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Ice: @melipone @DoritoWitch
gr8pevine: i dont have ya emails @peggy @doritowitch but get @ me if you wanna meet up at tonight
peur: @doritowitch
peur: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
decrvnk: @doritoWitch, this is my fave album, i like the way it plays through
decrvnk: i mean, i think the difference is dust @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch
bees: @maggie @catz @doritowitch @aids_enoch @eyedeekay @foot @hoquang @kalan @nosia @peur @robot @rockhero @ssnack @thekraken
bees: @doritowitch
thekraken: @doritowitch
melipone: @ryz @doritowitch better timing
melipone: @ryz @doritowitch @frankhats
Ediut: in the bathroom at chinati @doritowitch
DreWeL: @doritowitch
blingscience: @gridworks1 is having a show at Transfer gallery on probably august 9th! @bunnyhentman @doritowitch @kiptok @alessandra @ryder @melipone @cosmicsands @frederick
blingscience: @doritowitch
gr8pevine: ps @doritowitch nice 2 meet you!~~
DreWeL: @doritowitch you are my hero for making the background that girl in front of bliss
JustinArias: hey @doritowitch i saw the worship episode of off the air and your part was great!
jimmyjammer: @doritowitch you've let yourself go
bees: @doritowitch
kiptok: @doritowitch
bees: @doritowitch
frederick: @doritowitch download this movie
frederick: @doritowitch
kiptok: watcha doin tonigth @doritowitch
cheetos1: @ben_dover @ryz @peggy @frankhats @DoritoWitch
cheetos1: @ben_dover @ryz @peggy @frankhats @doritowitch
frederick: @doritowitch
frankhats: @doritowitch beg yr pardon?
thekraken: @doritowitch
melipone: @doritowitch how much would you charge for a 3d rendering of @hoquang fucking frieza in his final form? please let me know
ben_dover: @doritowitch
conqueror: @DoritoWitch do you ever speedrun doom II: Hell on Earth?
yo_matty: @doritowitch where did you ride your bike
ryz: it's gone @doritowitch
mascara: @doritowitch
mascara: @doritowitch
wrinkles: you wanna see more ... ? @doritowitch ;)