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jerseymike: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
hoquang: @alessandra
hoquang: Shohei Imamura @alessandra
kiptok: cf 2:00 in that song @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
kiptok: what does my birthtime even signify @alessandra
kiptok: i don't rate you @alessandra
lux: it is from resident evil @tommoody @alessandra
tommoody: @alessandra - i found it searching "the thing" dog head but my guess is it's from the resident evil franchise
pretzel: @alessandra
hoquang: this is from robert altman's "three women" @alessandra
peur: oh it's from return of the living dead @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra @fartist @hoquang @reneabythe @stage
joy: per che? @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @aids_enoch @alessandra for my net-art punks
jonathn: @alessandra @kiptok
jonathn: @alessandra @kiptok
hoquang: @alessandra
hoquang: southern sandy @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
zakhap: @alessandra you coming to sem. 2morrow?
fartist: @alessandra this dump is anti-semitic
hoquang: @alessandra @kiptok @tommoody @pretzel
peur: @alessandra
xinyi: @alessandra !!! homer said we're getting high on shrooms this week
xinyi: @alessandra hi!
xinyi: @alessandra hi
sakalak: @alessandra @joy
jonathn: @alessandra @kiptok
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra reminds me of this
jonathn: A woman is in an apprehensive state as she searches for her lover. In the darkness, she comes across what she first thinks is a body, but then realises is a tree-trunk. She is frightened and becomes more anxious as she cannot find the man she is looking for. She then finds a dead body, and sees that it is her lover. She calls out for assistance, but there is no response. She tries to revive him, and addresses him as if he were still alive, angrily charging him with being unfaithful to her. She then asks herself what she is to do with her life, as her lover is now dead. Finally, she wanders off alone into the night. @alessandra @lizzy
fartist: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @thekraken @pretzel @alessandra texas weirdo
hoquang: hanging out with @alessandra