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lux all i know is god is good
penisholder ALICE GLASS ✔ @ALICEGLASS Follow i was a founding member of crystal castles and shaped the sound and aesthetic from the very beginning ok isnt this confirmed a lie?
thekraken the theoretical Ethan using someone
lux and crystal castles is back at the same time i'm evolving rapdily
lux rapidlyiyliyl
thekraken lol I would punch Ethan if Alice asked
lux she should just shut up and release something solo already
lux or go make it
wrinkles i'm outta here bi guys
thekraken then I would ask him for the first song from
lux she's not making herself look good and the old cc fans are just dancing to frail
thekraken cya wrinks
penisholder she said it's coming soon
penisholder yeah she takes a big L
lux this song luis
thekraken chese can you meet me in PH
lux it's like if there was a tragic death scene in the daft punk film
lux when i was like 7 i rly liked inuyasha and i talked about it a lot and one time this girl who really hated me pushed me into some mud and said “your precious inuyasha wont save you now” and i cried
lux LMAO
lux the girl was me
penisholder this is great

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