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pies: @fauxreal
kalan: @fauxreal thank so so much! this is like exactly what im looking for! i'm making a comic about hell as utopia now, farming the backgrounds of hentai tentacle landscapes! wow thank you yes omg1 been looking for this forever! heres a draft from long ago
orlandobloom: @fauxreal
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homer: @FAUXreal
homer: @FAUXreal
bees: @aids_enoch @fauxreal @jonathn
jonathn: @fauxreal
disrspctful: @fauxreal
wrinkles: you and @fauxreal always have the most obscure/best taste
kiptok: @fauxreal
kiptok: @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
GucciSoFlosy: @fauxReal
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kiptok: kero kero @fauxreal
erikhaspresence: @FAUXreal is this u?
fartist: @bees @drewel @fartist @fauxreal @frederick @gosane @halitosis @hoquang @illalli @kintrala @kiptokvanity @KIM @merumeru @mickeydummy @noisia @peur @powerstripp @pretzel @wakefulness @d_magik
thekraken: haha fuck I love that counter-strike x laughing girls pic. thanks @fauxreal
wrinkles: love this track @fauxreal
conqueror: @fauxreal
wrinkles: @fauxreal love me some pebbles
feelfeel: tru @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
wrinkles: @fauxreal
wrinkles: @jonathn @fauxreal thanks for the great music
wrinkles: i made my friend a mix tape and some of the songs on it are from @jonathn and @fauxreal
wrinkles: WFT how do you do it @fauxreal
dvvidpw: @fauxreal
pfifferking: @Fauxreal
wrinkles: how do you find so many crazy good songs @fauxreal ??
kiptok: i love FAQ @fauxreal
joy: @fauxreal
jonathn: @fauxreal
feelfeel: x @fauxreal
DreWeL: yo how'd you find this channel @fauxreal
joy: @fauxreal
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @callus @ssnack @unhealthy @grass @plams @mrheaith @mrhealth @frakbuddy @sapphire @anndunham @joy @reneablythe @frederick @qil @ryz @cheetos1 @fauxreal @sidonie @jonathn @waves @gosane @dump @test @creamydreamr @rob @wierdnumber @lux @sidrules @somedog @weh @funpiles @tommypickles @kiptok @kintrala @kalan @disgusting @loserbitch @poopdeck @d_magik @conqueror @thekraken @hell @photocopy @elfluuva @imstupid @frederika @august @boypussy @catz + other freinds & degenerates (sry if i forgot u!) ✌
joy: @pretzel @grass @fauxreal