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kiptok: @andrej
kiptok: kind of annoys me i feel like sc doesn't get enough love in hots @andrej
kiptok: is there a vulture mount yet @andrej
kiptok: @andrej i'm illidan
bamboo: @andrej
kiptok: @andrej and i just pwned
cheseball: @andrej
scotty2hotty69: happy bday!!! @andrej
peur: @andrej
cheseball: @andrej happy birthday andrej
kiptok: i pwn valla @andrej
foot: @photos @andrej @melipone
kiptok: /join dump @andrej
kiptok: @andrej wana go 2 the beach
cheseball: also i dont believe in using post- because i dont think one necessarily effects the other @andrej
cheseball: digital work is good @andrej
tommoody: @andrej - thanks for the animated animated gif paintings
dreamwarrior: @andrej hi, have we ever been on dump together before?
kiptok: @andrej can we play hots later
kiptok: how do u change that to fuck you @andrej
thekraken: @andrej you ever watch a movie called GAMER?
kiptok: french @andrej
frederick: his ledge camping @andrej
bamboo: this war blog is entertaining @andrej
years: great dump @andrej
tommoody: about what @andrej
kiptok: @andrej
kiptok: what order is that in @andrej
cheseball: @andrej "we thought petra was waving her hands at the computer camera because she was dancing with strangers on the internet. turns out theres a lot of money in that. "
erikhaspresence: lol @andrej
frederick: @andrej
thekraken: that's a gnarly gif @andrej
lux: ur funny @andrej
carlosdngr2: @andrej have you ever watched the show 'china, illinois'?
photos: @andrej can i submit this one?,-118.257528,3a,75y,287.75h,32.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5FWVJ-C3nhJHVbvF4KR_Kg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
tommoody: . @andrej
tommoody: don't think i need to see it on canvas though @andrej
tommoody: @andrej i like that editioned work of ryder's
tommoody: thanks @andrej and @cheseball
kintrala: @andrej hey i didnt see yoy at beverlys so i left
cheseball: the sense of scale is honestly my favorite part. feels very greek @andrej