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JAS h/o gonna check my source for something
JAS Ah here
JAS `vid_put_at(VIEW_SIZE, VIEW_SIZE, STARTER_SIZE, 1, 0, &(const struct square){0, 0, STARTER_SIZE});`
JAS is it common to do stuff like that
JAS when running functions
BirdRaymond Usually you're going to instantiate your struct into memory and pass it via pointers into the function, so it's call-by-reference, rather than call-by-value (which is the copy).
JAS yeah i usually do that
JAS but im wondering if you can instantiate it inline
JAS and if there is a difference
JAS i also have been wondering things about buffers
JAS like is it better to add on to a collection each time
JAS or have a big buffer then double it when it rolls over
JAS or half it when it goes under
JAS this is related to games obviously - like adding tons of coordinates to an array
JAS or small structs
JAS maybe I will construct these questions more clearly and send you an email
BirdRaymond If you try just straight up passing a struct into a function, it becomes kinda iffy because you are calling-by-value (copying), but if your struct also contains pointers, it's only going to copy the pointers. You'd have to do a manual deep copy of the full structure to get a unique copy.
JAS okay
JAS when you say
JAS struct coords = *my_coords;
JAS and it dereferences
JAS is that a copy?
JAS if you use the pointer again?
BirdRaymond Whatever my_cords points to in memory stays a single copy. So you're duplicating the struct, but not my_cords.

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