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thorns: @soccer
maxlabor: most of us are occupied fixing our own @soccer
maxlabor: show @soccer
sidonie: sweet dreams @soccer
sidonie: heyyyy @soccer and other ppl who like looking at fresh fooood, plz follow my homie Edgarraw on instagram
lit: trash @soccer
Zimbardo: @soccer can act like his derpy white knight act was conscious and deliberate rather than an embarrassing miscalculation
Zimbardo: sidonie don't derrpy white knight meh @soccer
Zimbardo: @soccer @sidonie
kiptok: u would go 'bourdainnn' @soccer
sidonie: @soccer
pecco: @soccer wicked wickets
pecco: @soccer i mean you might say those r not perfect, but the sequence of the lines is what it counts to me
pecco: @soccer your style evolved for good so quick, those hands look pro!!
dolphin300: @soccer
bees: @soccer start with self immolation, literally light yourself on fire.
maxlabor: whow @soccer
sidonie: thats my favorite kind @soccer
sidonie: im waiting @soccer
sidonie: @soccer wth
sidonie: @soccer i don't see tits
kiptok: smashing ppl's hearts can be so much more fun than breaking ppl's bones @soccer
issac: @soccer
kiptok: you can't hide @soccer
bees: @1au @cheseball @goblin @soccer @renaebythe
cheseball: @soccer
bees: @soccer
McChimperson: @soccer
maxlabor: you know you're not required to live in those neighborhoods @soccer
grass: i should @soccer
hoquang: @soccer
cheseball: just a clean screen cap @soccer
kiptok: @soccer we look good in !
kiptok: my fav skate trick ever was the guy who never dropped in @soccer
kiptok: @soccer
Artist: do u know what vid i was talking about @soccer
maxlabor: @soccer
Artist: @soccer do you remember that weird performance video of those people painting destructively/violently in a room with sausages/etc
pixels: @soccer
kiptijek: @soccer
details: @soccer