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kalan: ok im leanin your way, @D_MAGIK, catch me!
JustinArias: @D_MAGIK
wierdnumber: @D_MAGIK The main way the dump holds peoples attention at moments of high volume posting is by invoking Что такое?/the orienting response. This state + the high visual bias of a screen which is read with light projected throught it can delay/suspend consideration of a post whose "meaning" is not immediately available at a glance. When dump slows down the medium "cools" in that it demands more interaction to remain interesting. the interactivity demanded at this moment is not neccesarily just a demand for input, but also is a demand for a more active kind of looking. so if you hold off on posting after a nuanced dump your "reading" of that dump changes, but any subsequent also changes the "reading" and both of these readings are valid.
eyedeekay: @d_magik
melipone: @D_magik
kintrala: @d_magik
h0rs3m0n3y: @D_MAGIK why thnk u
harshly: @frederick @beardcookies @hoquang @sakalak @d_magik @kiptok @peur @weh @poopdeck @mrhappyface @illalli @wupreme @sapphire @orlandobloom
cxzy: @D_magik @anndunham
godless: @d_magik
DreWeL: @D_Magik i'd totally watch that episode, MTV True Life: I Dump
kiptok: no @d_magik
pretzel: this is nice playlist @d_magik
melipone: @d_magik
robot: @D_MAGIK
powerstripp: @cxzy @D_Magik don't do me like they did george
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
kiptok: @d_magik do u rmember rampart
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK
nnetwork: we have important work to do @D_MAGIK
robot: @ssnack @D_MAGIK
kiptok: its just u and me @d_magik
wrinkles: @fauxreal @d_magik @kiptok
hoquang: @melipone @frankhats @d_magik @gr8pevine @peggy @polymer
nnetwork: @D_MAGIK is that youtube?
grass: good read @d_magik
ryz: @d_magik
187: @d_magik
reneabythe: @d_magik trow it! step on it!
kiptok: i'm having a convesation w ramzi on fb! she wants to do a show @d_magik
kiptok: @d_magik wow she lives in bhutan
frankhats: lol @d_magik
kiptok: ramzi friended me! @d_magik
CarlosDanger: @D_MAGIK what was john's amp setup
CarlosDanger: @D_MAGIK go on
nextmove: i got a yo right when you said yo, yo @d_magik
powerstripp: @cxzy @D_MAGIK
lux: @d_magik
tommoody: .. @D_MAGIK