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eyedeekay hes not suicidal hes a thirst for life that is uneclipsed by any1
years and i think loserbitch is insane
years i think transexuality is mental illness
years and evil
eyedeekay the funny thing is, we're all more functionally stable in a chat room than you
bees aids is what happens if a bfa goes ssj
bees without proper training
ssnack no you're thinking of homosexuality
years edk
years you pissed me off
years you got me started
bees aids will never achive tru mfa under these circumstances
years edk
years how can you speak of god
years as a trans person
ssnack i just dont see why you need so many alts cheetos
bees tulpa syndrom
loserbitch im a tulpa :)
years like
ssnack uh god is technically trans you do realize right /
years don't get me wrong
eyedeekay transexuality and homosexuality are not illnesses they are simply sexual fetishes like BDSM or being into swallowing piss. you could argue theyre kinda pointless, but theyre not inherently bad or wrong probably. at least no more than Lust itself is already very powerful and therefore potentially a dangerous force as well as protective and healing
years i think trans is cool
bees ur projecting
years maybe it is very human

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