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kiptok i'm crashing it
hoquang i haven't been to her new place
tommypickles so im the most awkward naturally
kiptok idc what she says
peur the virgin
tommypickles kiss-virgin
kiptok even tho she sent me a evite
kiptok ew
xinyi wat drugs will b there
kissvirgin new alt
hoquang xinyi -- we're all mature college grads
hoquang no drugs besides alcohol probably
kiptok ha ha loser @kissvirgin
helvetica12 hey guys
helvetica12 so psrty
helvetica12 pArty
kiptok i kiss girls all the time
hoquang some of us are even more mature than the mature college grads
hoquang for example
kiptok and guys
hoquang i have a master's degree
kiptok i'm not sexist
JustinArias wait kissvirgin who are you? haha
virgin just grabbing all these alts

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