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kintrala: @guccisoflosy :
hoquang: @conqueror @guccisoflosy uhh no one else probably
photocopy: @GucciSoFlosy @SeacrestCheadle
callus: @guccisoflosy @frederick @peur @glamsam @rockhero @hoquang
callus: @frederick @guccisoflosy
callus: @guccisoflosy you fuckin tell em man
callus: @GucciSoFlosy it's a FACT that you can only kill female prostitutes in GTA:V
frederick: gucci, just watch this maybe.. @guccisoflosy
lizzy: thissiz also @cheetos + @lizzy cc: @hoquang @halitosis @frederick @kiptok @peur @peggy @DoritoWitch @robot @kintrala @GucciSoFlosy @KlM @aoifeml @callus note the Niles Crane cameo & poignant/memorable quote where i started the video at ;>
callus: and this is the movie about @cheetos, @lizzy cc: @hoquang @halitosis @frederick @kiptok @peur @peggy @doritowitch @robot @kintrala @guccisoflosy @klm @aoifeml
fartist: @guccisoflosy
bees: @buyuadraank @callus @cheetos @ders @doritowitch @drewel @fartist @frederick @guccisoflosy @gularjinoish @halitosis @hoquang @justinarias @kalan @kintrala @kiptok @triptok @lizzy @math @meth @noisia @peur @pollop @wupreme @ryz @ryder
DreWeL: @guccisoflosy @photocopy
DoritoWitch: @guccisoflosy
pretzel: @guccisoflosy what happen to yr site
cheetos: Homeboy Sandman - Hallways (Stones Throw) @guccisoflosy
pretzel: @guccisoflosy;y=400&img=;x=-199;y=-137
waves: @guccisoflosy can i give u my password
cheetos: Merry Christmas! -- YOU GET A CHAMP PLAYLIST @kiptok @justinarias @ryz @ssnack @peur @bees @avatars @ediut @jonathn @guccisoflosy @stage @maryrachel
pretzel: @guccisoflosy
kintrala: @kathiegravy @wupreme @guccisoflosy :
DoritoWitch: @melipone @hoquang @guccisoflosy @pretzel @cxzy @peggy @ediut Merry Pissmas to @all, to all a good piss
cheetos: @guccisoflosy @kiptok
nicotinefig: @GucciSoFlosy
callus: @thekraken @DoritoWitch @aoifeml @BirdRaymond @a2soup @hoquang @kintrala @D_MAGIK @GucciSoFlosy @pfifferking @POLYMER @petrograd @pretzel
pfifferking: @guccisoflosy how do you call this ?
bunnyhentman: hey @guccisoflosy are you around?
ShlucHT: thats a top question @GucciSoFlosy
bunnyhentman: @guccisoflosy are you around
thekraken: haha holy F what a celebration!! @GucciSoFlosy
thekraken: hala madrid @guccisoflosy
cheetos: ur sleepin if u dont check out that prhyme album @guccisoflosy @maryrachel @rapfans
Ice: what's the appropriate # of times to have been to someone's house and still ask their address @GucciSoFlosy
BeardCookies: @guccisoflosy
thekraken: what you guys were prob chatting about @pretzel @guccisoflosy
lux: @guccisoflosy
pfifferking: @guccisoflosy are you planing to come to berlin ?
petrograd: @guccisoflosy @thekraken
kiptok: @guccisoflosy dont let @thekraken control u
kiptok: @guccisoflosy don't look at it
thekraken: Arsenal prob lost but dang look at this goal @guccisoflosy