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jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
waves: @antenna hope you well email me sometime
kiptok: btw @jonathn @antenna do u guys have/want the solo valerio tricoli album from this year
jonathn: @antenna
thekraken: maybe eat pizza and go see art museum the 5th @frankhats @antenna - since the beach is further away then I thought
thekraken: can we get together and smoke weed and listen to good music if not go to a party on the 4th? @antenna @frankhats
jonathn: @antenna
kiptok: shoot me a emailz @antenna
thekraken: thank you both @frankhats @antenna
thekraken: can I maybe potentially sleep on either of your couches if I go down to HOU for 4th of July (Fri Night) with my fam? @frankhats @antenna
frankhats: @antenna what is the name of that pizza truck?
kiptok: :( @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna find it if you can
jonathn: "eavesdropping, censorship, recording, and surveillance are weapons of power. the technology of listening in on, ordering, transmitting, and recording noise is at the heart of this apparatus." -jacques attali @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
photocopy: @antenna
mrhealth: @antenna get the fuck away from me
jonathn: @ANTENNA
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
cheetos1: you obviously are broken @antenna
cheetos1: @antenna
jonathn: @antenna
mrhealth: @antenna jk you should love instead. don't think I'm bad. everything was supposed to change but changing never happens does it.
mrhealth: @antenna you know what fuck u sorry for even saying a word
Jesus: @antenna I love you, too
mrhealth: @antenna lost your number again just wanted to see if you;re doing ok love you
jonathn: @antenna i make a cameo in that one as well.
cliffdarling: hi @antenna @jonathn
jonathn: @antenna
sidonie: bye @antenna have fun raping and mudering!
sidonie: lol, sounds about right @antenna
sidonie: lol, yeah @antenna ?
mrhealth: @antenna ok