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On the miniature TV screen Bunny Hentman was doing an act in which he played a German industrialist; wearing a blue, double-breasted suit, he was explaining to his board of directors how the new autonomic plows which their cartels were producing could be used for war. Four plows would guide themselves, upon news of hostilities, into a single unit; the single unit was not a larger plow, but a missile-launcher.

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maxlabor: @bunnyhentman i want that cat but it's too soon
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plant: @bunnyhentman you made me think of Drexciya
maxlabor: r u going to mutek @bunnyhentman
maxlabor: to watch orphan black @bunnyhentman
blingscience: @bunnyhentman snapchat filter ideas
blingscience: @bunnyhentman
larsdk: @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @doritowitch @lena @nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball
GucciSoFlosy: lol wut @bunnyhentman
grass: @bunnyhentman
maxlabor: @bunnyhentman have you gone to mkt yet?
plant: @bunnyhentman Maya winks you too
plant: @bunnyhentman Im going to stalk you
DaK4nDyM4nFU: oh hey @bunnyhentman
oolong: @bunnyhentman
maxlabor: @bunnyhentman @blingscience
kiptok: @minty @bunnyhentman heh
maxlabor: @bunnyhentman are you really buying a tiny house
maxlabor: which month do the tulips grow in NL @bunnyhentman
kiptok: fancied seeing u @bunnyhentman it was good after u left
maxlabor: @bunnyhentman did you end up not going to the party?
maxlabor: i wrote u on FB @bunnyhentman
maxlabor: i read about it a while ago @bunnyhentman
maxlabor: @bunnyhentman @blingscience the spectrum?
goblin: i am sorry @bunnyhentman