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kiptok ppl
kiptok doubt you guys know the raper
kiptok ist
powerstripp the alt lit-er
kiptok but the girl dumped
peur raperist
kiptok yeah the alt liter
kiptok literapist
powerstripp there we go
ssnack alt lit figure are alpha bros and alpha bros rape rape rape
kiptok do i go say hello to the korean ppl
kiptok 안녕 ^ㅡ^
ssnack idk idk idk
ssnack yeah
ssnack sure
kiptok i hope they like IU and gayoon
kiptok and dara
ssnack it will probably be bad but whats the worst that cannot happen unl;ess it's traumatic and demoralizes you for years to come
kiptok k i'm scared bc ive never been alone with a korean
kiptok but theyre all korean
kiptok literally only know my family and the other korean kid in high school
powerstripp rachael rabbit white raped me by not liking one of my posts on instagram

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