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dedchil: @D_magik
carlosdngr2: i think it was @D_Magik
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK have you seen this kid before?
carlosdngr2: this is great @D_Magik
dedchil: @d_magik i wish i could take that broccoli now
dedchil: is it hott where u are @d_magik
dedchil: @d_magik
cheetos: dedchil house music from the 90s @d_magik
fink_fille: @D_MAGIK @cheetos hannah diamond does basically all the vocals for PCMusic
fink_fille: im pro @D_MAGIK
lux: *slides u a testosterone pill* @d_magik
2DEEP4U: @d_magik dope af
elfluuva: this is @d_magik @harrow
lux: cul8a! @d_magik
lux: ya @d_magik
trill: @d_magik
lux: @d_magik
McChimperson: @d_magik that dump is perfect
powerstripp: @D_MAGIK this clonezone site is amazing
trill: @d_magik
trill: @d_magik i emailed this to aids enoch and he likes he says "Yes."
lux: @d_magik @ssnack
lux: awwwww @d_magik
lux: i know @d_magik
lux: Once you begin the journey there will be no going back as Moldavite is a stone of transformation @d_magik
betrayer: what hat @d_magik
lux: @xdeath @d_magik
lux: @aoifeml @d_magik @thekraken @kiptok
thekraken: :^) @d_magik
elfluuva: @D_magik
beth: @d_magik
beth: @d_magik
rihenna: u got da pussey locked up real good @d_magik
kiptok: @d_magik & u cant stop me
kiptok: think i'm gonna go to the casino nearby @d_magik show u i can win 21
waves: @d_magik @notype
McChimperson: i need to be that @d_magik
fuck: @D_MAGIK
APPLEIPHONE: @D_MAGIK ive seen stuff like that but holy shit how was that made
thekraken: caca kamode @d_magik
thekraken: lol good job on the ham art @D_magik @mchimperson