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pecco: @d_magik where are you!!
anndunham: this was that festival where i met that dood @D_MAGIK
kiptok: @d_magik
powerstripp: I nominate @d_magik @grass and @pretzel for the ice bucket challenge challenge... either dump a cam of yourself dumping an ice bucket challenge gif, or donate $100 to ALS research!!!!
ohahalicia: hey @D_MAGIK
pretzel: nice1 @d_magik
kintrala: i love you @d_magik
rukalukus: @d_magik
kiptok: @d_magik she had to cancel because her driver got sick or something idk. and then she had to go back to mtl bc she ran out of money here T_T
orlandobloom:!/s/Regenesis/1o426b?src=5 @anndunham @d_magik
petrograd: also missed this @d_magik
kiptok: @d_magik ramzi canceled her tour sorry
melipone: @D_MAGIK
Ice: are you same username on @D_MAGIK
rockhero: @d_magik i get what you mean, but dont you think that there is something wrong with us thinking that?
trying: @kintrala @2deep4u @d_magik
trying: its like someone talking really loud on their cell phone while waiting in line at a pharmacy or something @d_magik @2deep4u
Trill-will: @D_MAGIK
2DEEP4U: @d_magik @geoffrey
rockhero: @d_magik you should look for shelter in a amish farm
trying: @rockhero @kiptok @d_magik r i p
rockhero: @d_magik
pecco: @d_magik
bees: @d_magik
guysalmon: @D_magik
chairfraatz: @D_MAGIK
kiptok: yo @d_magik do you go to athens ever
pecco: can you do this with the paid version of pixeldrift? @d_magik
gosane: @D_MAGIK deoxy is a nice site
eyedeekay: @kiptok @robot @d_magik @sidrules @creamydreamr @other ppl cahtting about hapiness rn @poopdeck
eyedeekay: @creamydreamr @wierdnumber @kintrala @d_magik @poopdeck @sidrules
chairfraatz: @D_MAGIK
kalan: @d_magik JELLLLLY
powerstripp: @anndunham @D_MAGIK
anndunham: @D_MAGIK @pfifferking
pretzel: @d_magik
tommypickles: FUCK you @D_MAGIK
ben_dover: @d_magik lol i posted those
ben_dover: @d_magik i cleaned it up made it look better
ben_dover: @d_magik where?
sapphire: @sapphire @kintrala @D_MAGIK @ben_dover @ohahalicia