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tommypickles: @FAUXreal
wrinkles: @fauxreal you have the weirdest taste. i love you
jonathn: @aids_enoch @bees @hoquang @pretzel @alessandra @fauxreal @tommypickles
disgusting: @FAUXreal i thought that was hair and almost wiped it off
wrinkles: send some songs to me to listen to later @kiptok @jonathn @fauxreal
wrinkles: PLEASE @Fauxreal ??
thekraken: thanks @fauxreal this is hitting the spot
homer: @FAUXreal dm a song i would like if u want that app– i think its important to archive youtube videos
homer: @FAUXreal
homer: @FAUXreal I have a really great app my friend made for me and what it does is download every video in a youtube playlist in any audio or video format u desire and i feel like that would be useful for u so i might send it to you!
kiptok: @fauxreal
kiptok: @fauxreal go steal this vid for ur dumps
joy: hey @Fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
joy: @fauxreal
montchr: @fauxreal that vid reminds me of some Deutsch Nepal
DaytimeTelevision: @FAUXreal omg i love that channel!
eyedeekay: @fauxreal
snoggybox: flooding is maybe what the siderooms are for? then a polite link to /chat to let ppl kno? idk i love alley oups @fauxreal
bees: @fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal @ all other angels
feelfeel: @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
feelfeel: nice @fauxreal melanie clemmons
JustinArias: @FAUXreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
melipone: @fauxreal
feelfeel: nice @fauxreal
cheetos1: AKA 4 @ryz @ben_dover @illalli @kiptok @thekraken @peur @samantha @photocopy @fauxreal @foot @guysalmon @kintrala @cxzy
joy: @ssnack @ahem @grass @fauxreal
feelfeel: that queen of the damned mix could be so good @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal
dvvidpw: @fauxreal
guysalmon: @fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal
sucrete: @Fauxreal
feelfeel: @fauxreal
sidonie: @fauxreal that's my friend's music