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rockhero: @d_magik just to give you a example on how woman outpower man today, first, even tho feminism is based on the idea of a social patriarchy, that benefits man, which is a pure faith based idea, since there is no fact to support it, because man suffer under the same law as man, feminism is made a political agenda and receives support from goverment of billons, and while there is support for women victimin of violence there is no such support for man, at least not as easy as for women, those are just two of the simplistic examples of modern society
rockhero: @d_magik
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BirdRaymond: @D_MAGIK:!/search/song?q=Mr.+76ix+Scary+Taxidermy
anndunham: i'm gonna cover this song with just a bass guitar @D_MAGIK
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petrograd: @d_magik
jonathn: @d_magik @eyedeekay
kalan: ok im leanin your way, @D_MAGIK, catch me!
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wierdnumber: @D_MAGIK The main way the dump holds peoples attention at moments of high volume posting is by invoking Что такое?/the orienting response. This state + the high visual bias of a screen which is read with light projected throught it can delay/suspend consideration of a post whose "meaning" is not immediately available at a glance. When dump slows down the medium "cools" in that it demands more interaction to remain interesting. the interactivity demanded at this moment is not neccesarily just a demand for input, but also is a demand for a more active kind of looking. so if you hold off on posting after a nuanced dump your "reading" of that dump changes, but any subsequent also changes the "reading" and both of these readings are valid.
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melipone: @D_magik
kintrala: @d_magik
h0rs3m0n3y: @D_MAGIK why thnk u
harshly: @frederick @beardcookies @hoquang @sakalak @d_magik @kiptok @peur @weh @poopdeck @mrhappyface @illalli @wupreme @sapphire @orlandobloom
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DreWeL: @D_Magik i'd totally watch that episode, MTV True Life: I Dump
kiptok: no @d_magik
pretzel: this is nice playlist @d_magik
melipone: @d_magik
robot: @D_MAGIK
powerstripp: @cxzy @D_Magik don't do me like they did george
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
kiptok: @d_magik do u rmember rampart
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
nnetwork: we have important work to do @D_MAGIK
robot: @ssnack @D_MAGIK
kiptok: its just u and me @d_magik
wrinkles: @fauxreal @d_magik @kiptok
hoquang: @melipone @frankhats @d_magik @gr8pevine @peggy @polymer
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK is that youtube?
grass: good read @d_magik
ryz: @d_magik
187: @d_magik
reneabythe: @d_magik trow it! step on it!
kiptok: i'm having a convesation w ramzi on fb! she wants to do a show @d_magik