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halitosis good luck interviews are the worst around
peur help im being pushed off the bed
hoquang yes.
hoquang i don't like interview
petrograd what was the job again?
hoquang i'm not going to repeat it
halitosis collections at a library
petrograd bisexual assistant?
halitosis i repeated it
hoquang what the fuck, hal?
hoquang don't repeat that...
halitosis what
halitosis well. too late
hoquang how could you
petrograd all day im sittign next to this wigger
petrograd who is a dog named after jackson pollack
halitosis is his name riff raff
petrograd yeah
petrograd dude
hoquang lol peter's dog
DreWeL you should apply to be an artificial insemination technician on a farm
hoquang peur is a gay ghost
hoquang peur is a gay chinese-canadian ghost
petrograd literally just want to say wogger to that fucker but of course it is in an office
DreWeL don't you love animals?

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