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pepperII: @d_magik all done, tools should work a little bit faster now
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK to register your car?
pepperII: @d_magik I'm workin on imgrid for like a half an hour
ShlucHT: @D_MAGIK if u like it this one is also really good
xdeath: @D_MAGIK
thekraken: :') nice dog dawg @d_magik
gr8pevine: @ryz @erikhaspresence @d_magik @shlucht
helvetica12: @d_magik that was poetry
helvetica12: @D_Magik one time in kindergarten i made a word up in my dream and i was convinced it was a bad word so i never told anyone about it
pretzel: @d_magik
kiptok: all RIGHT @d_magik
jonathn: @hoquang @xinyi @fartist @ice @helvetica12 @hotxpocket @D_magik @gr8pevine
kintrala: @ryder @shlucht @drewel @d_magik @dauragon @emchipz @cjmilli @jonathn @pretzel @antenna @aids_enoch @kintrala :
patioset: Wow @D_MAGIK ! great video!!!
hoquang: @d_magik @whocares1 wtf
helvetica12: @d_magik
aids_enoch: @d_magik @lizzy what you don't realise about deadly orifice is that hitler couldn't bring his soul to paint .. I am real I have been through it all I have been to 4 corners of the globe I have been locked up beaten raped castrated and humble I have met gods and gone distances in 11 years hitler went from jail to his reich if you think this isn't all part of the plan then you sir are a fool .. Count me out they always do but know this in the END in the VERY END you will see me in the sky no metaphor and no "words" go ahead doubt me ^* AMEN
powerstripp: @D_MAGIK @noisia
Ice: @powerstripp @D_MAGIK @noisia
hoquang: @pretzel @d_magik @whocares1
hoquang: @d_MAGIK
dolphin300: @D_MAGIK
helvetica12: @D_Magik!!!!!!!
whocares1: @D_MAGIK
elfluuva: @D_magik
helvetica12: @D_MAGIK
helvetica12: @d_magik
wrinkles: @hoquang @halitosis @anndunham @celinedion @D_MAGIK @doritowitch @frederick @ice @noisia @peur @ssnack
aids_enoch: @D_MAGIK
D_MAGIK: @d_magik
disrspctful: @d_magik
helvetica12: @d_magik hey!
helvetica12: @d_magik stop starin!!!!
helvetica12: @d_magik
illalli: @d_magik what da hell i disconnected
kiptok: fuck you @d_magik sweet asshole
disrspctful: @d_magik
lux: did u say @d_magik