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kiptok: @wupreme this is great lol
kintrala: @wupreme @kathiegravy @lux @fuck :
JustinArias: @wupreme nah you're good haha
kiptok:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s i just finished listening to this @wupreme
Morg4sy: how fucked is that photo @wupreme legit dead guy
lux: often @wupreme
lux: @wupreme
bees: @wupreme @wetlegs @morg4sy
kintrala: @wupreme @lux @kathiegravy :
kiptok: @wupreme is this happening in LA ?
kiptok: @wupreme
kiptokvanity: @wupreme
kiptok: @wupreme collaborate or die
kiptok: omg i was listening to this last nite @wupreme so good
kiptok: @wupreme
thekraken: wanting to start watching orange is the new black bc of the hot latina @lux @wupreme @rihenna
DreWeL: @wupreme
hoquang: doom @wupreme
rihenna: @wupreme are u from OC or LA
kiptok: @wupreme
kiptok: @wupreme
aneth: @wupreme
lux: that's orphan black @wupreme
Alluring: @talker @blues @wrinkle @ssnack @wupreme @shlucht @tanya @halitosis
talker: @wupreme
pretzel: @wupreme
penisholder1: the black ones @wupreme
penisholder1: @wupreme
kiptokvanity: i met hayes @wupreme
penisholder1: @wupreme
bees: @cheseball @elfuuva @justinarias @tanya @whocares1 @wupreme @cheetos1 @frederik @mcchimperson @peur @years @halitosis @thekraken @drewel @kingofmugen @shlucht @kintrala @ssnack @ediut @cxzy @d_magik @conqueror @pretzel @epipen
lux: eternal besos every lifetime @wupreme
lux: happy cinco my love @wupreme
kiptok: "that's jerry" @wupreme lol
kiptok: @wupreme
macstoresf2: @wupreme
rihenna: @wupreme
kiptok: so @wupreme when did u first hear abt U2
rihenna: @wupreme
cheetos9: @wupreme
kiptijek: listen to the 4/20 improv 4 humans @wupreme