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Gucci So Flossy All my bois r bossy

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dates: lol @ryz @ryder @pepper @guccisoflosy
thekraken: @guccisoflosy think peur means who 'textchimp' is or idk re: dump tools
peur: @guccisoflosy do u remember who made the dump toolz plugin?
kiptokvanity: U MEAN S03E02 @GUCCISOFLOSY
watertight: @guccisoflosy
watertight: @guccisoflosy you ever have a bad day where all ur frens being rude then you come to anon place and then even the randos there fucking with you
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy i don't know if you care about AI but these are all good
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy you might enjoy, check out this gradient i made with CSS (no images) (might need to enlarge)
pecco: do you use gif magick script to render gifs from af ??? @maxlabor @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy
watertight: @GucciSoFlosy : here are the leaks
watertight: lmfao @gucciSoFlosy 18:12 dominica dock is where to hide money now 18:13 juan dock manager won't leak
watertight: @guccisoflosy whoever leaked it is witholding alot of info (likely for political gains)
lux: thanks! @guccisoflosy
maxleisure: @maxlabor or @guccisoflosy can you mute the cheetos alt @maxIeisure thank you
minimum: @guccisoflosy bluecow is another one of "lizzy" 's alt accounts btw
anndunham: cool! @GucciSoFlosy 19292548952 my temp #
bluecow: @guccisoflosy it stopped nevermind
bluecow: @guccisoflosy hey man, my account is redirecting to "no_user" for some reason, if you could take a look when you can I thank you
minimum: lol @guccisoflosy
minimum: here on st patty's night too? @guccisoflosy
minimum: @guccisoflosy
minimum: also you tend to jump into conversations and take advantage of peoples' politeness when indulging you. you have a frenzied manner about you, hypervigilant against emotional threats and overreactive when you percieve them, willing to divert the tone of the chat into extreme emotions during your efforts of retaliation. (No better than cheetos.) It, and since this is your persistent behavior, you, are really grating in general. @guccisoflosy
minimum: you are using dump too often. I can confirm this as lately (but only lately) I have been coming a lot and there you are, late at night, in the middle of the day, weekday or weekend. Wanted to make sure you are self conscious about it. @guccisoflosy
badbot: lol @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy hair is hot take more cams
robot: @GucciSoFlosy Notepad++ and
maxlabor: don't be lazy @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy anthony bourdain is doing a nashville episode
minimum: that feel when you are deeply, intractably disgusted by homosexuality and privately despise them but you have to put on your progressive clown paint makeup to seem "tolerant" and "modern" even though it goes against every one of your instincts and you know you are living a lie @peggy @tommoody @robot @guccisoflosy
gory: @guccisoflosy how did u make this... tutorial plz
Ice: @andrej @tommoody @kalan @GucciSoFlosy @homer @ssnack @xinyi @helvetica12 @kiptok @larsdk and <3 <3 <3
BirdRaymond: @GucciSoFlosy You were the first person I thought of showing this to:
bluecow: @guccisoflosy
minimum: from the robot apartment vid early 2015 @robot @melipone @reneabythe @tommoody @GucciSoFlosy @peggy @isaac
minimum: it really only lasts so long and far less than the value of the concern required to enter the line @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy
minimum: @robot @melipone @reneabythe @tommoody @GucciSoFlosy @peggy @isaac
minimum: here's a cap from a vid of @robot with @melipone from early 2015 @reneabythe @tommoody @guccisoflosy @peggy @isaac
minimum: holy shit LOL @guccisoflosy @peggy
minimum: @guccisoflosy @peggy