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thekraken: lots of crashes :( froze on upload @JAS
thekraken: @JAS @noisia
thekraken: @JAS is there a handy shrub FAQ/Guide anywhere? I only know how to change brush size and load new pic
thekraken: very nice. very thanks @JAS
thekraken: @ me a copy of your enoch bookmarklet edit @JAS
alessandra: @jas
alessandra: <3 @JAS
jonathn: @jas joe panzer uses max too . i like his output. this is the first record on the excellent erstwhile record label.
jonathn: as well as this book @JAS by peter ablinger
jonathn: @jas
pfifferking: @jas are u from berlin
thengb: dope app @JAS
pretzel: @jas