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dolphin300: do you steal these @D_MAGIK ?
wrinkles: @youngbumpkin @hoquang @kiptok @d_magik @cheseball @peur @McChimperson @samantha @kingofMugen @plams @maggie @glasspopcorn @frederick @minty @ryder @yo_matty @celinedion @dates @years @peggy @doritowitch @wlatimer
Samantha: thts why u gotta devain them @D_magik
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK i feel like thats a key detail
cheseball: @D_MAGIK thanks, haha.
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK like the guy who stands and always has bo
kiptok: @d_magik
2DEEP4U: I just sent you a HILARIOUS picture @d_magik
2DEEP4U: @d_magik what is this a phone number!? [(tears up paper and throws it in the air)]
2DEEP4U: @d_magik i may have a business proposition for u
guysalmon: wtf why @d_magik
guysalmon: sick @D_magik
photos: @d_magik
hoquang: @photos @d_magik
grass: @d_magik
reneabythe: @d_magik rly liked the cc
jonathn: @D_Magik
ShlucHT: @D_MAGIK yes
elfluuva: need it for something i'm cooking up in the kitchen @d_magik
elfluuva: @D_Magik can you cam and send me a photo or two of your profile. can't seem to find any of you with your head turned.
elfluuva: @D_magik
guysalmon: i get that kinda @D_MAGIK
carlosdngr2: @D_MAGIK being gay about food is some gay shit
wrinkles: @d_magik you're hot. you're a catch ... lol
illalli: the song of my childhood @d_magik
HeathersLtd: @d_magik ;)
lux: @d_magik
lux: what's that creepin in my shadow my negative space @d_magik
footbath: marky marky and the funky brunch @d_magik
chem: @D_MAGIK thats too far
kintrala: @D_magik : yo how do i do the install IDGI
elfluuva: @kiptok @frederick @peur @reneabythe @aids_enoch @kalan @photos @grass @mrheaith @ssnack @fgt @d_magik
GucciSoFlosy: @photos @D_Magik @lilcriticals
hoquang: @tommoody @d_magik
reverberasia: highlander @d_magik
wrinkles: @d_magik @jonathn @ssnack
Alluring: @d_magik
stage: good dump @d_magik
blues: john cena @d_magik
HeathersLtd: @d_magik 4 u my partner
HeathersLtd: @d_magik