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I was born, I grew up.

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eggshells: frakbuddy = emotionally sincere but chronically annoying dude = banned = used an old alt account to pretend to be a girl = people believed it and he uploaded fraudulent webcams to sustain the con = lizzy = tried to create a real internet persona on, youtube 'elephants' persona (dude I hate your con but love that treasure trove of memories) and around being a cute teen girl = banned again on = cheseball ... yes, cheseball, which is actually an old frakbuddy alt, boomerangs back to the guy who posted under frakbuddy, and the whole con is upheld by his TCP/IP and psychological bullshit to enable him to continue having a presence on this site despite being chronically perm-banned by multiple mods again and again for years since 2010. Should anyone demand cheseball disprove this, you will witness 'him' squirm under a whirlwind of rhetoricl bullshit and squid-ink @doritowitch @reneabythe @tommoody @birdraymond @(frederick? jules? kinny? all of you are gone)
GucciSoFlosy: @doritowitch
TinyDangler: ban fascist mod @doritowitch
TinyDangler: @DoritoWitch send nudes
bees: An interplay of reality and virtual games: Prada Presents Folding in Love. Through a simulated videogame Prada tells a brief and intense adventure of an object, in this case sunglasses, which is the flying lead character in a multi-level surreal journey. As befits the classic ‘arcade’ videogames, after travelling through multiple worlds in the Prada universe, the adventure ends in a romantic epilogue. The hero object is the new Prada Folding Sunglasses, a design accessory that transforms, flies, hovers, rotates, bends to overcome barriers and dodge hurdles, elements from the Prada collections, all the way to the videogame's grand finale, where it conquers the princess – the ladies' version of the sunglasses @doritowitch
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