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ryz: @doritowitch
ben_dover: @doritowitch
jonathn: @doritowitch this is incredible
jonathn: @doritowitch
dtf: um lol im in zuni sydney australia m8 ! @doritowitch
JustinArias: @doritowitch nice as always!
worm: @doritowitch who is keely? why am i blanking? here is image of tat p sure it (tat) is basically direct result of my neon piece
worm: @doritowitch
ben_dover: @doritowitch
worm: @doritowitch my friend got a broken image tattoo lemme find pic
mickeydummy: this list is a list of the things i like @doritowitch
thekraken: thanks for the hot tip @doritowitch
ben_dover: @DORITOWITCH
pretzel: @doritowitch
anndunham: :D @DoritoWitch
powerstripp: amazing @DoritoWitch
elfluuva: @doritoWitch sad song about death?
bees: @doritowitch is this ur secret tumlr?
wrinkles: ;) @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch you're losing
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
GucciSoFlosy: @doritowitch sorry your grant didn't get selected but here is an example of a .gif that would have been good to remake
melipone: @doritowitch
peur: i like it very much >:o @doritowitch
pfifferking: @doritowitch how did you do that ?
thengb: + + displacement map in AE = @DoritoWitch
melipone: @doritowitch wait what don't you believe??
thekraken: aye scott what clouds img did you use here? also is there an open library for good reference images? thanks @doritowitch
gucci79: @DoritoWitch
lthrwthr: @DoritoWitch he's simply a fag
thekraken: haha nice i6 gif @doritowitch
hoquang: @peggy @melipone @petrograd @andrej @doritowitch
avatars: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch lol just saw your drawing
petrograd: @doritowitch
ben_dover: @doritowitch