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orlandobloom: @dadayumn fuck off you social pariah
cheetos: @dadayumn dadi
halitosis: @dadayumn
lux: @dadayumn
lux: lux why am i seriously sending the giver in high quality to you all spiritually lux jean grey when she breaks cerebro all the time @dadayumn
lux: @dadayumn
tommoody: @Dadayumn - the main hater on there was a dumper, briefly, i forget his screenname but he had a dump wannabe site called Hyperplex
tommoody: @Dadayumn
tommoody: @dadayumn - ha ha - good catch - i feel vindicated after getting roasted on artfcity a few years ago for pointing out that a gif would work just as well as or better than google's "html5" fake gifs - that said, this one is still crappy to look at
lux: wait i love u @dadayumn muah
lux: i'm the CUNT you married @dadayumn
callus: read my bio @dadayumn
callus: ur a casual @dadayumn
bees: @dadayumn buy my shreek xmoon fanart
hypothete: haha @dadayumn
powerstripp: Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. @dadayumn
kiptok: @dadayumn