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pfifferking: @cxzy @feelfeel @ben_dover @goatmilk @sidonie @kintrala @tanya @peur @illalli @halitosis @ice @polymer can you do me a favour and kiss on a blank white piece of paper and scan it and sent it to me in 300 dpi ?pleeeease ? @ @lizzy
lux: @polymer
lux: @polymer
melipone: do not under any circumstances give a sweatshirt to @polymer
peggy: @polymer
gr8pevine: @ben_dover @polymer @hoquang @melipone @peggy
xinyi: truly sorry @polymer i am 12 yr old chinese american girl
kiptok: isn't there some music shit @polymer
kiptok: @polymer
kiptok: Vril is good @polymer
hoquang: i was over at @POLYMER's
peggy: nice Reichsadler @polymer
peggy: Giroux the Damaja @polymer
gr8pevine: :* thank you @polymer
helvetica12: @polymer
Ice: @POLYMER @hoquang @DoritoWitch @petrograd
melipone: @polymer
hoquang: @polymer @callus
pretzel: @polymer
dvvidpw: @polymer
tommypickles: @polymer can i come
carlosdngr2: @polymer its dave matthews
carlosdngr2: @polymer thats the only one i really enjoy
carlosdngr2: @polymer i really like jessica pratt
gr8pevine: @polymer
callus: @aids_enoch @lizzy @goatmilk @polymer @frederick @hoquang
ryz: @polymer thanx for inviting us out that show ruled A++++++++ would mosh again
kiptok: @polymer listen to the bass here
kiptok: freebass @polymer
kiptok: where @polymer
kintrala: @polymer : what school ur trying to go to? basically start with "i am in this world because... and then tell them ur music influences. that is all"
gr8pevine: long lost colleague from poetry camp pens article about our dearly beloved @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @ryz @polymer @petrograd
petrograd: @peggy @ryz @hoquang @polymer
dvvidpw: @polymer haha yesss
DoritoWitch: @polymer sorry that probably sounds way condescending, not at all my intention *tips fedora sheepishly*
DoritoWitch: @polymer cool, i don't know what that means
petrograd: @polymer
petrograd: @polymer merry xmas
callus: @polymer
ben_dover: @polymer
callus: @thekraken @DoritoWitch @aoifeml @BirdRaymond @a2soup @hoquang @kintrala @D_MAGIK @GucciSoFlosy @pfifferking @POLYMER @petrograd @pretzel