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bluray: @polymer hiiiiiiiiiii help
kalan: @Polymer are you going to the southern hemisphere what
kalan: @polymer only do "queer stuff" with the dick?
melipone: @polymer my contact isn't affiliated with the realty side, but if you want to apply to the auction house lmk
friendster: lol @polymer i saw this also she sent me a strange unsolicited topless selfie the other day
melipone: @polymer
melipone: @polymer
DoritoWitch: :) thanks for the hypothetical help @polymer
Samantha: try being italian @polymer
melipone: @polymer
petrograd: hehejk @polymer
alessandra: lol @polymer
kiptok: @polymer just print this shit out
kiptok: sorry idk @polymer he asked for a $200 portrait of jeff tweedy?
jonathn: @polymer
hoquang: @melipone @frankhats @d_magik @gr8pevine @peggy @polymer
melipone: @polymer
jonathn: @polymer
melipone: Director of Marketing & Communications at Brooklyn Community Foundation @polymer
jonathn: redirect @polymer
pfifferking: @polymer
jonathn: @hoquang @polymer @melipone
jonathn: @melipone @polymer
jonathn: @hoquang @melipone @polymer
jonathn: @melipone @polymer
jonathn: @polymer
melipone: @polymer
jonathn: @alessandra @hoquang @kalan @polymer @ssnack
melipone: @hoquang @polymer
lolumad: @polymer i knew i should have patented that strategy
petrograd: @ben_dover @ryz @gr8pevine @hoquang @yo_matty @polymer
petrograd: @polymer
Ediut: @polymer
kalan: @polymer it was last saturday. noise show.
kalan: @polymer u know how to get in touch with silentbarn people? i think i left a puppet there maybe
melipone: @polymer
DoritoWitch: WOAH @polymer
goatmilk: I still need to work on my yogurt-inspired tumblr with @polymer
nextmove: @polymer
melipone: @polymer
petrograd: @gr8pevine @polymer