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noisia: @andrej shipping washington and delaware ^__^
thorns: @andrej my cat just lept at my screen because of that coffee image
thekraken: acidyblog? @andrej
tommoody: don't kill any memes on my behalf @andrej
bluecow: it was easy tho @andrej
kiptok: ur baby's in retrograde @andrej
kiptok: @andrej huh??
fish: BOTH @andrej
betrayer: should i play again @andrej
maxlabor: show baby @andrej
maxlabor: @andrej thank you
foot: @andrej
watertight: @andrej
larsdk: @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @doritowitch @lena @nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball
grass: happy birthdays @andrej
hoquang: @andrej
JAS: @andrej
foot: What do u call a skeleton who presses the door bell? A dead ringer....................................................can i be mod now? @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
foot: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
Mars: @andrej
AGT528: how you doin @andrej?
photos: @andrej
foot: @andrej @tommoody
pixels: @andrej
tommoody: @andrej @foot
lux: @andrej
betrayer: smoej in the +420 @andrej
McChimperson: never let a whore touch your power center @andrej
anndunham: @andrej you want this? i dont like it anymore. i might grey it up tonight
kiptok: @andrej let's play Go
helvetica12: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk @whocares1
kintrala: @andrej :
Ice: @andrej @tommoody @kalan @GucciSoFlosy @homer @ssnack @xinyi @helvetica12 @kiptok @larsdk and <3 <3 <3
tommoody: @andrej -- once again the GIF is reinvented!
helvetica12: @andrej @maxlabor @kiptok @illalli @blingscience @bamboo @reneabythe @cxzy @cheseball @photos @aoifeml @joy @goblin @halitosis @grass @foot @1au @safesex2011 @peggy @Seacrestcheadle @reverberasia @pummp @erikhaspresence @goatmilk
kiptok: fail @andrej
maxlabor: @andrej
maxlabor: i just got poland twice in a row @andrej
maxlabor: @andrej
lux: can i purchase on layaway girl @andrej
kiptok: @andrej