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teenagedog: hi @andrej
grass: @andrej
AGT528: hey @andrej
harshly: is that a slight at melipone @andrej ?
harshly: @andrej
harshly: speaking of dump's remaining regulars? @andrej
teenagedog: @andrej
sucrete: @andrej
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @cheetos1 @samantha @illalli @andrej #gosudump
kiptok: @andrej
petrograd: @andrej
robot: AMAZING!!! @andrej almost bosch-esque
peur: nice @andrej thanks!
pretzel: kule @andrej
pecco: @andrej top fav delux
pecco: @andrej
yo_matty: @andrej sick thank you!!!!!!!
tommoody: he was critiquing in 86 what ad men would have down to a much more subtle science 20 years later - now it's about "supporting the minority community" @andrej
tommoody: not only is it junk science -- it's corrupt! @ryz @andrej
tommoody: komar + melamid @andrej
peggy: @andrej have you ever considered experimenting in the medium of Sand Sculpture
powerstripp: thanks for the beautiful poetry @andrej
decrvnk: @andrej love deviantart
DoritoWitch: @andrej why do you marquees have so much blank space at the bottom?
peggy: dope art @andrej
frankhats: lol i hate that so much @andrej
frankhats: whats up with these reddit haters @andrej
melipone: @andrej
DoritoWitch: @andrej did what i could
grass: @andrej @plams
frankhats: how big? @andrej
nil7sooty: @andrej I've been looking for this song for ages
tommoody: many of those people have been emerging for 10-15 years already @andrej
kiptok: @andrej
thekraken: @andrej you're motivating me to stop being such a lazy bastard and start producing new work. thank-you
ryz: @andrej ??
hseiken: @andrej that's politics in a nutshell.
tommoody: dwarf fortress .. @andrej
ryz: @frederick @melipone @andrej
illgetbetter: who else gets this much attention @andrej
illgetbetter: they love to hate @andrej