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peur: @beardcookies
kiptok: @peur @beardcookies
kiptok: @peur @beardcookies new fav gosu user 고수 본좌
kiptok: samsung ftw @beardcookies 삼상 고수
peur: wait are you telling me to wink in a vine and you will also make a vine winking @beardcookies
kiptok: is this srsly the best team china can offer @beardcookies
kiptok: this doesn't even look close so far... korea is mopping up bleach all over china @beardcookies
kiptok: samsung rules @beardcookies
eyedeekay: @beardcookies we get it
peur: @beardcookies
kiptok: do you really listen to music while you read @beardcookies
years: @beardcookies
kiptok: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
kiptok: @lolumad @gory @beardcookies @illalli @samantha
peur: @beardcookies which one is u
v_sullock: @beardcookies
wierdnumber: <----- @beardcookies wendy williams is the one with the chainsaw and shaving cream all over her breasts
peur: disappointed in you @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
peur: @beardcookies
kiptok: @beardcookies f u next time i run into u ur deda
kiptok: @gory @lolumad @beardcookies @samantha
kiptok: @gory @lolumad @beardcookies
kiptok: @cheetos1 @peur @frederick @beardcookies @Lolumad @gory @samantha pwned
peur: @beardcookies
kiptok: GROUP OF BEATH @gory @peur @frederick @lolumad @beardcookies
kiptok: what movie @beardcookies
pretzel: what kind of cryptic code is this @beardcookies
kiptok: @beardcookies no shot in hell
peur: @beardcookies