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halitosis: youlook badass @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
DoritoWitch: @alessandra
thekraken: that's a cool talent @alessandra and I ask because someone @'d you a piano playing starfish
hoquang: @alessandra's future child
hoquang: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
aneth: what do i owe you @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
zakhap: @alessandra, hang soon ?
zakhap: @alessandra prentis is lonely at 1
zakhap: @alessandra want to do a late thursday/friday night in butler? ?
wakefulness: @alessandra
zakhap: @alessandra // come visit the butler party when you get this.
pretzel: its @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
bees: @orlandobloom @eyedeekay @cheetos @alessandra @callus @minty
bees: @cheetos @thekraken @ice @alessandra @nicozab @leanlord @ssnack @unhealthy @peur @ders
hoquang: @alessandra sandy uro
pretzel: @alessandra
zakhap: @alessandra
zakhap: @alessandra
halitosis: @alessandra hi. i didn't know messages existed until just now or i would've said hi sooner.
bees: @alessandra a good read for reals
bees: @alessandra read more bucky mcfullsta
lux: @alessandra
lux: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
kiptok: or pablo picasso @alessandra
kiptok: roadrunner @alessandra
lux: ilu @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra .. thanks
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @aids_enoch @bees @hoquang @pretzel @alessandra @fauxreal @tommypickles
bees: @alessandra @years @unhealthy
frederick: @alessandra
lena: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
hoquang: @alessandra