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i like girls ibve hooked up with guys i like music i smoke weed everyday

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pretzel: is that because you are a nazi @celinedion
thekraken: @celinedion you shouldve been online earlier when there was like 5 chipotle haters discouraging @powerstripp from experiencing Chipotle for the first time and I successfully convinced them to try it
sterlingcrip: @celineDion and then do what there?
waves: maybe i should let you wear a sign that says cunt destroyer since you love it so much @celinedion
JustinArias: ahh @celinedion you're right but some exotics are better than others so if you get more just store the ones you dont want to wear or use.
callus: omg lmao celine @celinedion @frederick @peur
powerstripp: @celinedion
elfluuva: what is @CelineDion friend code?
frederick: @elfluuva @celinedion
LibrtnPlease: @celinedion these are all pretty cool
bright: i listen to this once every few months to feel whole @celinedion @orlandobloom
bright: @celinedion
bright: @joy @celinedion @frederick
bright: thanks i missed this one @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
bright: @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
wrinkles: @celinedion i love her too
alessandra: @celinedion the answer to your question is no
frederick: @celinedion this is sunset overdrive in a nutshell
wierdnumber: no @celinedion are they any good?
bees: Jersey shore @celinedion
veryfoolish: @celinedion
grass: @celinedion