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tommoody: dwarves are real @andrej @pretzel
tommoody: thanks @andrej
ryz: @andrej
anita_hug: hey @andrej!!!
ShlucHT: ya they r soft @andrej
kiptok: i'm not telling the truth @andrej
kiptok: same @andrej
kiptok: r u down on nyc @andrej
melipone: @andrej;x=73&img=;x=351;y=184
kiptok: ty again @andrej it feels great
ahem: that's nice @andrej
pretzel: @andrej
kintrala: @callus @lizzy @lux @hoquang @petrograd @raineraine @ice @illalli @noisia @andrej @peur @agt528 :
ben_dover: @andrej love love love this
kiptok: @andrej 5120x2880
andrej: @andrej 5120x2880
kiptok: do u have what it takes @andrej
kiptok: oh shit @andrej
ryz: @andrej do you ever draw maps of these places? that was always my jam
kiptok: wtf is wargame: red dragon @andrej
ryz: damn once again @andrej love that your brushes always have a pixel-y "tooth" to them really good i esp like the little region bottom right where it is night damn dogg blown away
tommoody: selfies from the trenches @andrej
tommoody: what @andrej said - "i think it's meant here as a pejorative for being on the same level as some lame corporate session notes presentation / where it's more a clever and informative substitute for a lame boring three paragraph artist statement"
petrograd: @andrej
ryz: @andrej the red clouds top left are really good man
ryz: @andrej desktop bg is sick i keep inspecting it
ryz: holee shit @andrej
kiptok: u should resize ur paintings to 400px width @andrej
ryz: @andrej make something 2880x1800 so i can set it as my desktop background!!
ryz: @andrej @doritowitch @hoquang @gr8pevine @sorrybro @petrograd @cxzy @ben_dover so happy to see you all last nite!!
tommoody: yes @andrej - not religiously but i always thought it was funny
kiptok: good @andrej
ryz: @andrej OK I TRADE U
noisia: everyone should go and buy @andrej 's ebook right now
kiptok: @andrej are u going to ur show tonight
tommypickles: @andrej will u be at that show tomorrow
kiptok: @andrej i just bought shadowrun returns and shadowrun dragonfall on sale am i in for the time of my life :D
ryz: @andrej
ryz: @andrej i keep looking at this and wondering what it would take to get one just like it
hoquang: @andrej @peggy @hoquang (monks drink)
erikhaspresence: @andrej dope