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fingers: @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch @plams @callus @waves @ShlucHT
lizzy: @aids_enoch damn you denver
lizzy: @aids_enoch @callus @jonathn @plams @waves @kingofmugen @cheetos
lizzy: @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch and i also found this for you to blast on your bike
lizzy: @aids_enoch
fingers: @aids_enoch bride of chucky
lizzy: @aids_enoch i think you and i wrote this song together on a little toy piano a couple of centuries back somewhere in what is now basically intercontinental europe or stonehenge. i hope you are well
lizzy: @aids_enoch even crowley and evola are invited. god damn you denver the last dinosaur god. damn. you. ilove you.
lizzy: @aids_enoch i love you too.
conqueror: @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch just kidding. just testing out some new retorts.
lizzy: Yeah, these are called 'drug induced delusions'. You need to get help before you hurt yourself or someone else, this really isn't normal. @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch
callus: @jonathn @aids_enoch @lizzy
lizzy: @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_Enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch this though. legal murals
lizzy: rockin around the christmas tree @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch
lizzy: @aids_enoch
theclap: @aids_enoch
anndunham: @wakefulness @aids_enoch
fartist: your silence is tragic @aids_enoch
fartist: irrelevant @aids_enoch
wakefulness: @aids_enoch
wakefulness: @aids_enoch Dante's INFERNO Ke$ha Cannibal Holocaust M*A*S*H* Twin Peaks soundgarden ................
wakefulness: @kiptok @aids_enoch TIMECOP
kiptok: @wakefulness @aids_enoch
wakefulness: @aids_enoch @birdraymond
wakefulness: @aids_enoch DEEEZ NUUUTS
wakefulness: @aids_enoch sup nigga???
wakefulness: @aids_enoch
bees: @aids_enoch @shlucht @ghettoflower @callus @orlandobloom @eyedeekay @gularjnoish @merumeru
lux: @aids_enoch
lux: i see u and i love u @aids_enoch
jonathn: @aids_enoch @wakefulness
callus: join me @aids_enoch
callus: @aids_Enoch
KOOLSKULL: what are you doing to participate in the spiritual battle going on @aids_enoch ?