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hoquang: i simply love polish humor @bitch
lux: @bitch
lux: we ARE @bitch
pretzel: @bitch
kalan: omg. @bitch is here?! you're like a golden oldie! a legend of days bygone! hi!
petrograd: @bitch
hoquang: @bitch @glasspopcorn bit of an oldie for you
lux: @bitch
lux: @bitch
peggy: hows school @bitch
lux: dumbass @bitch
peggy: hey @bitch
lux: ghetto ass @bitch
helvetica12: @Bitch you match the wall
hoquang: @bitch
kiptok: like @bitch
joy: @bitch
KlM: @bitch
POLYMER: god i love @bitch's twitter
tommoody: one was when @bitch was on dump
glasspopcorn: hey can you guys order me and my friend @bitch a pizza to reward us for good grades and fucking girls
glasspopcorn: @bitch is RIGHT FKING HERE
kiptok: i know that is @bitch but w/e
thekraken: you look like a mom. stressed mom haircut @bitch
POLYMER: @bitch
thekraken: lmao @glasspopcorn @bitch @tempeteens
pretzel: nice track @bitch
ryz: @bitch
kiptok: unaccompanied @bitch
kiptok: @bitch QQ more
kiptok: jesus... @bitch
joy: can i stay in your russian dorm? @bitch
kiptok: never heard of it @bitch
kiptok: gimme ur steam and @bitch
glasspopcorn: @mrhealth we are good. @bitch has a girlfriend, @gregorypeck is busy with college debate. i have learned many things about the world in the past few months and i am very unhappy but surrounded by great friends
glasspopcorn: i think @bitch still comes on
elfluuva: @bitch
chancehearty: aids_enoch if you fear god v_sullock @bitch @bae @bright aids_enoch at least your in the game v_sullock i was ready to die this summer aids_enoch you don't know what death is v_sullock toos D_MAGIK
v_sullock: @bitch @bae @bright
ben_dover: @bitch @glasspopcorn really???? how is this kid like ...... not one of you. so confused.
kiptok: can i come smoke @glasspopcorn @bitch