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frederick: @hoquang @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml
hoquang: ^ i heard @aoifeml does this
lux: @aoifeml
noth: @aoifeml that's the best line haha
boyhominid: @aoifeml holy fuck
lux: adele is yelling set fire to the rain in a tab i can't click @aoifeml
lux: my first marriage @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml
byron: @aoifeml
POLYMER: @aoifeml 2 alcott street
boyhominid: @aoifeml awesome! same!
boyhominid: @aoifeml yo whaddap!
lux: @aoifeml @ssnack
lux: have u watched MTV SCREAM @aoifeml
jonathn: @aoifeml left or right ?
jonathn: @aoifeml
lux: lux why would i be like "she is cheating" and put one hand hella high with the pointer raised at my oppenent @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml
bees: @aoifeml
bees: @peur @catluvvrr @aoifeml
jonathn: @aoifeml
wrinkles: @aoifeml hey love
lux: @aoifeml @byron
lux: @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml @tanya
bees: @aoifeml @alessandra
hoquang: what the fuck did you say to me, @aoifeml
tommoody: @aoifeml
znxznxznzz: @lux @orlandobloom @ryz @ssnack @callus @hoquang @tanya @joy @pretzel @tommoody @foot @grass @homer @sidonie @kintrala @cheetos @cheetos1 @anndunham @aoifeml @trill @waves
cheetos: @aoifeml
gr8pevine: @epipen @cxzy @polymer @ZYBERGRRL @kinrala @aoifeml @sidonie @halitosis @alessandra @ all babes
McChimperson: @aoifeml
elfluuva: @aoifeml
gr8pevine: @aoifeml look up maureen miller
lux: @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml @d_magik @thekraken @kiptok
kintrala: @aoifeml :
lux: , Lana spoke about her experience of being a transgender woman, sacrificing her much cherished anonymity out of a sense of responsibility. Lana is known to be extremely well-read, loves comic books and exploring ideas of imaginary worlds, @byron @wrinkles @aoifeml @rihenna
jonathn: @aoifeml
lux: @aoifeml