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Ice: @GucciSoFlosy these things are all over the place...
D_MAGIK: @guccisoflosy Delroy rules
DaK4nDyM4nFU: @guccisoflosy hmu wit ur address
photos: @guccisoflosy
bees: @cheseball @guccisoflosy @dolphin300
peggy: @guccisoflosy has this haircut but only because he got it for free
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy nice google img search: viagra
carlosdngr2: @guccisoflosy how long has your trip been so far?
lux: play this on the flight @guccisoflosy
lux: ride or die Conjunction of the phrases "ride it out" and "die trying". In other words you're down for whatever, even if it kills you. @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy @pretzel dump this in ur console for a secret new button
thekraken: @guccisoflosy - use your hbogo to watch boardwalk empire
heavycunt: @guccisoflosy
thekraken: real madrid :c @guccisoflosy
carlosdngr2: @guccisoflosy good job
thekraken: LOL dude so lucky to have watched it happen live. re: @guccisoflosy
melipone: additionally @pretzel @guccisoflosy
macstoresf2: @plams @peur @hoquang @DoritoWitch @melipone @ryz bamboo @GucciSoFlosy @halitosis @kiptok @McChimperson @kintrala @frederick @footbath @foot @andrej @gory @powerstripp @years
macstoresf2: @plams @peur @hoquang @doritowitch @melipone @ryz bamboo @guccisoflosy @halitosis @kiptok @mcchimperson @kintrala @frederick @footbath @foot @andrej @gory @powerstripp @years
cheetos: @guccisoflosy
pummp: @kalan @pretzel @GucciSoFlosy @ryder @ryz @kiptok @foot @tommoody
tommoody: @cheseball "do people really pay that much attention besides content creators?" ask shepard fairey - the short answer is no pays much attention as long as no $ is involved but "rights" are very much litigated/contracted for in the publishing world -- i'm not sure what the tumblr world is, yet, beyond a massive payday for david karp and inspiring life story about how a guy can get rich from the efforts of millions of image-recyclers @bamboo @GucciSoFlosy
samthepeeper: @guccisoflosy missubro
cheseball: the larger problem is that theres no accountability if someone doesn't reveal that something was sourced. people are too busy moving onto the next thing to pay attention to whats happening in front of them. even if its apparent in the case of vs. i would assume most people still don't care/still want to hire him because he's a good curator/what he *does* make looks 'close enough'. do people really pay that much attention besides content creators? @bamboo @tommoody @guccisoflosy
petrograd: @guccisoflosy
tommoody: thanks @Guccisoflosy @bamboo - will probably do some more updating when i get to my next remote blogging location
LibrtnPlease: @GucciSoFlosy
carlosdngr2: @guccisoflosy i want to seem him
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