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BirdRaymond Yes. Really funny.
McChimperson hilaaaaaaaaarious
McChimperson president is a mind slave to a demon cult or whatever
McChimperson i heard one of the leaked documents said "I control [president's name], body and soul"
McChimperson where the fuck is kippo to comfirm this
reneabythe dude
reneabythe im bout to blow ur brain
reneabythe are you ready?
reneabythe chimper u there
reneabythe r u ready for this
McChimperson i am ready
reneabythe <safe><iframe src="" width=600 height=400></iframe></safe>
McChimperson lol ya hindus love trump
reneabythe yessssssssss
McChimperson pretty much every group of people muslims have tried to exterminate likes trump
McChimperson all the sikhs i've met are pro trump
reneabythe check this out
McChimperson wizard powers 10/10
KingofMugen I went go to tv shop but it's is weird loop O_o?

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