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I was born, I grew up.

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cheseball: @doritowitch
andrej: happy birthday @doritowitch
thekraken: I thought you were wearing @doritowitch pls tell me that was a thought that went into your outfit today
thekraken: @halitosis @maxlabor (@guccisoflosy @doritowitch) lol did you catch and cringe at the 'characters not welcome here' line in the season finale of Mr Robot?
thekraken: @doritowitch when S2 ends with Mr. Robot threatening 'himself' with a gun and the plot of S3 of Mr. Robot is shaping up to be the implosion of a corporate building
maxlabor: so true @doritowitch
JustinArias: @doritowitch
thorns: hi @DoritoWitch
thekraken: @doritowitch wait nevermind Dom is a narc. a sensitive narc
thekraken: @doritowitch I loved your negotiating with iRobot on your insta. And now feel gross after googling Alexa to confirm my suspicion that was a product placement commercial in last night's Mr Robot
reneabythe: @doritowitch
yo_matty: when your hair fluffy @doritowitch
K8moSS: @doritowitch