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illalli: b-e-a-u-tiful @d_magik
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kintrala: D_magik one of the best pwns by @d_magik
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ShlucHT: did you had ur birthday ? @D_magik
ryz: sure yeah @d_magik @dolphin300
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wakefulness: @d_magik
wakefulness: @d_magik
KingofMugen: @D_magik Nope.avi I don't even it, going to jail, brb.
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kiptok: virtual bart @d_magik
powerstripp: @D_MAGIK
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minty: for long? @d_magik
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DreWeL: beethoven's 11th string quartet @D_Magik
callus: watch to the end @d_magik
lux: @d_magik
aids_enoch: but humans live in denial @d_magik and it's the emperor's new clothes when it comes to race and that is cute and all .. but the fact is in the end.. the emperor is saying LET THEM HAVE CAKE and well`` there's a famine going on .......... and when there's twigs for breakfast one day 20 years from now please tell me the tale of how "all races are the same" when those very same other races that would turn on you in a second are your "pals" cause you want to have your cultural cake on your mp3 player and eat it to
aids_enoch: that does not mean @d_magik that the wolf doesn't serve it's purpose and the rescue dog it's own as well
aids_enoch: race is a VERY real thing you would not expect a polar bear to live where the grizzly lives @d_magik and vice versa and if you truly believe this then YOU are correct race ISN'T A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT it's just that the average human is BLIND to the very facets of truth RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.. the truth is the average man has no soul and lies to himself .. if you can tell me that a chihuhua is the same as a wolf and look me dead in the eye then you have either lied to your soul or are plain retarded
aids_enoch: the truth is @d_magik 50 years from now blacks will still be passing the buck.. talking about "a new day" when that same day has passed some 100 years ago
aids_enoch: race is not a cultural construct hahahaha @d_magik .. when in america alone .. blacks in the same time span that man went from flight to the moon blacks are still doing the same old song and dance about responsibility and acting like just acting like civilized people and doing the right thing is some epic force or strong battle
ShlucHT: @D_MAGIK u into hardware synths
lux: @d_magik
thesnark: @D_MAGIK the whole thing is that it's not good or bad
thesnark: @D_MAGIK magick is cool for that reason alone, I agree
thekraken: nice (new?) avatar @d_magik