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I was born, I grew up.

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larsdk: @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @DoritoWitch @lena @Nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @Ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty
jfk: i just saw a dorito truck @doritowitch it was bold
taehyung: @doritowitch is this u
maxlabor: @doritowitch boys delight
cheseball: @doritowitch which site is that hat from?
bluecow: what software do you use to make this @doritowitch
thorns: @DoritoWitch i love your icon
bees: @renaebythe @cheseball @doritowitch @justinarias @ssnack
larsdk: @andrej @kiptok @ryz @POLYMER @whocares1 @helvetica12 @ice @melipone @hoquang @gr8pevine @alessandra @peggy @yo_matty @gularjinoish @ShlucHT @bunnyhentman @blingscience @ryder @joy @halitosis @foot @ssnack @cxzy @erikhaspresence @doritowitch @lena @nullsleep @wigs @scottbot @safesex2011 @cheseball
KingofMugen: I love you @doritowitch
foot: they brighten the room @DoritoWitch
foot: no water damage @DoritoWitch
kintrala: @doritowitch : yo jules told me u n bae r neighbors... come smoejjjjjjjjjj
foot: @DoritoWitch
foot: Thank You @DoritoWitch
DoritoWitch: @cxzy @sidonie @doritowitch
bees: @1au @doritowitch @peur
pies: @doritowitch @cheseball
JustinArias: ayyyy @doritowitch sup :^)