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elfluuva: @kiptok @frederick @peur @reneabythe @aids_enoch @kalan @photos @grass @mrheaith @ssnack @fgt @d_magik
GucciSoFlosy: @photos @D_Magik @lilcriticals
hoquang: @tommoody @d_magik
reverberasia: highlander @d_magik
wrinkles: @d_magik @jonathn @ssnack
Alluring: @d_magik
stage: good dump @d_magik
blues: john cena @d_magik
HeathersLtd: @d_magik 4 u my partner
HeathersLtd: @d_magik
HeathersLtd: @d_magik yo are u holding pandoras cheetosbag there
whocares1: @hoquang @ben_dover @polymer @melipone @dolphin300 @d_magik @serenity @peur @frederick @helvetica12 @xinyi @doritowitch @cxzy
penisholder1: @d_magik
wrinkles: @kiptokvanity @thekraken @youngbumpkin @D_MAGIK @tommoody @peur @penisholder1
carlosdngr2: same @D_MAGIK
2DEEP4U: @d_magik mite try to surprise dani with a trip down there friday evening, then hangout and dinner saturday and then drive home idk
2DEEP4U: @d_magik u need this cat
2DEEP4U: @d_magik you heard of Le Fat? 'sposed to be good. Dani and I will be swinging through shortly to investigate.
erikhaspresence: @D_MAGIK i used to own this shirt
lux: how are your survival instincts @d_magik
lux: us in the time of socrates @d_magik
lux: new opinions @d_magik
LibrtnPlease: @D_MAGIK
HeathersLtd: @D_MAGIK
bees: @cheseball @elfuuva @justinarias @tanya @whocares1 @wupreme @cheetos1 @frederik @mcchimperson @peur @years @halitosis @thekraken @drewel @kingofmugen @shlucht @kintrala @ssnack @ediut @cxzy @d_magik @conqueror @pretzel @epipen
kiptok: hey @d_magik isn't this you
dedchil: @d_magik
years: very good song ! @d_magik
lux: enya: @foot @xdeath @LibrtnPlease @Serenity @anndunham @nicolashorch @wrinkles @frederick @whocares1 @sidonie @tanya @breakfast @jigsoak @DreWeL @lux @2DEEP4U @powerstripp @youngbumpkin @artbars @FAUXreal @D_MAGIK @CelineDion @dvvidpw @gosane um this is weird
carlosdngr2: fake @D_MAGIK
thekraken: haha great cotton ball smoej cloud sculpture @d_magik
enya: @foot @xdeath @librtnplease @serenity @anndunham @nicolashorch @wrinkles @frederick @whocares1 @sidonie @tanya @breakfast @jigsoak @drewel @lux @2deep4u @powerstripp @youngbumpkin @artbars @fauxreal @d_magik @celinedion @dvvidpw @gosane
dedchil: @D_magik
carlosdngr2: i think it was @D_Magik
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK have you seen this kid before?
carlosdngr2: this is great @D_Magik
dedchil: @d_magik i wish i could take that broccoli now
dedchil: is it hott where u are @d_magik
dedchil: @d_magik
cheetos: dedchil house music from the 90s @d_magik
fink_fille: @D_MAGIK @cheetos hannah diamond does basically all the vocals for PCMusic