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cheseball LOL
kintrala its really fine if u dont think about these things
kintrala dont stress
kintrala most people dont get through most of my written work
cheseball there might be a reason for that
kintrala they just grade me based on the first few ideas n whatnot
kintrala i write for people who can read my work
kintrala the rest of the world gets visuals
cheseball thats a great attitude
kintrala do you feel better about my art now?
cheseball not at all
wrinkles @dump
cheseball just seems totally lazy
kintrala yes that is the goal of all my work indeed... to make things seem rly easy :D
cheseball alright, so im muting you now
cheseball later
kintrala @cheseball : i hate you :( u rly dont get it
jertronic if you're reading this, my CD-ROM is broken
kintrala @samantha :

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