wipe too well?
thekraken: @cheetos @lux @dolphin300 cc. @melipone - lol 2012
flameguitar: @cheetos @jerseymike @bank etcccc
thekraken: @cheetos also youre preventing future dumpers from having cool usernames
thekraken: @cheetos all your alts sound too much like yourself or your agenda
reg: @cheetos
pussy_fart: @cheetos
kiptijek: seriously leave me alone @cheetos
lux: @cheetos
lux: @cheetos
kiptijek: "pussy faggot bitch who should come out of the closet, never wear that tiny hat again, and just start suckin all that dick you know you want all up in and around your mouth." -- @cheetos
kiptijek: that was an embarrassing message @cheetos you should be above that talk by now
D_MAGIK: @cheetos
HeathersLtd: @cheetos its called wicked city
HeathersLtd: wow just like the pread @cheetos
McChimperson: @cheetos @years
frederick: @cheetos
bamboo: @cheetos @macstoresf2 u should work with this dude
KingofMugen: @cheetos pls hug me.
kiptok: lol all your behavior belies your apologies, when you get pissed off and rude like that again, every time @cheetos
powerstripp: @cheetos @ediut
soverymonkey: ey @cheetos i need ur addressssss
bae: @cheetos
kiptok: after all these years @cheetos @fuckyouall
peur: i dont live off my parents and i dont ask them for money. degrees are not indicative of a person's intelligence or worth. also, didnt you try to get several people to write papers FOR you in school? the gif was a joke and you're being a baby lmao fred said you were the snake in the grass not me. also you said i could believe lux if i wanted to so why does that matter? it's ironic you'd try to call me a "manchild" when you openly admitted to being a passive aggressive loser at some casino just so you could yell at someone to not touch you @cheetos @pope
peur: @cheetos
byron: @cheetos all time best dj kicks
soverymonkey: @cheetos
conqueror: yo ahh lemme get this 7 inch hows that grab ya @cheetos
bae: @cheetos
McChimperson: @cheetos
kiptok: you bumped into him on purpose so you could go wtf @cheetos thats non confrontational pussiness
bae: @cheetos
kiptok: no one likes ppl who act like they're never wrong @cheetos
kintrala: @cheetos :
kiptok: @cheetos
ShlucHT: u should not use the internet anymore @cheetos