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I was born, I grew up.

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fartist: @doritowitch
elfluuva: @doritowitch
callus: o man lmao @pretzel @doritowitch @rockhero
robot: @DoritoWitch
hoquang: @doritowitch @peggy
callus: @doritowitch @peggy
Ice: @DoritoWitch
gr8pevine: @ben_dover @melipone @doritowitch @peggy @hoquang @lolumad @petrograd
petrograd: @doritowitch
KOOLSKULL: oh shi @doritowitch new icon is so sick
KOOLSKULL: @doritowitch hey!
byron: @doritowitch @ryz
ryz: @doritowitch
petrograd: @doritowitch
powerstripp: @DoritoWitch
selfmade: @doritowitch
lizzy: thissiz also @cheetos + @lizzy cc: @hoquang @halitosis @frederick @kiptok @peur @peggy @DoritoWitch @robot @kintrala @GucciSoFlosy @KlM @aoifeml @callus note the Niles Crane cameo & poignant/memorable quote where i started the video at ;>
callus: and this is the movie about @cheetos, @lizzy cc: @hoquang @halitosis @frederick @kiptok @peur @peggy @doritowitch @robot @kintrala @guccisoflosy @klm @aoifeml
pfifferking: @DoritoWitch WOOOOWW the video is superdope
JustinArias: @doritowitch do you know the website yung jake used to make his emoji art??
kiptok: @peggy @petrograd @hoquang @doritowitch @joy @ssnack @frederick lets start a fight club
halitosis: @doritowitch my tetris pieces are being idiots and i think doing what you said yours were doing, jumping all over the place? its annoying.
KingofMugen: @doritowitch Whats up with your pussy?
bees: @doritowitch
bees: @buyuadraank @callus @cheetos @ders @doritowitch @drewel @fartist @frederick @guccisoflosy @gularjinoish @halitosis @hoquang @justinarias @kalan @kintrala @kiptok @triptok @lizzy @math @meth @noisia @peur @pollop @wupreme @ryz @ryder
halitosis: @hoquang @peur @beardcookies @doritowitch @justinarias @frederick @cheetos @tommypickles @fartist @whoever else was around sorry i was insane. he knows this place exists, i dont know how much he knows. i dont want him knowing i talk about him and he would be pissed as fuck if he knew i was posting his picture on some site. plese dont hate me forever.
pickle: other than telling you he is bullying me, at least @ryz he also told me this RE: @doritowitch
pickle: I was just redirected to this video @ryz by @doritowitch for no ostensible reason
cheetos: Please do not talk to me anymore, stop calling me names also @doritowitch
cheetos: RE: @doritowitch, this is a very unfriendly gesture, especially for a moderator. Please do not send such things to my inbox
cheetos: @doritowitch has been periodically redirecting my browser to other websites against my will, which is an obvious abuse of power and is personally hurtful. @ryz
pickle: Please stop abusing your powers as a mod @Doritowitch it is a form of cyberbullying that I take personally. I do not appreciate you redirecting me to other websites and this is very unkind of you
frederick: @doritowitch play this game, dont google it beforehand or spoil it for yourself. its a little spooky but you'll genuinely like it
kalan: @doritowitch yeaa ausing ur powers for good!
callus: @lizzy @aids_enoch @jonathn @hoquang @doritowitch @apu @mrheaith @plams @ssnack
0_0_0: @doritowitch i liked your post dickgirl.
frederick: here ya go @doritowitch
pfifferking: @DoritoWitch
ssnack: @doritowitch
pollop: hahaha Im dying @Doritowitch
pollop: @DoritoWitch