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whocares1 ummm
jonathn @pretzel
whocares1 idk like 50$ for both?
whocares1 shouldn't take more than 2 hours total honest
conqueror on what
dolphin300 50$ an hour
whocares1 if you're in ny that makes this a lot easier because i don't have a credit card
dolphin300 ask hoquang
whocares1 yeah i might
whocares1 @hoquang wanna get paid to write two 2 page papers?
whocares1 i'll just ask him on facebook
pretzel Ellen’s Design Challenge
pretzel lol cancel r kelly
pretzel i kept thinking this was some new musician
pretzel named Cancel R Kelly
helvetica12 boy were you wrong
pretzel its a good name though
whocares1 are you going to meet ryder on saturday
dolphin300 R Kelly 2: The Band
helvetica12 theres a guy at my school named Ryan Kelly and he calls himself rkelly
helvetica12 not a good story but relevent
conqueror Bone Thugs N Cancel R Kelly
helvetica12 @whocares yeah i think

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