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dolphin300 wait
dolphin300 that meek mill song?
dolphin300 is better than the song yrn?
cut huh no, bang 3 is better than yrn
cut young rich nation the migos album
dolphin300 yeah
dolphin300 at first i thought you were saying
cut keef could easily produce for them
dolphin300 that meek mill track
dolphin300 over the thugger/migos yrn track
cut oooh man idk
cut they're both good
cut i hope slime season has some aggressive thugger
cut i need that rn
cut b6 puts me to sleep
cut the only track i dont like on bang 3 is cappin
cut fucking dead at his flow on Facts
cut LOL
cut man it's dead in here
cut are u all at parties
dolphin300 hopefully chi dumpers are at tpain
cut yea bro
cut i fucking hope
cut ttyl dolphin

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