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kintrala: @andrej :
wrinkles: @sidonie @youngbumpkin @maggie @minty @elfluuva @andrej @schesball @justinarias @taehyng
tommoody: @andrej i can view your epub now that i have options besides that kindle -- good job
betrayer: fuccc @andrej we should've cammed
betrayer: @andrej
betrayer: @andrej
tommoody: thanks @andrej
kiptokvanity: so do u know what happened to the one person @andrej
kiptokvanity: get it @andrej :\
kiptokvanity: @andrej lotv plot too emotional ㅠㅠ
cheseball: the woodsman hold™ @andrej
cheseball: @andrej
kiptijek: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ lotv ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/ @andrej
kiptijek: @andrej
reneabythe: @andrej soo good
kiptokvanity: should i name my child Amon @andrej
kiptokvanity: @jimmyjammer @doritowitch @cheseball @ryder @tommoody @mcchimperson @hoquang @andrej @kiptijek @xdeath @elfluuva
watertight: @andrej just go full eno
hoquang: @andrej
thekraken: @andrej
thekraken: @andrej - hello. was going through an old Y! email addy inbox and found an invite to from 2011 - cant figure out what this was
photos: @andrej
kiptokvanity: @andrej mars 2028
nicolashorch: i wanna make a sword in schoo @andrej
kiptijek: @andrej
kiptijek: mars bar @andrej
kiptijek: do a 46 billion pixel drawing @andrej