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tommoody: @ben_dover why did you send me that urinating erection smiley that i hate
hoquang: @ryz and @ben_dover what do you think of your two grown up children... @frederick and me
hoquang: @ben_dover i expect you will apologize to him soon???
hoquang: @ben_dover i heard you had some nasty words to say to tommypickles
hoquang: isn't that right @ben_dover
hoquang: little child @ben_dover
hoquang: time to cop to your bullshit behavior @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @peggy @hoquang @lolumad @petrograd
kiptok: @ben_dover thank you for uploading this 3 years ago and i still see it when i vanity search. thx
frederick: @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_Dover
ryz: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: @ryz @ben_dover
POLYMER: @ben_dover @ryz @hoquang @gr8pevine @petrograd we've gotta go to the jacob de grom harden gnome giveaway mets game this year
petrograd: @ben_dover @ryz
ryz:,width=1200,height=1200,appearanceId=1/Jibboo!-(Double-Sided).jpg @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
cheetos: @ben_dover seriously upset / hurt that you dropped me as a friend, went so far as to mute me just to mess with me, calling me fat, saying i have a small penis, just very mean, rude things so i will not be ever talking to you again, I will mute you whenever you are active on dump
cheetos: @BEN_DOVER You were secretly muting me and for that i hate you.
cheetos: WHY @BEN_DOVER
ryz: @ben_dover it's 2
fingers: @ben_dover @anndunham
fartist: @ben_dover @ssnack @kiptok
hoquang: @ben_dover @ryz let's still have a holiday party
gr8pevine: long lost colleague from poetry camp pens article about our dearly beloved @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @ryz @polymer @petrograd
tommoody: @ben_dover @ryz @melipone
cheetos: find some tonight @ryz @ben_dover
cheetos: @ryz @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: @ben_dover
glasspopcorn: funny you should ask, @ben_dover...
DoritoWitch: @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover
hoquang: ben please do "cultural revolution chobani" @ben_dover please
hoquang: Cultural Revolution Chobani @ben_dover PLEASE
kalan: hey anybody got any ins for chris marker torrents or streams? i saw this amazing series about greece in the moms i'm sort of desperate to find. 13 parts i think....? @l @pummp @jonathn @lcky @maggie @kiptok @aids_enoch @photocopy @ssnack @plams @ryder @ben_dover @ryz @kathiegravy
melipone: @ben_dover