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wrinkles: he's also from the Crying Game @andrej
hoquang: @andrej @joy
kintrala: @andrej :
peggy: @andrej i have no time for drinking in a bar
POLYMER: hopefully i will feel better by saturday @andrej and @cxzy and @aoifeml and any one else in NYC - i am having a birthday party at crown victoria bar in williamsburg around 10pm :)
AGT528: lately I came to think it was @andrej
DoritoWitch: woah @andrej
andrej: @hoquang @peggy @frederick @yo_matty @ryz @ssnack @cxzy @peur @ben_dover @melipone @andrej @ahem @joy @kiptok
melipone: @andrej
mrheaIth: @andrej @nazi_goth
tommoody: @andrej - "bookmark" for later
tommoody: there is a short film that was included on the old tetsuo VHS called "drum struck" - i found it on vimeo - it's great @andrej
melipone: @ben_dover we need a bot because @andrej
kiptok: @andrej
peggy: damn quick use of that account @andrej
DoritoWitch: @andrej is that a trial, crack, or purchase?
DoritoWitch: what does the interface look like @andrej
melipone: @andrej
erikhaspresence: @andrej gram prix is realllly good
petrograd: @andrej
feelfeel: lol @andrej
hoquang: @peggy @melipone @petrograd @andrej @doritowitch
kiptok: @andrej
kiptok: @andrej wanna go to the dota 2 tourney at MSG
pretzel: @andrej plz fix
bees: @peggy @andrej @hoquang
petrograd: @gr8pevine @peggy @hoquang @melione @ryz @ben_dover @doritowitch @polymer @andrej @yo_matty @byourself
teenagedog: @andrej
petrograd: @gr8pevine @hoquang @bluray @erikhaspresence @peggy @ryz @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @andrej
ryz: @andrej
GucciSoFlosy: @joy @thengb @dak4ndym4nfu @andrej @doritowitch @kim @friendster