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wrinkles: i'll just send you a pm @fauxreal
wrinkles: @fauxreal where can i buy some of your jewelry ?
sidonie: <3 @fauxreal
grass: @fauxreal
joy: @fauxreal
sidonie: [b00bs] @fauxreal
sidonie: (* )(* ) @fauxreal <3
wrinkles: i love the maceo plex @fauxreal
pixels: @fauxreal
bees: @fauxReal @anndunham @cxzy
bees: @fauxreal
bees: @fauxreal this video is rude propaganda
plant: @FAUXreal is reading my tunes... and can control his tongue. he knows how to communicate
plant: @FAUXreal have you ever been on presence of asuras on kama loka and saying that mantra and the effect it has?
plant: @FAUXreal you're into Odd Nosdam I know
plant: Im going to make tomorrow a playlist with all the songs from @FAUXreal
plant: @FAUXreal coppice halifax ?
plant: nice song @FAUXreal
plant: @FAUXreal
maxlabor: @fauxreal i might sell at bk flea in the spring
bees: @fauxreal
joy: see you there @fauxreal
kiptok: @fauxreal
wrinkles: @fauxreal
lux: @fauxreal
bees: @fauxreal
bees: hey @fauxreal™
dolphin300: @fauxreal
kalan: @fauxreal please get a place to put all your inhuman youtube knowledge so i can access it i mean ar eyou on tumblr or facebook fuck
bees: @cxzy @kintrala @cheseball @1au @fauxreal makes u think kinda
flicksnoopy: @fauxreal
1au: @fauxreal
maxlabor: btw @fauxreal i have than boban lp on vinyl
kiptok: @fauxreal
bees: @fauxreal @pfifferking @anndunham
PunkPrincess: get in here bitches: @guccisoflosy @kiptok @ssnack @unhealthy @goblin @pies @sidonie @robot @anndunham @shlucht @orijjjjjjice @taehyung @somedog @maxlabor @seacrestcheadle @DXM @GOD @vortex @photos @chrisduncan @pissmouth @cheetos @thekraken @beardcookies @drewel @fauxreal @crickedf beep beep
bees: @fauxreal
bees: @fauxreal 2010 called the want their netart asthetica ambiguity back
bees: @fauxreal @cheseball @1au
bees: @fauxreal @cheseball @1au
bees: @fauxreal