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melipone: @ben_dover
McChimperson: make sure to fart on it alot @ben_dover
DoritoWitch: @ben_dover I <3 barthelme
McChimperson: y so sad @ben_dover?
cheseball: @ben_dover pls
years: @ben_dover
kiptok: f u @ben_dover
kiptok: w/e @ben_dover f u
kiptok: thx a lot @ben_dover gonna rethink life
kiptok: fuckin ew @ben_dover who tf is that
kiptok: ew @ben_dover
kiptok: ew u srs @ben_dover not me at all
gr8pevine: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: *************** @ben_dover
turturturr: @ben_dover was the spark UI in there
gr8pevine: @petrograd @ben_dover @tommoody
petrograd: @ben_dover @gr8pevine @tommoody
petrograd: @ben_dover @gr8pevine
Serenity: i feel like in another universe @ben_dover is my mom and im her cat
trill: @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @Chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @FAUXreal @GucciSoFlosy @hoquang @jerseymike @JSONvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @McChimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @RaineRaine @lizzy @Dr_Age @lux @sterlingcrip @fingers @DreWeL @fink_fille @grass @frederick @elfluuva @kiptok @peur @pummp @whocares1 @youngbumpkin @sdonvoorhees @jimmyjammer @DreWeL @a2soup @anndunham @jerseymike
melipone: @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_dover
byourself: @ben_dover
kiptok: bots spam @ben_dover
kiptok: how many novelty twitters do u have @ben_dover
elfluuva: @ben_dover
kiptok: another fake @ben_dover
rihenna: @ben_dover your so sketchy, but i cant stop looking
kalan: Hey I finally finished my Porno Audiobook of D&G's Rhizome. Take it where you will! @pummp @jonathn @lcky @ben_dover @ryz @thekraken @kintrala @melipone @eduit @petrograd @pretzel @lux @ssnack @ryder @weh @fingers @kiptok @byron @wrinkles @ice @ShlucHT @cxzy @anita_hug @anndunham @lizzy @raineraine @larsdk @goatmilk @fauxreal @aids_enoch @tommoody @rihenna @foot @sidonie @polymer @maryrachel @lcky @photocopy @nosia @alessandra @claire @zybergirl @pecco @photocopy @wupreme @lena
hoquang: @ben_dover opinion please
frederick: @ben_dover
McChimperson: U KNO PEE WEE? @ben_dover
melipone: @BEN_DOVER i cant find my phone but lmk if you want to ride back to north bk / queens X gr8pe
jerseymike: should i quit dump @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @Chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @FAUXreal @GucciSoFlosy @hoquang @jerseymike @JSONvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @McChimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @RaineRaine @lizzy @Dr_Age @lux @sterlingcrip @fingers @DreWeL @fink_fille @grass @frederick @elfluuva @kiptok @peur @pummp @whocares1 @youngbumpkin @sdonvoorhees @jimmyjammer @drewel @a2soup @anndunham
kintrala: @amber24 @avatars @boypussy @chat @dakandym4nfu @dolphin300 @elfluuva @fauxreal @guccisoflosy @hoquang @jerseymike @jsonvoorhees @kintrala @lilcriticals @mantangle @marblednet @mcchimperson @petrograd @photocophy @powerstripp @pretzel @tanya @anndunham @nicolashorch @maggie @bubblebeth @waves @youngbumpkin @enot_jjk @babka @bitter-herb @aids_enoch @callus @ryder @ryz @ben_dover @mjjt @rAINERAINE @LIZZY @DR_AGE @LUX @STERLINGCRIP @fingers @drewel @fink_fille @grass :