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illgetbetter i still miss it but i dont have crazy cravings anymore
JustinArias well that's good.
JustinArias sleeping and eating would be the most hard
illgetbetter sleeping is fine, it's the nightmares that fuck with me
illgetbetter i've had some really fucked up nightmares since quitting
JustinArias ahhh i didn't even think of that
JustinArias cause i get that too when i stop
JustinArias weird
illgetbetter yeah it's odd
illgetbetter i never see these 18oz aluminum bottles of bud light in the store so idk what im gonna do to replace this shitty beer
JustinArias your roommate gets them somewhere!
illgetbetter yeah true
JustinArias if you can't think of where he got them just be honest and tell him you needed one and that you'll get him more
illgetbetter she got a 12 pack and i really dont wanna buy 12 bud lights but, i will do it, i guess. i cant be stealing beer and not replacing it
JustinArias he shouldn't be mad
JustinArias oh she*
illgetbetter yeah true
JustinArias yeah you gotta replace!
JustinArias don't be that guy!
illgetbetter im living here rent free for the time being so that
illgetbetter 's why i wanna be extra courteous
JustinArias oh wow, nice
illgetbetter she doesn't even drink it's like, for her friends or some shit

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