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cheseball: @daytimetelevision any chance on making more of this ? its really good
nicolashorch: @daytimetelevision
pepper: @daytimetelevision this site is gonna change everything
bees: @frederick @peur @wrinkles @daytimetelevision @halitosis @aids_enoch
cheseball: @daytimeTelevision
melipone: @daytimetelevision
BirdRaymond: @DaytimeTelevision
dolphin300: @daytimetelevision it is here tho looks like it would b sick
melipone: oh HELL YES @daytimetelevision
melipone: @daytimetelevision
kiptok: @daytimetelevision CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Deploy your relative clarity to help keep the conversation on track, Capricorn… but without shutting down anyone else's earnest efforts at participating, on the grounds they don't know what the hell they're talking about. Your assessment of them may be somewhat accurate—they might not know nearly as much as you do about the governing logic behind what you're trying to accomplish—but a dismissive attitude on your part is only apt to increase the emotional desperation with which they feel they must express their undereducated point-of-view. In terms of utilitarian efficiency, then, you'll cut the chase more quickly (believe it or not) by simply allowing them the speaking floor for a couple uninterrupted minutes (followed immediately thereafter by an unpretentious 'thank you' and an unobtrusive re-centering of the conversation, having allowed them to go on record as a contributor without derailing the purposeful goal-orientation) than by hastily cutting them off, hurting their feelings and/or offending their sense of worthiness, and then having to engage in an extended processing session where you must reassure them in one fashion or another. It does not behoove your endgame to carelessly trigger someone else's self-worth angst, in an impatient rush to some self-identified finish-line.
dolphin300: @daytimetelevision this slaps 2
cheseball: @daytimetelevision
cheseball: @daytimetelevision
noth: @DaytimeTelevision fur dich
noth: @DaytimeTelevision, funnily i had to sign up because i was organising a show for teams
kintrala: ive been waiting for @daytimetelevision to appear for like over an hour
kintrala: @daytimetelevision is my buddy
kintrala: @daytimetelevision i mean
kiptijek: hey sometimes random ppl incidentally like music u like too @daytimetelevision u never know
kiptijek: whats it abt @daytimetelevision
kiptijek: astro nautico? @daytimetelevision
lux: SeeSaw [ft. Romy] @daytimetelevision
bamboo: @daytimetelevision
kintrala: @daytimetelevision :
gr8pevine: @melipone @daytimetelevision