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thekraken: * MR ROBOT SP O I L E R * OH FUCK YALL WERE RIGHT ABOUT TOR GUY @guccisoflosy @maxlabor
thekraken: thekraken I got 1.34 ratio from Mr robot B^) even after sharing with 1au @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy
photos: @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: @birdraymond @guccisoflosy
thorns: @GucciSoFlosy has so cute icon
McChimperson: honestly you debate by bullying @guccisoflosy
oh__: @guccisoflosy
buyuadraank:$_35.JPG @guccisoflosy
DreWeL: @guccisoflosy
BirdRaymond: @GucciSoFlosy
girlafraid: happy birthday @guccisoflosy :-o
cheseball: @guccisoflosy
thekraken: Feliz Birthday @guccisoflosy
arjununcle: @guccisoflosy wats going on?
maxlabor: i changed my mind about the twist i think @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy
thekraken: @guccisoflosy @maxlabor A gang attacks Elliot for shutting down the site, though Leon kills them — he is an agent of the Dark Army protecting Elliot for Whiterose, telling Elliot he will get a letter and to do what it says
reneabythe: @guccisoflosy @cheseball @shlucht
thekraken: Trigun ! @goblin @guccisoflosy
thekraken: stranger things was p cool @halitosis @hoquang @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: I'm going to miss all the comedy I'm getting there too late @guccisoflosy
reneabythe: Sollog News Sollog Reveals he is REX LUCIFERIUS @birdraymond @photos @guccisoflosy @cheseball
betrayer: laurel canyon LA @guccisoflosy
maxlabor: @guccisoflosy let's try not to repost those cams