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ShlucHT: @D_magik
ShlucHT: @d_magik convinced angels in america to come to atlanta last night
maxlabor: webcam jerking @d_magik
maxlabor: yeah it's kemistry and storm @d_magik
maxlabor: i think that's perfectly fine @d_magik
ShlucHT: @D_magik dedchil heathers & and bridget but heathers has also some other friends in atlanta we will do something at the heater - do you know this place ? want to show something or contribute too ?
Soccer: yeah i think that comes with age maybe @D_magik
stage: my mom used to crank that song @d_magik
ShlucHT: @goblin @D_MAGIK hei so its possible to come to atlanta 17th & 18th of may do you prefer a date ? more details soon
sidonie: daaaaaannk @d_magik
lux: i got so close to my screen @d_magik
sidonie: @d_magik is the coolest
pixels: @d_magik
photos: @d_magik
betrayer: @d_magik
kiptok: thx for the much needed levity @d_magik
guIarjinoish: @D_MAGIK
sidonie: sick jam @D_magik
maxlabor: is that true @d_magik
sidonie: <3 @d_magik
sidonie: thank you @d_magik!!
lux: licking the inside of this weed candy bag @d_magik
lux: mine's a PUSSY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! @d_magik
Soccer: @photos @isaac @D_magik
maxlabor: UH OH @d_magik @kiptok
taehyung: i punch u @d_magik
perfsecret: @d_magik
betrayer: @d_magik
kiptok: thx for telling me the color of brasilian dirt @d_magik so helpful
bluecow: @D_MAGIK
reneabythe: @d_magik
reneabythe: TONIGHT!! (THURSDAY!) GET IN HERE!!!!! @cheseball @photos @tommoody @shlucht @polis @bamboo @sidonie @d_magik @dvvidpw
ShlucHT: @d_magik made this one for tokyo
minty: you'd make such a great villain if you had long black hair @d_magik
kiptok: 미안해~ @d_magik 디 매지크
carlosdngr2: @d_magik epic win
kiptok: @d_magik
kiptok: @d_magik
goblin: @d_magik