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kintrala because thats totally what i do
kintrala i dont do either
DreWeL um check out crazy uk underground music
kintrala everything is making me miss getting stoned in an AC 1 bedroom apartment in the california desert
DreWeL kiss a guy with bad teeth
kintrala hell no
cheetos1 wtf a new 3ds was announced
kintrala i don't enjoy exposing myself to rapists
cheetos1 oh it's japan only
kintrala this dorm sucks
ben_dover kinny are u in nyc
DreWeL is the school part any good?
ben_dover @kiptok aer u around my main man
cheetos1 wtf
cheetos1 theyre gonna make new games only for the new 3ds
cheetos1 nintendo splitting the market again
DreWeL i can't wait until the new zelda comes out for wii u
cheetos1 they finally added a second stick for moving the camera but it's small and looks like anormal button and not like a thumb stick at all
kintrala @ben_dover : i am in Paris
cheetos1 that zelda game looks sick
cheetos1 damn my youtube subscription feed is poppin today
thekraken poppin

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