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kiptok this is literally illegal u guys so plz stopp
thekraken MTWTFSS
thekraken Bird have you ever played E.V.O. Search for Eden or seventh cross evolution or Impossible Creatures?
BirdRaymond Yeah, EVO is great. I was actually idly working on translatin the PC98 original of EVO, 46 Okunen Monogatari.
lizzy it's not that we donany john mayer gifs
lizzy 1 press 1
thekraken what's "46 Okunen Monogatari" ?
BirdRaymond I haven't played the others. Are they similar?
thekraken IDK. Seventh Cross was a dreamcast game
BirdRaymond 45 Okunen Monogatari was made by the same developers of EVO several years prior on the PC98 computer. It's rougher in graphics, but there's a lot of game there.
thekraken I started playing Tokyo Jungle with a friend last week and he recommended those two titles from his childhood
BirdRaymond I would strongly suggest EVO.
thekraken then I found "Impossible Creatures" which lets you mash up real animals like some sort of dr. moreau
thekraken but it turns out it is mostly an RTS and not so much RP
BirdRaymond Oh, I think I vaguely recall that one now that you mentioned it was an RTS.
BirdRaymond Yeah, no sale for me, either.
thekraken I'll find an emulator and rom for EVO. Currently doing some chores and fighting the urge to not be productive since it is the weekend

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