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nicolashorch: @andrej
tommoody: @andrej - yeah i saw it
kkoitpptiokk: woud u lik 2 paly a gaem @andrej
foot: @andrej @photos
thekraken: @andrej
kiptok: wait i don't think warhammer will be mac:( @andrej
kiptok: should i get a total war game and if so which one @andrej
tommoody: @andrej
crickedf: @andrej
crickedf: @andrej yes sir, yes
kiptok: i dont like when the parents dont like koreans tho @andrej
cheseball: soon @andrej
thekraken: *high-five* @andrej
kiptok: this is good training @andrej
kiptok: the nexus is calling @andrej
pepperII: sounds good @andrej
snoggybox: @andrej was jacob ever on dump?
cheseball: @andrej :^) yes
nicolashorch: good job @andrej
tommoody: @andrej looks like that bard talk was a hoax
bamboo: @andrej congrats, the only comment posted on rhizome all month is glowing praise of your work. now smash that like ho!!!!!!!!!!
tommoody: @andrej - am guessing that's cricket-related
thekraken: is there another recording out there ? @andrej
tommoody: @andrej congratulations on your page and review
vser: @andrej @frederick
kiptok: he's noob @andrej
kiptok: i made friends w/ a gosu lost vikings player on smurf acct @andrej
Dr_Age: @andrej KOOL ARRT i saw via @Shlucht
tommoody: "sorry we ran out of bandwidth after we featured PETRA CORTRIGHT" @andrej
tommoody: all rhizome exhibitions must feature petra cortright no matter what she is doing and then they may end @andrej
tommoody: first look: michael connor's enthusiasm / second look: michael connor's waning enthusiasm / third look: petra cortright / end of first look @andrej
tommoody: first look: brushes / first look: petra cortright / end of first look @andrej
peggy: sorry i didnt make it out on sunday @andrej i forgot i had long standing plans to be out of town this past weekend
foot: @melipone @andrej
bamboo: fun bbq @andrej thanx and congrats!
helvetica12: @andrej what are you gonna name the babby
cheseball: @andrej congrats
frederick: @andrej @beardcookies
whocares1: im going @andrej
kiptok: me ! @andrej
kiptok: @andrej i started playing this again have you