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petrograd: @ryz @ben_dover
ohgod: @ben_dover
ohgod: @ben_dover did you sign your crbug post as rick because of Sexism In Tech
BeardCookies: @ben_dover
eyedeekay: @ben_dover
thekraken: i made a hype girl @ryz @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover
erikhaspresence: @melipone @POLYMER @ben_dover @pretzel @erikhaspresence @ryz
melipone: @ryz @ben_dover @pretzel
GucciSoFlosy: @ben_dover
cheetos1: @ryz @ben_dover
cheetos1: @ryz @ben_dover what a great part of the dump community
cxzy: @ben_dover
joy: @thekraken @ssnack @ben_dover
petrograd: @ben_dover
BeardCookies: @ben_dover
petrograd:[production]+Lookalike+-++Persistent+-+Category+v1+-+Sex+-+US+-+1.0%25-[production]+Persistent+-+All+Users+&tomo_profile[gender]=M&tomo_profile[agemin]=25&tomo_profile[agemax]=34&nan_pid=1808968928 @ben_dover
hoquang: @ben_dover
gr8pevine: reminds me of @ben_dover
eyedeekay: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
melipone: @petrograd @ryz @ben_dover
kintrala: @ben_dover :
cheetos1: AKA 4 @ryz @ben_dover @illalli @kiptok @thekraken @peur @samantha @photocopy @fauxreal @foot @guysalmon @kintrala @cxzy
kintrala: @ben_dover : i am in Paris
ryz: @ben_dover @avatars
ryz: @ben_dover
cheetos1: the 3 new tracks were written and recorded in 1 session @ben_dover we figured we might as well upload them even tho they are just rough dafts @ryz
bandicoot: I didn't start it @ben_dover
cheetos1: wow 3 new trakcs in 1 night how @ben_dover @ryz
cheetos1: 3 NEW CRK TRAKCS (DEMOS) @ryz @ben_dover @kiptok @peur @klm @jonathn
melipone: @ben_dover
ryz: @melipone @polymer @ben_dover @pretzel @erikhaspresence
melipone: @ben_dover @polymer
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
ryz: @ben_dover
tommoody: jeremy bailey needs a gallery (or someone to give him better advice about how to self-market) @ben_dover
tommoody: @ben_dover - there is a history of artists buying ads as art - - not saying jeremy bailey is remotely that good - i saw that "arjun" and one other person faved the remarketing campaign on twitter - at least no one else is dopey enough to publicly support it