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stage that was a good ep, the one with past louie
GucciSoFlosy this is the fictionalized version of the bit he did for the comedy death ray cd
GucciSoFlosy about him stealing scales to pay for pot
stage almost wish the show was just about his childhood self like that
cheetos1 OH REALLY?
cheetos1 LOL
cheetos1 i need to see that now
cheetos1 that bit is hilarious
GucciSoFlosy it's really good
GucciSoFlosy you also get the dude who played hawkeye in it
GucciSoFlosy whats his name
stage jeeremey renner ?
GucciSoFlosy jeremy renner
stage but spelled correctly
stage yeah I liked his character
GucciSoFlosy i thought the elevator episodes were predictable in the sense that he was making a romcom
GucciSoFlosy and that's what made them great
GucciSoFlosy he took all that predictability and made it both hilarious and sad.
GucciSoFlosy it wasn't groundbreaking humor, it was a REALLY REALLY good romcom movie

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