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photos ppl never assume i'm as weird as i am
peur ewww hollywood
peur i am not that touristy tyvm
lux is it a good quality @photos
lux i'm new to it but i like it
betrayer yeah...hollywood...
lux i used to just not give a shit and be myself but the world is really funny if you don't do that
lux and to be honest, myself is kind of too much
betrayer but you have been
lux's good
peur i have not
betrayer that much for sure
peur that is not true
betrayer you went there
lux *twerks on betrayer and peur*
photos i don't know if its good
lux all these hoes got they hands on they knees
peur i spent one whole hour in LA
photos mostly i don't know now to explain it
photos if i was honest to them i'd probably just be a jerk
thekraken it depends on the audience @lux
photos yea

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