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ryz: @ben_dover
frederick: @ben_dover
cheetos1: was this your doing?! @ryz @ben_dover
mrheaIth: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover i like bouncy castle crackers
yo_matty: @ben_dover @ryz
DoritoWitch: all dumps can't be winners @ben_dover
cheetos1: yall still fux wit me? @ben_dover @ryz
POLYMER: @ben_dover the end of this gif is important
melipone: @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover i actually did fuck one of those girls
robot: @ben_dover
cheetos1: @ryz @ben_dover
cxzy: @ben_dover @ryz
byourself: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
cxzy: Det er klart jeg kan...! med glede! @ben_dover
hoquang: this is @ben_dover
DoritoWitch: @ben_dover close enough
DoritoWitch: @ben_dover I think i have this same shirt... somewhere
cheetos1: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: @ben_dover
pecco: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover
GucciSoFlosy: @ryz @ben_dover
POLYMER: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover @frankhats this is real
tommoody: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover this is james
kalan: @rochero @cockhero @catz @ben_dover
DoritoWitch: wat @ben_dover
frederick: @ben_dover i'm going to order a box of snakes and a box of owls and have them mailed to your work
kiptok: @ben_dover
anndunham: does a youtube link look like this anywhere else besides dump? @ben_dover #ryzissick
nnetwork: my... life has @ben_dover hacked
robot: oops, no offense intended @ben_dover
robot: acknowledge my smiles you cunt!!! @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover
melipone: @ben_dover hubba hubba
kiptok: @ben_dover i'll let u kno if ryz hits me up
DoritoWitch: goat photoshopped my head onto the same pic... are you goat!? @ben_dover