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pretzel cis gum @joy
peggy put your hands in your pocket and spread your fingers wide
joy i woyld date skinny puppy
anndunham are bits of youtubes flying around anyone else's screen??
pretzel not for me?
peggy no
joy lol
peggy you've been hacked
peggy pull the plug
peggy quick
pretzel control-alt-f666
melipone <safe><iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></safe>
pretzel i'm going to eat lunch with my mom
grass i intitially missed that joke
joy enjoy the company of your dna
dtf omg we ate the whole brownie mountain noonegivesafuck
anndunham "is it secret? is it safe?"
joy While on a flight from Ontario to New Jersey, Bowman, then seventeen, was skimming through a Tom Clancy novel when she came upon the term amphibious assault. Bowman thought this would be a great name for an industrial band.
cxzy I'm re-listening to the knife

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