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GucciSoFlosy: @ryz @ben_dover
GucciSoFlosy: @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_dover
betrayer: @ben_dover
betrayer: @ben_dover nice seeing u
lux: @ben_dover
fuckyouall: @ryz @ben_dover @frederick
gr8pevine: @ben_dover
anita_hug: @ben_dover I L U <3
melipone: na4 @ben_dover
fuckyouall: <3 @ryz @ben_dover
fuckyouall: @ben_dover im sorry tbh
fuckyouall: fuck you @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover
pfifferking: @cxzy @feelfeel @ben_dover @goatmilk @sidonie @kintrala @tanya @peur @illalli @halitosis @ice @polymer can you do me a favour and kiss on a blank white piece of paper and scan it and sent it to me in 300 dpi ?pleeeease ? @ @lizzy
erikhaspresence: @ben_dover
kiptok: @ben_dover
kiptok: wanna understand me? @ryz @ben_dover
kiptok: @ben_dover doesn't making your name "bndovr" kind of ruin the wordplay there
kiptok: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: @ben_dover @polymer @hoquang @melipone @peggy
melipone: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
kiptok: @ben_dover
lux: dennis cooper @ben_dover @ryz
lux: does anyone have reviews of licking his butt @ben_dover @ryz
lux: @pretzel @ben_dover
lux: @ben_dover @ryz @jeanette1
lux: @ben_dover
kiptok: make up a new meme @ben_dover
aoifeml: disco pants @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover
kiptok: the dopeness in u @ben_dover
kiptok: @ben_dover
GucciSoFlosy: pictured: @ben_dover & @ryz
jerseymike: @ben_dover @ryz
hoquang: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover
POLYMER: @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover male you