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ben_dover: cute as fuck @samantha
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @cheetos1 @samantha @illalli @andrej #gosudump
cheetos1: im bout it @samantha
harshly: @robot @samantha it's this easy
DreWeL: @samantha
nil7sooty: @samantha i read that as 'moma in trash'
gr8pevine: @samantha
cxzy: @samantha
creamydreamr: @samantha where r u going in canada
creamydreamr: @samantha fuck w/ an orca and see if its true smartass
kiptok: well hello @samantha
frankhats: rly good @samantha
kiptok: @samantha
peur: @samantha you should go to Poutini's it's on Queen St W
BeardCookies: @samantha I will rename my sim Samantha in your honor
BeardCookies: that is modest mouses job @samantha
conqueror: lol @samantha
harshly: @samantha
peggy: cool @samantha doesnt that feel better
WUPREME: @samantha @jertronic
kiptok: bye @samantha
harshly: every day is a death for some people @samantha
robot: my plants thank you @samantha
hoquang: @samantha
harshly: what mental issues does she have, @samantha
jonathn: @samantha
bees: you're allowed to try any flavor except for mens pocky @samantha
cxzy: @samantha
chancehearty: not a bad track @Samantha
petrograd: @samantha
harshly: @samantha
creamydreamr: @samantha also not real orgasm
august: more portraits @samantha
powerstripp: smokey eye @samantha
kintrala: @samantha
selfmade: @samantha that look coool
peggy: may 26 @samantha
x0xMaximus: @Samantha
peggy: @samantha yeah i think it's important to get feedback from other artists
x0xMaximus: @Samantha don't take "art advise" from people that say it's "cool" or "rad" and you'll be fine if you think about what you want to say
x0xMaximus: @Samantha self publish, take ownership, be proud of your work, stay hungry -Stranger on the internet