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<!-- Codes by --><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="1">E▇▃▉▀ M▅▆▇▀▋ S▉▉▉▉ 1. Curriculum Vitae * ▆▀.0▇.░▓ i▪ M▊▉▃▄eida, ▀in▐■ ▐■▇▆ ▄▃ ▊er▊▇▊ Education ▗▘▜▛ – ▗▘▟■ Kuns ░░╔╗░FOLLOW░YOUR░░t▟▉▊ █▇▀▄▃ ▁▂▁▀▁er; ╔═╝╠╦═╦══╦══╦════╦══╗( ▓an░▒░▀ B▛e■▟i ) ▗▘▟■ –▗▘▟▜ ▔ni▖ ║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║══╣ e▏▎▍tät ▇er Künste ▒er▒▇▓ ║╚╝║║ ║══╣╔╗║║║║║╠══║ (▄▄▃▆▇█ Baum▋▇█▊▋, ; ▘▘▗man ╚══╩╝ ╚══╩══╩╝╚╝╚╩══╝ K╺▀tze▎) 0▀/ ▘▟▜ – 0▀/ ▘▗▘■ 0▔/ ▘▗▘■ I ▓assed my ▖x▜▛▟nation ▣it▄ ▪xcell▬▬▪▭ ▜nd be▋█▊▄ master s╺╹olar of ▆oth▏r ░▒░▓garten ▋ receive▎ my Master ▂▃ ╸╸╼s.__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌</marquee>

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cheseball: @shlucHT theyre talking about trumps electibility and you can hear the electronic sounds whir making it sound like the twilight zone
cheseball: @shlucHT im listening to your mix with NPR playing at the same time and its so cinematic
cheseball: this mix is sick @shlucHT
helvetica12: @taehyung @shlucht @nicolashorch @pfifferking @anndunham
reneabythe: @shlucht
Sweetly: @shlucht @helvetica12 @pummp @conqueror
helvetica12: @shlucht have you read Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction?
Sweetly: have you heard of this @shlucht
mill: are you pure native german @shlucht?
mill: what the fuck does "mh" mean @shlucht
McChimperson: a slave does not have responsibility for what the master does @shlucht
mill: what does sus mean @shlucht
helvetica12: also @shlucht that is famed rap musician Fetty Wap and to his left (our right) is young business entrepreneur and farma bad boy Martin Shkrelli
maxlabor: @shlucht @nicolashorch this is scary...why are they tearing up a mos def shirt?
kiptok: there's nothing codified @shlucht the scales at most
kiptok: @shlucht
thous: @shlucht
nicolashorch: @shlucht
kiptok: yea i rly like that party :) @shlucht
maxlabor: @shlucht
cheseball: @shlucht is this good ? I keep seeing it everywhere
anndunham: @shlucht who made this "wub machine remix" of jan's face i found on my harddrive?
HeathersLtd: @shlucht dickesterni hat gerade ihre kaka auf dem teppich gewischt >:p
HeathersLtd: @shlucht
maxlabor: @shlucht
maxlabor: there is a whole flickr collection of qsl cards @shlucht
Dr_Age: @Shlucht
nicolashorch: @shlucht netter track, krasse googgle suche
kiptok: cypher was the guy who betrayed all the other dudes @shlucht
kintrala: @shlucht : who is richard? <-- dont answer tho // i need time away it is a really long story
reneabythe: TONIGHT!! (THURSDAY!) GET IN HERE!!!!! @cheseball @photos @tommoody @shlucht @polis @bamboo @sidonie @d_magik @dvvidpw
maxlabor: @shlucht
HeathersLtd: @shlucht aloha
nicolashorch: @shlucht
reneabythe: very sick @shlucht
photos: @shlucht\
kalan: @shlucht i have a berliner treasure hunt
kiptokvanity: @shlucht
refrain: @ShlucHT
D_MAGIK: @shlucht i was really enjoying your color codes from jollo, you have such a style
nicolashorch: welche webseite muss ich gucken shlucht? und wie is das mit schlafplätzen @shlucht ?