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04:01 PM Sun 6/12 -- by ssnack

01:21 PM Thu 6/16 -- by GucciSoFlosy

12:20 AM Fri 6/17 -- by hoquang

10:36 PM Thu 6/2 -- by jfk
i use a nintendo mouse

10:35 PM Thu 6/2 -- by jfk
my cats a she

10:32 PM Thu 6/2 -- by jfk
i feel like she makes the spots

12:31 AM Wed 6/1 -- by tommoody
we've been fighting 19 terrorists for 15 years and they are all already dead

12:29 AM Wed 6/1 -- by tommoody
america is a jingoistic nutball factory

12:22 AM Wed 6/1 -- by jfk
apparently we are involved in another war

12:20 AM Wed 6/1 -- by jfk
i guess its not how our money is routed but where

12:01 AM Fri 5/20 -- by McChimperson

12:00 AM Fri 5/20 -- by buyuadraank @unicorngirl

11:56 PM Thu 5/19 -- by McChimperson

11:51 PM Thu 5/19 -- by footbath

03:12 PM Thu 5/12 -- by thekraken
I like the feel good stories about inmates learning to code a lot more

03:08 PM Thu 5/12 -- by thekraken
I read about how theyre trying to force prisoners to use this shitty teleconferencing bullshit instead of actual prison visitation

03:00 PM Thu 5/12 -- by thekraken
someone posted that story on my FB. lol so fucked. resharing bc of "Two guards, one with an assault rifle met him, and his phone, bags, shoelaces and passport were confiscated. They refused to let him make phone calls or contact anyone, and he was put in a cell. At one point he was cuffed to the wall. "I was mocked by them for being an artist when I tried to explain my story, they called me an idiot and a prima donna," says Farah, who is represented by the Minerva Gallery in Sydney. They repeatedly tried to bait him about what an artist is, and said they failed to believe he could make work or "find inspiration" without the use of drugs, he said. "

02:52 PM Thu 5/12 -- by McChimperson

02:51 PM Thu 5/12 -- by cheseball s/s fw 16

02:51 PM Thu 5/12 -- by plant
topps, upperdeck etc