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kiptok: smashing ppl's hearts can be so much more fun than breaking ppl's bones @soccer
issac: @soccer
kiptok: you can't hide @soccer
bees: @1au @cheseball @goblin @soccer @renaebythe
cheseball: @soccer
bees: @soccer
McChimperson: @soccer
maxlabor: you know you're not required to live in those neighborhoods @soccer
grass: i should @soccer
hoquang: @soccer
cheseball: just a clean screen cap @soccer
kiptok: @soccer we look good in !
kiptok: my fav skate trick ever was the guy who never dropped in @soccer
kiptok: @soccer
Artist: do u know what vid i was talking about @soccer
maxlabor: @soccer
Artist: @soccer do you remember that weird performance video of those people painting destructively/violently in a room with sausages/etc
pixels: @soccer
kiptijek: @soccer
details: @soccer
joy: i like it because it reminds me of the suburbs, which is a place i was made to live in @soccer
joy: well i hope you are down with the clown @soccer
kiptok: @soccer
maxlabor: @soccer you made me cry
Artist: @soccer seen you on insta
Artist: @soccer damn you are a massive human, you're like 6'3?
minimum: @wednesday i remember @soccer ripping you for balding and mentioining rogaine in one of his insults
maxlabor: @soccer i'm so sad
minimum: @soccer
maxlabor: r u euskadi @soccer
minimum: are you brazilian @soccer
sidonie: @soccer ur name is matthew?
minimum: @soccer
minimum: @so @soccer
oolong: @soccer you ok?
Artist: @soccer not really nah
sidonie: @soccer
plant: @soccer
oolong: @soccer
K8moSS: @soccer tuff times dont last 4ever
plant: @soccer i tell that to my dad every time i can