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2DEEP4U: @wupreme how did yr dang ole cake turn out?
kintrala: @wupreme
harshly: @frederick @beardcookies @hoquang @sakalak @d_magik @kiptok @peur @weh @poopdeck @mrhappyface @illalli @wupreme @sapphire @orlandobloom
harshly: @wupreme @koolskull @minty @max_labor @fagmar @frankhats @drewel @beardcookies @unhealthy @mrhealth @kiptok
lux: @wupreme @thekraken
lux: @wupreme
pecco: cool #brown rockband @kathiegravy @wupreme @godless
dolphin300: @Wupreme gangnam style polka reminded me of
DreWeL: @wupreme omg I got so excited when sending someone a link to your tumblr and I saw the queen drum pattern .gif
DreWeL: @wupreme those shoes are amazing
jertronic: @wupreme
jertronic: you're killing me @wupreme
jertronic: @wupreme
kiptok: "man gwa eel" @wupreme
guwopo: @WUPREME
kiptok: yo @wupreme can we share
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme
cheetos1: @wupreme
DoritoWitch: @wupreme thanks for the TIP i can't believe I didn't recognize it as comic sans immediately
nextmove: @wupreme my friend ended up getting me on his guest list
gory: omg my friend is opening for them @wupreme
Samantha: @wupreme
frankhats: @wupreme how big is that piece of paper?
frankhats: @wupreme "To reset your view select the "Rotate View Tool" (shortcut: R) and click on the reset view button"
frankhats: @wupreme illustrator?
cheetos1: @wupreme
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme
jertronic: @WUPREME
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme theese be sum intense ass mexican niggaz
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme thats tha shit nigga
KOOLSKULL: lol @wupreme
KOOLSKULL: @wupreme
illgetbetter: @wupreme
catz: ahahahah this is great @WUPREME
gory: @wupreme
lux: @wupreme
sidonie: @wupreme RANCH 99!!! YOU FROM THE BAY?
island: @wupreme exactly
island: @wupreme fantastic gif
idiot11: ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- courtesy of Goat4421 @wednesday @weh @whatevz @whizkid @wierdnumber @wiggeringloh @wigs @wlatimer @woodfloors @worm @wrinkles @WUPREME @Wurd @x0xMaximus @xanthine @xdeath @xylotism @years @yemano @yert @yom_atty @yonki @youngbumpkin @yv0nne @zer0cool @zoeee @zoesaldana @zoner @zybergrrl @artwerk @jasonnn @allofthetrash @fourloko @Jesus @lermanator @funkykenny