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tiabguIs: @aids_enoch @orijjjjjjice
ejizabeth: come on frak half these people hate us already and now you're all up in their inbox with walls of text no on cares about + you're already in guccis inbox, cut him a break at this point @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy @melipone @peggy @ryz @kintrala @sidone @Apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @ejizabeth
slight: case you haven't connected the dots @ejizabeth aka "lizzy" (frakbuddy) is still here, also on @cheseball @kingofmugen among others. i feel bad for the dude, but i come in and chck up on the site very rarely and he is still here on active defense. been sent. @tommoody cc: @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy @melipone @peggy (especially you last two) @ryz @kintrala @sidone @Apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick (((boxer floor stomp of absurdity and grandma gif be with you, sam rockwell clown college))) @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @eljizabeth
ejizabeth: @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy @melipone @peggy @ryz @kintrala @sidone @Apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @ejizabeth re-heating stale popcorn =/= drama continuing
slight: the drama continues @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy @melipone @peggy (especially you last two) @ryz @kintrala @sidone @Apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @ejizabeth
ejizabeth: lo nice try, gooch. half the people you sent that @ to are mods and admins lawl. you're talking about people with expert level chat room forensics and access to logs, who know who I am, know for a fact i'm not frak, and so forth. and at this point it's obvious to everyone that you must be frak, which explains your bizarre obsession w/ yoursef + why you are grasping so hard for straws to point the finger at me and pin me as frak to try and redirect peoples suspicion away from the likely fact that you are indeed Adam Green and you're afraid of us, of the community, yet simultaenously you have become 'attached'. youre afraid of people finding out and youre afraid to connect. you act out of fear and all that you do you do not do with love. when will you open your heart,frak,when? cc: @reneabythe @GucciSoFlosy @melipone @peggy (especially you last two) @ryz @kintrala @sidone @Apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @ejizabeth @maxlabor @guysalmon @jonathn @lizzy
slight: @maxlabor , your friend zorg -- 2011-2012 was a lot of fun, i still think of it every now and then and certian musical and visual cues instantly remind me of moments and users of dump, you among them. never dropped the ascii tcp/ip burka, the veil remained the duration. my friends remember me for my personality and palaver ( @jonathn ), what a blast. in your absence @soccer got muted a lot of times but still shows up on @guysalmon; amusing guy.. hey, the oldies here never die. the current missive testifies. the great, my dear friend frakbuddy, got a similar ban treatment as soccer but resorted to using alt accounts that got successively banned because he couldn't keep his big ol' ginger mouth shut, poor fella. one of which he pretended to be a teenaged girl for almost a year straight (couldn't make this up, @lizzy was the account, read and click the links in the bio and you'll get the fully juicy story). i think of dump occasionally off-site and make a presence on site every now and then, but of the oldies frakbuddy is still the most present ghoul of the exiled. he is still here shedding his silty flakes onto the chatroom, if you look for the most inscrutable yet most vocal user, you will find this strange legend. a lot of fun, too much to leave without a backward glance and a smile at your direction,.... cc: @reneabythe @guccisoflosy @melipone @peggy (especially you last two) @ryz @kintrala @sidone @apu @aids_enoch @pretzel @peggy @joy @sakalak @frederick @peur @robot @yo_matty @weh @cheseball @pzbbw @eljizabeth
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