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jonathn: @lux @wupreme @ssnack
kiptok: @wupreme :(
lux: flanders @wupreme
lux: @wupreme
bees: @buyuadraank @callus @cheetos @ders @doritowitch @drewel @fartist @frederick @guccisoflosy @gularjinoish @halitosis @hoquang @justinarias @kalan @kintrala @kiptok @triptok @lizzy @math @meth @noisia @peur @pollop @wupreme @ryz @ryder
lux: yassss @wupreme
lux: it's the thuggish ruggish bone @rihenna @wupreme
callus: @wupreme
lux: i hang w niggas that'll rob ya @wupreme
cheetos3: @wupreme
cheetos: @wupreme
DreWeL: lookin to make a locked up lady feel special? @wupreme
kiptok: @wupreme
kiptok: @wupreme
rihenna: come steal from my store so i can catch u @wupreme
rihenna: i like car crash compilation vids bro @wupreme
kiptok: how u weigh bro @wupreme
cheetos: Merry Christmas! -- YOU GET A CHAMP PLAYLIST…/sh21iibpkncjmfs/ @wupreme
kintrala: @kathiegravy @wupreme @guccisoflosy :
kazooie: I DID @WUPREME
callus: @thekraken @wupreme
rihenna: send more funny shit @wupreme
rihenna: lol the music in this vid @wupreme
maryrachel: @wupreme
anndunham: homer's rikimaru duh @wupreme
jonathn: @wupreme
kiptok: tears for fears surprisingly funny ppl @wupreme
thekraken: @wupreme @lux
lux: @wupreme
cheetos: @wupreme
pecco: @wupreme yea she wroted the day after i showed her the game
kiptok: @wupreme
aids_enoch: @wupreme
nextmove: @wupreme
jertronic: @wupreme is that a dang pig? LOL re:
callus: good work @wupreme
kiptok: @wupreme
jonathn: @wupreme too early in the day to be this amazed
pecco: @wupreme
pretzel: hell yea @wupreme
pecco: its @wupreme