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thesnark: @D_MAGIK the whole thing is that it's not good or bad
thesnark: @D_MAGIK magick is cool for that reason alone, I agree
thekraken: nice (new?) avatar @d_magik
thekraken: lol more commode jokes @d_magik
aids_enoch: @eyedeekay @d_magik says it all i think
aids_enoch: @d_magik just about says it all
aids_enoch: @d_magik aka vommitting blood
DaytimeTelevision: ^ @D_MAGIK XOXOXO
kintrala: @D_MAGIK : something for print
peggy: i met him once @d_magik
jonathn: @D_MAGIK @orlandobloom
jonathn: @D_MAGIK
pretzel: nice @d_magik @cxzy
cxzy: hey @D_magik look who made the headlines today!
kiptok: think about me @d_magik
kiptok: say you love me @d_magik
kiptok: i like going on long walks with hot ghouls @d_magik
photocopy: @D_MAGIK :
kintrala: @d_magik :
eyedeekay: @aids_enoch @callus @ssnack @unhealthy @grass @plams @mrheaith @mrhealth @frakbuddy @sapphire @anndunham @joy @reneablythe @frederick @qil @ryz @cheetos1 @fauxreal @sidonie @jonathn @waves @gosane @dump @test @creamydreamr @rob @wierdnumber @lux @sidrules @somedog @weh @funpiles @tommypickles @kiptok @kintrala @kalan @disgusting @loserbitch @poopdeck @d_magik @conqueror @thekraken @hell @photocopy @elfluuva @imstupid @frederika @august @boypussy @catz + other freinds & degenerates (sry if i forgot u!) ✌
wrinkles: @d_magik i was joan rivers but a few ppl thought i was nancy grace/hilary clinton
petrograd: @d_magik
chairfraatz: @D_MAGIK
petrograd: @d_magik here we go this is perfect for the naked rappers vid
grass: @d_magik
kemosabe721: @D_MAGIK
0_0_0: @D_magik <3
0_0_0: @D_Magik loved my memes.
petrograd: @d_magik
petrograd: @d_magik
orlandobloom: @d_magik
2DEEP4U: @d_magik
cxzy: @ediut @doritowitch @anndunham @pfifferking @peggy @pretzel @dvvidpw @tommoody @D_magik @everyone if you want to join the Moma gifs tumblr gimme yr email so i can add you
aids_enoch: happy birthday @grass @D_Magik
aids_enoch: @D_Magik
kiptok: @d_magik
wrinkles: minty told me about this movie called Tokyo Decadence by Ryu Murakami and it's so good. it's one of my favorites. this like some shitty porno sequel ..but it might be good! who knows. i'm gonna watch it tmrw ! @D_MAGIK
cxzy: @D_magik
ryz: @d_magik
GucciSoFlosy: i made this for you @d_magik
orlandobloom: @d_magik