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robot: @yo_matty @plams @ahem
yo_matty: @ahem @ryz @ben_dover @polymer @melipone @kiptok @peggy @petrograd @alessandra @ssnack and if you guys are here @reverberasia @frankhats
robot: @yo_matty @ahem
BeardCookies: @ahem
peggy: are you going into business @ahem
yo_matty: @ahem when are u coming to ny
yo_matty: @ahem
melipone: @robot @yo_matty @ahem
yo_matty: @robot @melipone @ahem @polymer i just realized it's the 25th anniversary of this album
yo_matty: i'm not @ahem
yo_matty: @ahem I know tommy pico through max steele
peggy: stop copying me @ahem
melipone: @ahem yeah, but like, senior financial engineers :\
peggy: whoa sweet @ahem
yo_matty: @ahem he's a social climber who is friends with every gay / bear / art fag on the internet
yo_matty: @ahem a faggot dj who is stealing my gigs and playing my tracks while talking shit about me
yo_matty: @ahem is hommeboy/girl
robot: who is @ahem and who is she to you @yo_matty
yo_matty: hi @ahem