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hoquang 48 days of not shaving
hoquang time to say goodbye to it all
hoquang ...soon...
McChimperson u r taking ur face hair for granted
McChimperson not everybody can grow face hair u kno
Samantha i wish i was in nyc not fl
McChimperson dump ur boyfriend and move there
McChimperson in a mobile home
Samantha how am i gunna live in a mobile home in the city
kiptokvanity you're like not allowed to be in nyc
Samantha i need a job
Samantha but i dnt want 1
Samantha i just want money
McChimperson get a rich boyfriend
peur when is veterans day
Bwananas Which potion would you take?
JustinArias November 11
Bwananas I'm going middle bottom shelf
peur oh we call it remembrance day here

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