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<marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">E▇▃▉▀ M▅▆▇▀▋ S▉▉▉▉ 1. Curriculum Vitae * ▆▀.0▇.░▓ i▪ M▊▉▃▄eida, ▀in▐■ ▐■▇▆ ▄▃ ▊er▊▇▊ Education ▗▘▜▛ – ▗▘▟■ Kuns ░░╔╗░FOLLOW░YOUR░░t▟▉▊ █▇▀▄▃ ▁▂▁▀▁er; ╔═╝╠╦═╦══╦══╦════╦══╗( ▓an░▒░▀ B▛e■▟i ) ▗▘▟■ –▗▘▟▜ ▔ni▖ ║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║══╣ e▏▎▍tät ▇er Künste ▒er▒▇▓ ║╚╝║║ ║══╣╔╗║║║║║╠══║ (▄▄▃▆▇█ Baum▋▇█▊▋, ; ▘▘▗man ╚══╩╝ ╚══╩══╩╝╚╝╚╩══╝ K╺▀tze▎) 0▀/ ▘▟▜ – 0▀/ ▘▗▘■ 0▔/ ▘▗▘■ I ▓assed my ▖x▜▛▟nation ▣it▄ ▪xcell▬▬▪▭ ▜nd be▋█▊▄ master s╺╹olar of ▆oth▏r ░▒░▓garten ▋ receive▎ my Master ▂▃ ╸╸╼s.__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌ </marquee>

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kintrala: @shlucht :
disrspctful: @aids_enoch @waves @callus @apu @anndunham @shlucht
anndunham: @Shlucht
anndunham: @shlucht
anndunham: @shlucht
kintrala: @shlucht : +12149010171
callus: @shlucht
callus: @lizzy @shlucht
anndunham: @ShluchT
anndunham: @shlucht heading over now
fingers: @shlucht
callus: @shlucht
kintrala: @anndunham @shlucht : hey send me yalls foen # so we can doa whatsapp grouOup chat
callus: @shlucht
joy: @shlucht
joy: @shlucht how would you characterize german sense of humor
fartist: great broadcast ! @shlucht
fartist: this radio show is dope @ShlucHT
anndunham: S @ShlucHT
callus: @shlucht
lizzy: @shlucht whosd this??
wrinkles: @shlucht :)
anndunham: @ShlucHT i just invented an instrument. remind me about it later
pfifferking: @shlucht @anndunham where u wanna go ?
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT
kiptok: the gallery @shlucht
anndunham: @Shlucht i like the scene at the very end. i'm going to make that a diy church real quick
kalan: @anndunham @shlucht do you guys know eachother? arent u madd close?
jonathn: @ShlucHT what pdf?
cheetos: @shlucht
girlafraid: @drewel @shlucht
ShlucHT: drone music is more interesting since that radioshow --- at least in @ShlucHT s world
anndunham: @shlucht
D_MAGIK: hey what does mh mean @ShlucHT
fartist: happy new year ! @wakefulness @stage @weh @friendster @scotty2hotty69 @jonathn @drewel @anndunham @buyuadraank @waves @kiptok @ShlucHT @elfluuva @catluvvr
dvvidpw: thanks for checking it out! @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT
lightblack: if u shave ur mustache and put on a blonde wig you can be my Jessica @shlucHT
kintrala: @shlucht : was it you who had a can of denim wax lying about? i need a dollop :)
thekraken: you German dudes into boys noize at all? saw him live on Friday night for the first time. been a fan for like 10 years now @anndunham @pfifferking @nicolashorch @ShlucHT