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photos your boss stole my dog
ohahalicia nah, im just dogsitting your dog, chill
ohahalicia maybe so
plant @photos thanks for that music tunnel bro
sidonie finnish ur work so we can jack off and do drunk yoga!
ohahalicia how far is the place from you sid??
sidonie or not
sidonie we
sidonie can't be more than 20 min away
ohahalicia photos im really sorry that isnt proof at all lol
sidonie but i'll check
sidonie im close to the bridge that connects
ohahalicia omg photos cute, but this dog is older/uglier
photos this dog movin aroun so much
ohahalicia and i can say this because she isnt my dog
photos maybe...
ohahalicia like the dog im sitting is older and uglier, your dog is a pup, i swear the photo i took was like a glamor shot
ohahalicia "ill look sexy for chips" pose
photos she's 6
ohahalicia i think this dog is like 70
photos lol
ohahalicia sid are you really coming over? i will get off here and do mah work if you are

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