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DaytimeTelevision dumbest luck
years some luck!
years that's awesome
years i definitely associate opn w/
years that virtual world feel
DaytimeTelevision his music has def had a huge effect on me
years he somewhat owns this gen of net art's aesthetic or at least is quite an influence
DaytimeTelevision i wish more experimental musicians had followed in his footsteps
DaytimeTelevision noise is dead
years he created vaporwave though
DaytimeTelevision that he did
DaytimeTelevision which he claims to know nothing abt
DaytimeTelevision which im v skeptical of
DaytimeTelevision idk i know he talks to ramona
years mac plus is a girl?
DaytimeTelevision im so confused as to why she hasn't put out an album on software
DaytimeTelevision yeah mac plus is a girl
DaytimeTelevision she lives in portland

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