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I was born, I grew up.

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peter21: @doritowitch
peter21: leave me da fuck alone loL @doritowitch
stoner: @DoritoWitch @GucciSoFlosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc get fucked ya red necks you cant stop a gang o felephants lmfao
stoner: @doritowitch @guccisoflosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc meathead nerds burn in hell racist fucking pigs i cant believe you would contribute to white genocice\de like that cowards
nightxcore: @doritowitch @guccisoflosy @tommoody @ryz @peggy @melipone @hoquang @MODS etc
tommoody: @DoritoWitch @melipone @peggy @ryz
lizzie: @doritowitch @melipone @tommoody @peggy @ryz ETC
trill: @guccisoflosy @peggy @melipone @hoquang @ryz @tommoody @doritowitch
Iizzy: @melipone @ryz @doritowitch @peggy @hoquang @MODS etc
carlosdngr2: @doritowitch you tell em tho™
fingers: @doritowitch
McChimperson: is there a vid @doritowitch?
petrograd: @doritowitch
melipone: i love @doritowitch
DoritoWitch: i love @doritowitch
wrinkles: @doritowitch
lux: did the score make everyone in the theater choke @doritowitch
Dr_Age: @DoritoWitch amazing site :D
illalli: @doritowitch beautiful pisscoon
McChimperson: @doritowitch naw machete fights were traditional where i grew up
pies: @doritowitch
petrograd: @melipone @hoquang @peggy @doritowitch
aids_enoch: @doritowitch do you know MRS BUCKET?
pies: @doritowitch
peggy: @doritowitch whats this stuff you've been posting on instagram lately
KingofMugen: @doritowitch i lol'd
pies: @doritowitch
lizzy: @doritowitch i am saying i was so thankful for the lovely gift. we will treasure the gift forever
Dr_Age: @DoritoWitch haha amazing. :D