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I like to draw n paint n have fun

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kiptok: @samantha
peur: @samantha
jfk: that was like a month ago @samantha
robot: @samantha
photos: @samantha
kalan: thanks @samantha !!! DO YOU WANT TO BUY A PRINT
SuperSeaCat: @peur @Birdraymond @samantha ♥
McChimperson: what a charmer @samantha
McChimperson: that only happened the first time i had sex @samantha
taehyung: @samantha they r so relatabl
SuperSeaCat: @Birdraymond @peur @samantha
illalli: im downloading the witness rn @kiptok @frederick @samantha @peoplethatplaygames
sidonie: @ssnack ur so fairy dom mother @samantha
peur: @justinarias @samantha @superseacat
sidonie: u look bangin @samantha
sidonie: dammn girrrl u got rihenna waintin @SAMANTHA
peru: @samantha
SuperSeaCat: for you both @samantha @peur then~
JustinArias: i hope you're feeling a little bit better then the other day! @samantha
kiptok: @samantha
kiptok: @samantha
bees: @samantha
safesex2011: lol, nice @samantha
safesex2011: @samantha yeah I'll probably be here for some of the summer, then i'll be try to leave for a while to some where less urban
safesex2011: Yes this NY best time! Every other time it's some pumpkin spice and chains on your tires kind of bullshit @samantha
maxlabor: @samantha
Chanel: @Samantha is the most kawaii dumper
kiptok: ok @samantha
SuperSeaCat: @samantha @peur
kiptijek: @samantha
kiptijek: @samantha
kiptok: tight dresses are thinspo @samantha
kiptok: run 6 miles daily @samantha
kiptok: so you then can get up and do your life @samantha
taehyung: @samantha
kiptok:! @samantha
badbot: haha how bad? @samantha
BeardCookies: i usually like @samantha's snaps
badbot: me rn @sidonie @samantha
JustinArias: @samantha @peur @hoquang @taehyung
peur: @justinarias @samantha @hoquang