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i like girls ibve hooked up with guys i like music i smoke weed everyday

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maxlabor: he is @celinedion
minty: @celinedion but go the mandarake in akihabara
minty: @celinedion besides animate and mandarake
minty: @celinedion nakano broadway is amazing too. anime heaven
minty: i didnt reallly do much @celinedion but shibuya: contact club, sound museum club, oath bar, Uobei sushi.. everything in harajuku. and shinjuku ni-chome. tower records. YOYOGI PARK on sunday. i spent alot of time in the tower records elevators
maxlabor: @celinedion
maxlabor: i have all those @celinedion
maxlabor: @celinedion