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kiptok: smh @andrej
tommoody: @andrej - interesting that he factors in "lab costs" for an 8 x 10 print
helvetica12: @andrej giovanna came to our class today and she almost made me the subject of her digital painting but then my iphone died so she had to do someone else
kiptok: it's hard af @andrej
kiptok: unless ur pusy @andrej
kiptok: u should get darkest dungon @andrej
kiptok: @andrej and i are dump internal affairs
kiptok: @andrej
kiptokvanity: @andrej
robot: loserbitch @andrej
tommoody: @andrej -- it's pizzadog (via wayback of dump old hall of fame)
tommoody: .. thanks @andrej
tommoody: @andrej - best i could do searching "wiggle"
tommoody: i forgot about that animated wiggly arm @andrej
kiptok: i want to design a bunch of games that no one can play @andrej
kiptok: @andrej
kiptok: my brother and i watched the warcraft movie trailer at star wars and it completed a 20 year cycle in our lifes @andrej
Chanel: pretty @andrej
kiptok: u wana be archon @andrej?
kiptok: @andrej
taehyung: me or chese @andrej
tommoody: .. thanks @andrej .. not sure what i'll do with "W" yet