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unhealthy hi everyone
creamydreamr sup fgt
unhealthy if anyone wants to collectively do something with me
unhealthy fgt what
unhealthy please don't call me
unhealthy that
D_MAGIK i feel sad
unhealthy distasteful
unhealthy no wait
selfmade i feel normal
selfmade u know what normal feel like@feelfeel
peur whats wrong d_magik ?
unhealthy nvm
peur the day has just begun!
selfmade of course and nobody cares about normalizim
selfmade thats even better.
creamydreamr but we live in such constant nearness to the abyss of past time that the moment is endlessly sucked into
selfmade now i feel sad too.
unhealthy your sucking me into you
tommoody @reneabythe - cute - base 64 ascii art is the kind of project that gets you written up in books on net art
creamydreamr knew ud get hung up on the word sucking
hell this is a really unhealthy day
unhealthy and i wanna get out

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