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aoifeml: imma see @polymer on saturday!!1
ssnack: yes i got him at rite aid in the bronx @polymer
hoquang: i'm going to crest hardware @polymer
lux: yes @polymer
gr8pevine: @polymer @bluray
gr8pevine: @polymer @mascara @gr8pevine mad props 1 love
betrayer: shirts dope @polymer
melipone: @polymer
kiptokvanity: hockey @polymer
kiptokvanity: @polymer
pretzel: @polymer @epipen
whocares1: @hoquang @ben_dover @polymer @melipone @dolphin300 @d_magik @serenity @peur @frederick @helvetica12 @xinyi @doritowitch @cxzy
hoquang: @polymer
wrinkles: @polymer @pretzel @hoquang @petrograd
thekraken: ingrid snapped a cool snap of you slappin da bass @polymer *pen writing sfx* - great job!
epipen: <---- creed greatest hits display ad @polymer
POLYMER: @polymer
lux: WARNING LADIES OF BROOKLYN (and maybe all of NYC) DO NOT LET THIS MAN SIT OR STAND NEXT TO YOU ON THE SUBWAY!!! @melipone @polymer @peggy
melipone: @polymer
gr8pevine: @erikhaspresence @yert @melipone @greebles @polymer @bluray s/o @hoquang RIP alefk
gr8pevine: @melipone @hoquang @peggy @epipen @doritowitch @andrej @cxzy @tommoody @polymer @yomatty @robot @petrograd
footbath: @polymer
gr8pevine: @epipen @cxzy @polymer @ZYBERGRRL @kinrala @aoifeml @sidonie @halitosis @alessandra @ all babes
epipen: amazin g @polymer
melipone: here's a stream for the game @polymer
petrograd: @polymer @erikhaspresence @gr8pevine
petrograd: @polymer
melipone: @hoquang @polymer
lux: a polite way of telling parents to fuck off? Forums > Community > Help with Life @Polymer
penisholder: @POLYMER
wrinkles: @polymer
ssnack: @polymer
GucciSoFlosy: oh nice @polymer say hi to everything for me
melipone: @polymer
kiptok: rly? with you? @polymer
bees: @polymer
lux: @polymer
marblednet: @POLYMER @
McChimperson: take creepy videos of each other @polymer @melipone like American Beauty
melipone: my son @gr8pevine @polymer
hoquang: it's on ludlow and essex @POLYMER