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i like girls ibve hooked up with guys i like music i smoke weed everyday

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harshly: @wrinkles @celinedion
harshly: @celinedion
decrvnk: @CElineDion, just recommend apple cider vinegar for everything
thekraken: @CelineDion I was going through my archive and found a webcam of you wearing an elastic plastic mask of the sister Dot from the Animaniacs lol
powerstripp: @celinedion
unifiedchunk: @CelineDion either money money money or take a chance on me
unifiedchunk: money money money @CelineDion
joy: outside berlin @celinedion
joy: @celinedion
thekraken: @celinedion can you link the vice article you were talking about that looks cool aesthetically? google failed me but this is cool
KlM: @celinedion
kiptok: @anndunham @celinedion nice u guys oh yeah and i gues @drewel
kiptok: @ediut @celinedion @ssnack @eyedeekay
veryfoolish: @celinedion can u msg me on hangouts plz
veryfoolish: @celinedion message me
frederick: check out this video @celinedion
funbuddy: @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
eyedeekay: @hell @frederick @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion
jonathn: had fun hanging out with @celinedion last night
sidonie: @celinedion @justinarias y'all are all week of spirit
harshly: @fagmar @hell @deenge @hoquang @frederick @celinedion @plams @dagmar @orlandobloom @ssnack @kintrala @catalina @boypussy @frankhats @doritowitch @lux @beardcookies @peur
harshly: @celinedion
KOOLSKULL: @celinedion 0__0 how many butts must i kiss?
KOOLSKULL: @celinedion im so fucking jelly 0__0
KOOLSKULL: @celinedion where u work?
august: @celinedion
lux: @ivy @jeanette1 @unicorngirl @rihenna @celinedion
august: @celinedion
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robot: @CelineDion
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dump: @a2soup @catz @celinedion @dates @dtf @frederick @kalan @kintrala @mrhealth @powerstripp @ryz @tonyhawk
frederick: @celinedion
cxzy: mini room maker ? @celinedion
frederick: @celinedion