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melipone: @ben_dover @polymer
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ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
tommoody: jeremy bailey needs a gallery (or someone to give him better advice about how to self-market) @ben_dover
tommoody: @ben_dover - there is a history of artists buying ads as art - - not saying jeremy bailey is remotely that good - i saw that "arjun" and one other person faved the remarketing campaign on twitter - at least no one else is dopey enough to publicly support it
tommoody: @ben_dover - galleries buy ads - i don't have a problem with that - i wonder who bailey's target audience is for those facebook ads, though - if it's curators i will throw up
tommoody: @ben_dover - oh, ok - i call that the sidebar
pretzel: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @melipone @ben_dover
melipone: @ryz @ben_dover :l
tommoody: @ben_dover - agree it's stupid but what is right rail
hoquang: @ben_dover did you just compare me to glass joe motherfucka
pretzel: @ryz @ben_dover r u watching the vmas
tommoody: .. the microcephalic world of emerging net art @ben_dover @ryz @gr8pevine
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cheetos1: @ben_dover
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kiptok: its 2:40am where u 2 at @ryz @ben_dover
kiptok: @ben_dover 's summer of _______ '14
kiptok: the summer of ______ ? @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_dover
tommoody: and no, they didn't offer any money @ben_dover
kintrala: @ben_dover : do you need worsheet consulting? this is what im good at
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frederick: @ben_dover why :(
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