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thekraken: haha a 'dj mix' of random bits from different games would be so fun. I have hopes that eventually there's a "pick your skins / place them in this engine / run this genre of rules " game @jas
thekraken: heh but yeah g2g. ttyl keep up the cool :) @JAS
thekraken: @JAS is really cool, friendly, and smart man
kiptok: @jas
cheseball: @jas
cheseball: @jas who's miles?
cheseball: @jas miles?
cheseball: @jas fake software screenshots?
cheseball: @JAS hey
thekraken: *twinkle eyes* thank-you @JAS
ShlucHT: @bamboo thats the painting program @JAS is working on
ShlucHT: @JAS its snake day for another 47 minutes if you have good snakes post them
ShlucHT: @JAS you made it cool
ShlucHT: have to go to bed. will write you tomorrow in the morning @JAS ciao ciao dump
ShlucHT: hi some are super nice @JAS they are hand drawn or ?