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ShlucHT: they look a bit like record covers @JAS
cheseball: @jas
tommoody: @JAS "so you keep ur money in your mattress?" "i don't know -- you keep urs up ur ass?"
photos: @JAS Chuwi makes some cheap pressure-sensitive tablets
reneabythe: id tell you my thoughts on the matter but it will cost you $0.15 @JAS
reneabythe: @JAS keep hittin refresh on this page for kinda nice generation
kiptok: @jas
bees: @jas
bees: @JAS have you seen the palace???
goblin: @jas did the dump toolz thng
reneabythe: @JAS havin trouble getting NOPAINT to work tonite. is it down
Seacrestcheadle: @JAS
kiptok: works great @jas
kiptok: gj @jas
taehyung: @JAS what happened to ur other app!!
reneabythe: @JAS
kiptokvanity: u improved the randomness @jas
goblin: yaaay @jas
grass: @jas
reneabythe: @JAS
kiptok: @jas
kiptok: @jas
reneabythe: @JAS @kiptok @goblin shout outs
kiptok: love it @jas
reneabythe: @JAS
kiptok: it doesn't work well in chrome @jas
kiptok: are there key commands @jas
reneabythe: @JAS
reneabythe: @JAS
reneabythe: @JAS this is soo awesome
goblin: = very cool @jas
ShlucHT: @JAS nice
kiptok: the only part i liked from Steve Jobs was when his daughter saw him before the macintosh launch and he helped her use the paint program @jas
jfk: @JAS
kiptok: is it a new tool @jas
taehyung: what the fcuk thsis is so cool @jas
taehyung: @jas whats the name of ur app?