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kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
frederick: @alessandra like this?
kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
ssnack: buy me a new external hard drive @alessandra im out of space and i dont want to sort through my porn @alessandra
blingscience: @gridworks1 is having a show at Transfer gallery on probably august 9th! @bunnyhentman @doritowitch @kiptok @alessandra @ryder @melipone @cosmicsands @frederick
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra this rap artist is from houston. this is a very nasty track.
jonathn: @alessandra @hoquang @kalan @polymer @ssnack
lena: where is @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
lena: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra do you remember kendal
kiptok: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra gramercy park
jonathn: @alessandra i asked hiroshi that at ende tymes. his answer was xenakis, stockhausen, david tudor, radigue.
hoquang: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra i saw someone with a no fans bag at ende tymes i had to take a picture .
DoritoWitch: @alessandra what's your dog's name?
KOOLSKULL: @hell @alessandra
peggy: @alessandra
hoquang: yeah @alessandra also chris corsano and samara lubelski
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
bees: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
antenna: @jonathn @alessandra
DoritoWitch: @alessandra
DoritoWitch: @alessandra where are you now?
DoritoWitch: @alessandra i am excited.
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra @aids_enoch
jonathn: @alessandra
cheetossss: @alessandra
kiptok: im feeling worse @alessandra
kiptok: bc then @alessandra will hang up
kiptok: say nothing for an hour and then log off and text me but don't reply to my reply for two days plz @alessandra
KOOLSKULL: @alessandra i wanna watch sillicon valley!!!
kiptok: h e l p @alessandra