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harshly: thanks, hit close to home @aids_enoch
tommypickles: @aids_enoch yokai watch
eyedeekay: "abandon all hope, ye who enter here" - dante @aids_enoch
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eyedeekay: Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him. @clairevoyant @aids_enoch once when i was like 13 i decided not to kill myself once because of this embarrasing song. //// 27"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. 28"You heard that I said to you, 'I go away, and I will come to you.' If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.… John 14:27
LibrtnPlease: born a tool, now I'm rusty and broken, born to die, now I'm sitting here choking @aids_enoch
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cheetos1: @aids_enoch listen to my music
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eyedeekay: @aids_enoch listen to these fucking words. a bold and daring soul, all black men are his brothers rare
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eyedeekay: @aids_enoch oops the first sentence got cut off: The first written data on contact with a positive Entity in Western culture come from Socrates. He mentions an Entity who manifested itself as an inner voice and guided him through life. These words
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch rds of Socrates are preserved in extant documents: “The favor of the gods has given me a marvelous gift, which has never left me since my childhood. It is a voice which, when it makes itself heard, deters me from what I am about to do and never urges me on.” The inner voice came from a spiritual Entity whom Socrates called his Daimon. Later, a word with negative connotations was derived from this name – “demon”. Daimon unerringly guided Socrates through life’s troubles and finally sent him to his death in a state of complete calmness and peacefulness. Hence, Socrates’ conduct has been for ages an example of sublime morality for many. Socrates did not hide from his environment the voice that instructed him to act wisely. He would often pause, listen to what his Daimon had to say, and act accordingly. He usually informed men he had discourse with of the content of the message. Official psychiatry of today would probably classify Socrates’ experiences as audible hallucinations. He perceived the voice of Daimon as something angelic or divine, apart from his being, which had a pure motive to guide him through life along the correct path. Socrates’ critics and opponents laughed at his statements about Daimon’s voice, because it advised him in less important situations, but did not say a word during his arrest and trial. Socrates answered: “That prophetic voice, the voice of divinity, has recently appeared very often and warned me even concerning most trivial things when I was going to do something wrong. Now, as you can see, the thing that could be considered the greatest evil happened. Yet that godly voice did not object neither this morning when I left home, nor when I came to this trial, nor at any point in my apology as I intended to say something. In other cases it would stop me in the middle of a sentence. How do I explain it? Well, this is how: I reckon that what happened to me, happened as a good thing. We, who believe that death is something evil, can never understand it.” Taken from: The Invisible Influences by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski
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eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @jonathn @harshly @ssnack @kiptok + any other teens on adderall i forgot abot <$
harshly: Robert @aids_enoch
scary: wow i have to say i didn't actually believe @aids_enoch was @friendster but he just won't stop denying it....
KlM: @aids_enoch i cant see what you are saying but i think you are saying that you are scared we found out your @friendster
KlM: wait is @aids_enoch actually @friendster??????
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orlandobloom: @AIDS_ENOCH
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jonathn: @eyedeekay @aids_enoch i used to have that tape
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kalan: @frederick @catz @lcky @aids_enoch @cxzy @anndunham @wakefulness
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eyedeekay: @aids_enoch literally like the 5th result on google when you img search 'abyss'
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch By "the Prayer to Saint Michael" is usually meant one particular prayer among the various ones that are addressed to Michael the archangel. This is the Prayer to Saint Michael that was directed to be said after Low Mass in the Catholic Church from 1886 to 1964. Other prayers to Saint Michael have also been officially approved.
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!?!?! turn off the jew and go outside. life is short. earth is short. you dont get a second chance.
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch "If you keep going down this road, you may end up where you are heading." - Zach Braff, Fight club 2010
eyedeekay: The last two sentences demand careful attention. There is an apparent contradiction with verses 59, 60. We must seek reconcilement in this way: Do not imagine that any King can die (v.21) or be hurt (v.59); strife between two Kings can therefore be nothing more than a friendly trial of strength. We are all inevitably allies, even identical in our variety; to "love one another with burning hearts" is one of our essential qualities. But who then are the "low men," since "Every man and every woman is a star?" The casus belli is this: there are people who are veiled from themselves so deeply that they resent the bared faces of us others. We are fighting to free them, to make them masters like ourselves. Note verse 60, "to hell with them:" that is, let us drive them to the 'hell' or secret sanctuary within their consciousness. There dwells "the worm that dieth not and the fire that is not quenched;' that is, 'the secret serpent coiled about to spring' and 'the flame that burns in every heart of man' -- Hadit. In other words, we take up arms against falsehood; we cannot help it if that falsehood forces the King it has imprisoned to assent to its edicts, even to believe that his interests are those of his oppressor, and to fear Truth as once Jehovah did the Serpent. AL II,25: "Ye are against the people, O my chosen!" @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: THE NEW COMMENT. The Christians to the Lions! A hermit is one who dwells isolated in the desert, exactly as a soul, a star, or an electron in the wilderness of space-time. The doctrine here put forth is that the initiate cannot be polluted by any particular environment. He accepts and enjoys everything that is proper to his nature. Thus, a man's sexual character is one form of his self-expression; he unites Hadit with Nuit sacramentally when he satisfied his instinct of physical love. Of course, this is only one partial projection; to govern, to fight, and so on, must fulfil other needs. We must not imagine that any form of activity is ipso facto incapable of supplying the elements of an Eucharist: suum cuique. Observe, however, the constant factor in this enumeration of the practices proper to 'hermits:' it is ecstatic delight. Let us borrow an analogy from Chemistry. Oxygen has two hands (so to speak) to offer to other elements. But contrast the cordial clasp of hydrogen or phosphorus with the weak reluctant greeting of chlorine! Yet hydrogen and chlorine rush passionately to embrace each other in monogamic madness! There is no 'good' or 'bad' in the matter; it is the enthusiastic energy of union, as betokened by the disengagement of heat, light, electricity, or music, and the stability of the resulting compound, that sanctifies the act. Note also that the utmost external joy in any phenomenon is surpassed a millionfold by the internal joy of the realization that self-fulfilment in the sensible world is but a symbol of the universal sublimity of the formula "love under will." @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: THE OLD COMMENT. 24.Hermits -- See verse 15. Our ascetics enjoy, govern, conquer, love, and are not to quarrel (but see verses 59, 60 -- Even their combats are glorious). @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch here's the score: we're simply deprived of the supernatural endowments which had been given us for the hope of eternal salvation. hence it follows, that we are 'exiled' from the kingdom of god, in such a manner that all the affections relating to the happy life of the soul are also extinguished in us, till we recovers them by the grace of god... all these things, being restored by christ, are assumed adventitious and prenatural; and therefore we conclude that they had been lost. again: soundness of mind and rectitude of heart were also destroyed; and this is the corruption of our natural talents. for although we retain some portion of understanding and judgment together with the will, yet we still cannot say that our mind is perfect or sound. reason... being a natural talent, it could not be totally destroyed, but is partly debilitated...