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thekraken: caca kamode @d_magik
thekraken: lol good job on the ham art @D_magik @mchimperson
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK
carlosdngr2: thats a good tune @D_MAGIK
lizzy: @d_magik
lizzy: @d_magik @kiptok gσ∂ ℓσνєѕ ∂χм
thekraken: haha playing freeze tag and leaving the kid no one likes frozen @d_magik
lux: @d_magik
pretzel: @d_magik futzed with this last night, can't remember who i linked it to
thekraken: @d_magik this is the track I was reminded of
pretzel: nice @d_magik :)
pretzel: @d_magik
lux: @thekraken @d_magik @rihenna
thekraken: haha mutha fucking lookin like a CGI render @D_magik
kiptok: #gullibleidoits @DreWeL @hoquang @sidonie @JustinArias @D_MAGIK @peggy @callus @jograham @petrograd D_MAGIK zanahoria
kiptok: smh @DreWeL @hoquang @sidonie @JustinArias @D_MAGIK @peggy @callus @jograham @petrograd
kiptok: @DreWeL @hoquang @sidonie @JustinArias @D_MAGIK @peggy @callus @jograham @petrograd idoits
kiptok: u fools @pies is fuckin @bees thats not maggie @drewel @hoquang @sidonie @justinarias @d_magik @peggy @callus @jograham @petrograd
helvetica12: @d_magik acknowledge me
carlosdngr2: dammit @D_MAGIK
carlosdngr2: your ears are very mod @d_magik
carlosdngr2: @D_Magik are you eminem
dolphin300: @D_MAGIK do this w/ ur toilet bowl
cheseball: @D_MAGIK
petrograd: @d_magik
lux: @d_magik
lux: @d_magik @byron
RaineRaine: @D_MAGIK there used to be this game called "3 trillion" where you could go on a digital shopping spree with all the money the US spends on warfare lol
photocopy: @D_MAGIK
thekraken: thank you <3 @d_magik
thekraken: haha nice bag couture @d_magik
anita_hug: @D_MAGIK nice look
kiptok: @jerseymike @d_magik
jerseymike: @d_magik relevant
jerseymike: @d_magik i appreciate anyone who rocks with us
McChimperson: @d_magik needs pixel art
McChimperson: @d_magik have u not heard of a bong?
succubus: @D_MAGIK vaporize
lux: @d_magik
kkkk: fuckin idoit @d_magik
lux: i go back @d_magik