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<marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">E▇▃▉▀ M▅▆▇▀▋ S▉▉▉▉ 1. Curriculum Vitae * ▆▀.0▇.░▓ i▪ M▊▉▃▄eida, ▀in▐■ ▐■▇▆ ▄▃ ▊er▊▇▊ Education ▗▘▜▛ – ▗▘▟■ Kuns ░░╔╗░FOLLOW░YOUR░░t▟▉▊ █▇▀▄▃ ▁▂▁▀▁er; ╔═╝╠╦═╦══╦══╦════╦══╗( ▓an░▒░▀ B▛e■▟i ) ▗▘▟■ –▗▘▟▜ ▔ni▖ ║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║══╣ e▏▎▍tät ▇er Künste ▒er▒▇▓ ║╚╝║║ ║══╣╔╗║║║║║╠══║ (▄▄▃▆▇█ Baum▋▇█▊▋, ; ▘▘▗man ╚══╩╝ ╚══╩══╩╝╚╝╚╩══╝ K╺▀tze▎) 0▀/ ▘▟▜ – 0▀/ ▘▗▘■ 0▔/ ▘▗▘■ I ▓assed my ▖x▜▛▟nation ▣it▄ ▪xcell▬▬▪▭ ▜nd be▋█▊▄ master s╺╹olar of ▆oth▏r ░▒░▓garten ▋ receive▎ my Master ▂▃ ╸╸╼s.__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌ </marquee>

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bees: @aids_enoch @shlucht @ghettoflower @callus @orlandobloom @eyedeekay @gularjnoish @merumeru
anndunham: @ShlucHT thankyou! i'm gonna buy so much of this Right Now. i'll call u in a minute, wenn du bist bereit
anndunham: @ShlucHT @nicolashorch
anndunham: ferngerne? @ShlucHT
anndunham: you wanna meet there? @ShlucHT
pfifferking: @anndunham @shlucht hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah
tommoody: @ShlucHT - pairing my tape with pictures of smashed cassettes was "good natured kidding" i guess but i didn't appreciate it much - thanks for giving it a listen
wakefulness: and @ShlucHT u are a good new enigma. you were right God sent you?
pfifferking: @nocolashorch @shlucht
anndunham: "related video" for "jobs of the future berlin" @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT @nicolashorch @pfifferking
anndunham: @nicolashorch @ShlucHT @pfifferking @cxzy
kintrala: @shlucht : send me details we can talk about it in person
powerstripp: "wherefore art thou" @ShlucHT
tommoody: @shlucHT - people are making fun of me but yes
nicolashorch: @Shlucht check mal das email
anndunham: @ShlucHT send me a link when you upload the show from last night, i want to listen to it while i'm at the office
anndunham: @ShlucHT
pfifferking: @shlucht @anndunham
ShlucHT: @ShlucHT u can go on
ShlucHT: @shlucHT take a screen shot 4 m3
callus: my nigga @shlucht
pfifferking: @shlucht 's
pfifferking: was macht ihr @shlucht
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @aids_enoch @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT he wants to come berlin. could make a show with him
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @pfifferking @ShlucHT avez-vous déjà vu ce type? c'est le meilleur
mascara: @shlucht did u listen to that mormax tune?
anndunham: new questioning format @ShlucHT
pfifferking: i met nicola the other day @shlucht
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT
anndunham: @ShlucHT
pfifferking: @anndunham @shlucht
pfifferking: @shlucht
anndunham: collaboration with a bud @ShluCHT (it's about parking meters)
thekraken: :) @shlucht
thekraken: lol @shlucht