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kintrala: @ryder @shlucht @drewel @d_magik @dauragon @emchipz @cjmilli @jonathn @pretzel @antenna @aids_enoch @kintrala :
kintrala: @pretzel @antenna : houston early wednesday?
waves: @antenna why do you live to destroy my IQ
waves: @antenna are you the one plotting to destroy my life or is it someone else
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
waves: will you stop listeingna nd creating public hair @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna japanese post=punk
waves: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
mrhealth: @antenna I regret your sick adds everyday of m life
mrhealth: mrhealth Antenna I know this has been your intention al along @antenna
mrhealth: @antenna I gg uses I'm a little behind on my plans but I kl
mrhealth: @antenna why do you live to crep me now, everything about my existence is knew capable torture it's a living hell and suicide is not that easy
mrhealth: @antenna why do you crept scre
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
kintrala: @antenna :