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kinny: @daytimetelevision :
aids_enoch: @eyedeekay @DaytimeTelevision `` LUVIFER
aids_enoch: @eyedeekay @DaytimeTelevision ELIJAH`` THE PROPHET
aids_enoch: @DaytimeTelevision UNDERTAKER SHIRT?
thekraken: lol cmon son give some due credit @daytimetelevision
lux: was @daytimetelevision Blood Orange
jonathn: @daytimetelevision that's what sapling looks like under the hood
jonathn: @daytimetelevision some recordings i did in max. bs honestly but my fav 23.22.45 aug 23 2014.
thekraken: swaj @DaytimeTelevision
kintrala: @daytimetelevision :
BirdRaymond: @DaytimeTelevision: Still want that What invite? Gimme an email.
pretzel: @daytimetelevision i like this thread u r following
kintrala: @daytimetelevision ajajajAJJAJAJJAJAJAjajajajajaja JUST MAIL IT TO ME and ill wear it for you on skype :D
grass: @daytimetelevision
kintrala: @birdraymond : okay i just told @daytimetelevision
BirdRaymond: @DaytimeTelevision: Give me an email you want your invite sent to, got one for you.
kintrala: @birdraymond @d_magik @daytimetelevision @thekraken @funbuddy @freenigga @frederick @