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On the miniature TV screen Bunny Hentman was doing an act in which he played a German industrialist; wearing a blue, double-breasted suit, he was explaining to his board of directors how the new autonomic plows which their cartels were producing could be used for war. Four plows would guide themselves, upon news of hostilities, into a single unit; the single unit was not a larger plow, but a missile-launcher.

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GucciSoFlosy: das really good @bunnyhentman
thekraken: upside down underwater synchronized swimming @bunnyhentman # pretty reflections
thekraken: @bunnyhentman
thekraken: @bunnyhentman lol yeah. managed to find a good tutorial for still image and a really nerdy code version
GucciSoFlosy: @bunnyhentman
purpvelvet: @bunnyhentman will you make the same unicorn gif (identical) but 500kb?
purpvelvet: @bunnyhentman legit
purpvelvet: @bunnyhentman yes
purpvelvet: That CD though!!! @bunnyhentman
cheseball: @bunnyhentman
thekraken: @joy cc @kiptijek @bunnyhentman @tommoody %strobewarning