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-_-lol every time i log in i have to make a new name
-_-lol for99 days 999n days
-_-lol thats just a sin
-_-lol 999 days automute wIat thouighrout thatwas only 100 days
-_-lol icounting on abunch of my defunct alts being active again in 100 days
lololollol whatever i just think its wasteful - think about the data footprint of all these wasted alts and what environmental impact it has
haiufiahsf and the fact that all the good names will be taken
haiufiahsf forcing me to corner the marketon elite alts
pecco @wupreme
cheseball lizzy, im going to fry your equipment if you keep this up
cheseball <safe> <script> $('.nick_cheseball ').remove(); </script> </safe>
ssnack c a liafornai
ssnack learn
fundgruber Dario Alvarez short video about st. sebastian's reticence and ikb blood strokes. song: vince staples - blue suede &&& Hirad Sab Visuals for Children of silk ep of Sevdaliza
nicolashorch @maxlabor arite dont even remember saying autopsia buts somehing i would say, nice schulvideo
nicolashorch @maxlabor i like the dark pad sounds in the video...makes it look like they build something really fucked up
pies ban yawanur
yawanur @pies

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