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<!-- Codes by --><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="1">E▇▃▉▀ M▅▆▇▀▋ S▉▉▉▉ 1. Curriculum Vitae * ▆▀.0▇.░▓ i▪ M▊▉▃▄eida, ▀in▐■ ▐■▇▆ ▄▃ ▊er▊▇▊ Education ▗▘▜▛ – ▗▘▟■ Kuns ░░╔╗░FOLLOW░YOUR░░t▟▉▊ █▇▀▄▃ ▁▂▁▀▁er; ╔═╝╠╦═╦══╦══╦════╦══╗( ▓an░▒░▀ B▛e■▟i ) ▗▘▟■ –▗▘▟▜ ▔ni▖ ║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║══╣ e▏▎▍tät ▇er Künste ▒er▒▇▓ ║╚╝║║ ║══╣╔╗║║║║║╠══║ (▄▄▃▆▇█ Baum▋▇█▊▋, ; ▘▘▗man ╚══╩╝ ╚══╩══╩╝╚╝╚╩══╝ K╺▀tze▎) 0▀/ ▘▟▜ – 0▀/ ▘▗▘■ 0▔/ ▘▗▘■ I ▓assed my ▖x▜▛▟nation ▣it▄ ▪xcell▬▬▪▭ ▜nd be▋█▊▄ master s╺╹olar of ▆oth▏r ░▒░▓garten ▋ receive▎ my Master ▂▃ ╸╸╼s.__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌</marquee>

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HeathersLtd: @shlucht friend for hendrik
softlife: und @shlucht :)
wrinkles: @ShlucHT
dedchil: @shlucht weird!
HeathersLtd: twitteritter @shlucht
dedchil: @shlucht that sounds cool goodluck
thekraken: my favorite part is where the beating of the fist on the wall syncs with the kick drum @shlucht
thekraken: @shlucht
Dr_Age: @shlucht uaaah :D
cheseball: @ShlucHT
WHAET: @shlucht : it wont be an address u can visit bc ull prolly get shot
WHAET: @shlucht : thanks ill give u an address when u make it to the airport
WHAET: @shlucht : can you just mail me my shoes when u r in america so u can actually afford it
Lakshmi: @shlucht
wrinkles: @shlucht play this
wrinkles: thanks! i need your help getting dressed. @shlucht let's see what you're wearing
hoquang: @shlucht it's okay. he doesn't make much sense in english, either
wrinkles: who are you ? @shlucht ??
wrinkles: The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. @shlucht
wrinkles: i'm talking about your hymen @shlucht
nicolashorch: @shlucht :(
anndunham: what's the "Kein Wort" sample at the end? sounds so familiar @shlucht
anndunham: @bamboo @shlucht
anndunham: anndunham (but in some sort of Amish font) @shlucht
nazi_goth: @shlucht @nicolashorch
thekraken: hi @shlucht - I was confused for an embarrassingly long time by your DJ Kraken joke hehe
Dr_Age: @shlucht so cool this flyer with butterflyy
kintrala: @shlucht : #Goals
nicolashorch: @shlucht
cheseball: @shlucHT that album u linked was sick
dolphin300: @Shlucht best memphis rap
dolphin300: @shlucht
kalan: @ShlucHT finally performed with lee from litter shitter yesterday so much fun! know anyone whod want to toy with this footage? i have some more of it.
nicolashorch: @shlucht
pfifferking: @shlucht ich hatte vorhin eine falsche zeit im kopf - ich habe mich totgeärgert
kintrala: @shlucht :
Dr_Age: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @kalan @shlucht
nicolashorch: @shlucht wow das war bei den nik kosmas essen fur coat ding heute
anndunham: but @shlucht
anndunham: @shlucht