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jonathn: @alessandra @chancehearty @grass "...plotting the sound of Nighttime USA for several years ..."
jonathn: @alessandra @grass
kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra, do you have a recording of "Kaiki" by Toshi Ichiyanagi?
jonathn: @alessandra
kiptok: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra @pretzel sorry that last vid sucked
jonathn: @alessandra @pretzel
lena: @alessandra
bees: @jonathn @alessandra
bees: shoulda always bringa trip sitter spirt quest shaman @alessandra
bright: @alessandra
bees: @alessandra
joy: @alessandra are you in NY?
jonathn: @alessandra @hoquang
GucciSoFlosy: @alessandra IT'S 10 DOLLARS PLS BUY THIS FOR YOUR DOG
tommoody: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
lena: @alessandra
lena: @alessandra im creying
years: @alessandra maybe one day *sigh*
years: @alessandra 22/m/BC
years: @alessandra i still play guitar
jonathn: @alessandra
alessandra: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra who wore it best?
ssnack: @alessandra
jonathn: "Music (except classical music) was "noise"" - Paul Erdős @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
joy: what is your email @alessandra @fpretzel
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
jonathn: @alessandra
hoquang: @alessandra yes i do
joy: take me with you @alessandra
lena: @alessandra i got a 2nd job and i suck even more now
hoquang: @alessandra