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I like to draw n paint n have fun

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BeardCookies: @samantha
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kintrala: @samantha :
kiptok: ukulele is for douchebags @samantha
kiptok: i haven't checked him out yet @samantha
sidonie: @samantha suck a fuck
dreamwarrior: just dive in @samantha
years: subjective relation to reality is aesthetic not reality itself @samantha
years: @samantha
kintrala: @samantha :
kintrala: @samantha :
carlosdngr2: thats incredible @samantha
carlosdngr2: @samantha did you not get the memo about jerking off everytime you get a boner?
kiptok: @samantha whose girly ass room is that
kiptok: @samantha ew
LibrtnPlease: @samantha
LibrtnPlease: @samantha
ssnack: cornigerous dj. Horned, having a horn or horns. from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English adj. Horned; having horns. from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia Horned; bearing horns; corniferous. @samantha
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frederick: @peur @samantha hahahaha
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lux: @samantha
lux: @samantha @ssnack @peggy @hoquang
lux: and i asked if anyone in there believed the holocaust didn't happen because i honestly want to hear someones take with that point of view @samantha
lux: why do ppl ask hella specific ass shit like that @samantha
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peur: @samantha davos would never
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thekraken: @samantha @kiptok @guccisoflosy @2deep4u
kiptok: art and games are diff realms but still art? @samantha
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