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DreWeL so maybe I should wait to bring it to the mac store
DreWeL cuz maybe they'll give me a new computer
pretzel i don't think there are 'youtube plugins'
pretzel you could do a bookmarklet
pretzel or just do a youtube embed in an html file and put yr hand over it
feelfeel tru
feelfeel ive made it reality in videos ive made
feelfeel but want it in realtime on youtube
feelfeel i think my option is a google chrome custom plugin of some sort
feelfeel me being white/priv/lazy just want the foundations and ideas sto already be layed down
feelfeel and i come along and steal them and customise them a lil
feelfeel but i guess im on the forefront of youtube realtime plugins
pretzel i dunno if other ppl are this way but i don't install browser plugins lightly
feelfeel yeah i guess it would annoying to everyone and deleted almost instantly
pretzel do you want people to use it? or is it just for a project
feelfeel just an idea i guess
feelfeel reappropriation
pretzel goatmilk r u a furry

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