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illalli: @beardcookies
illalli: congrats! @beardcookies movin' on up
harshly: @frederick @beardcookies @hoquang @sakalak @d_magik @kiptok @peur @weh @poopdeck @mrhappyface @illalli @wupreme @sapphire @orlandobloom
harshly: @wupreme @koolskull @minty @max_labor @fagmar @frankhats @drewel @beardcookies @unhealthy @mrhealth @kiptok
peur: @beardcookies u
kiptok: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
harshly: @beardcookies
harshly: ur a faggt @beardcookies
rockhero: @beardcookies
bees: @beardcookies good doc
illalli: congrats @beardcookies
kiptok: every sc2 player has seen that @beardcookies
peur: you are @aiya arent you @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
BeardCookies: @beardcookies
peur: idgi ????? @beardcookies !
harshly: @eyedeekay @orlandobloom @kiptok @beardcookies
kiptok: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
robot: thank you @BeardCookies!!!
thekraken: @beardcookies ah yes I saw this after figuring out who the MC in the chairlift video was. I watched this specific youtube trying to figure out what the guitarist was actually playing
bees: i can't find the scene, but great movie anyway. srsly did not mean to send that last scene, was looking for a dif one that utube took down. ;____;UU @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
kiptok: @beardcookies
bees: please don't watch that last video, i was looking for a different scene @frederick @cheetos1 @BeardCookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
bees: @frederick @cheetos1 @beardcookies @wrinkles @peur @thekraken @mrhealth
peur: @beardcookies
harshly: @fagmar @hell @deenge @hoquang @frederick @celinedion @plams @dagmar @orlandobloom @ssnack @kintrala @catalina @boypussy @frankhats @doritowitch @lux @beardcookies @peur
peur: @beardcookies u
frederick: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
LibrtnPlease: the vagina bugs are gonna delete the woman @beardcookies
thekraken: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies what is that video/song you snapped???
thekraken: who's the male vox on chairlift party @beardcookies
thekraken: @beardcookies
DoritoWitch: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
ohahalicia: ya u cute @beardcookies
ohahalicia: @beardcookies lol
ohahalicia: hey guy @beardcookies