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11:58 PM Tue 9/16 -- by ohgod
cook for her in exchange or something

11:55 PM Tue 9/16 -- by soverymonkey

11:53 PM Tue 9/16 -- by ohgod
Hes The Only Homeless Guy Who Can Pull This Off (spoiler bc hes a white bro who steals hairgel from cvs)

11:50 PM Tue 9/16 -- by ohgod
oh wait is this not an actual guy to hate but a Mirror To Society to make us all hate ourselves

11:45 PM Tue 9/16 -- by ohgod
yeah its not like i dont want to live in the world now that i know he is in it but it definitely pushes me in that direction

03:34 PM Mon 9/15 -- by erikhaspresence
jackie says cool so email us all instruction

03:33 PM Mon 9/15 -- by erikhaspresence
ok let me ask jackie if she wants to chill

03:25 PM Mon 9/15 -- by ssnack garden

09:24 AM Fri 9/12 -- by cosmicdesert

09:19 AM Fri 9/12 -- by grass

09:20 AM Fri 9/12 -- by ShlucHT
hi hi I have a friend who acctualy like to jump like a horse

04:03 PM Thu 9/11 -- by peggy
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03:56 PM Thu 9/11 -- by ahem

03:46 PM Thu 9/11 -- by hoquang
i wanna play with milford graves

03:45 PM Thu 9/11 -- by ahem

03:44 PM Thu 9/11 -- by ahem
he comes over sometimes...i'm good friends with his bff

03:43 PM Thu 9/11 -- by peggy
juan do you know jake meginsky

10:58 AM Thu 9/11 -- by lolumad
i mean foot

10:58 AM Thu 9/11 -- by lolumad
feet did 9/11

10:58 AM Thu 9/11 -- by lolumad
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