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dump is like for like socializing
12:28 AM Wed 10/1 -- by Artist

01:58 AM Thu 9/11 -- by aids_enoch
occultism for the most part is jewish

01:57 AM Thu 9/11 -- by aids_enoch
because i don't deserve to have this on my record

03:00 PM Thu 7/3 -- by grass

02:53 PM Thu 7/3 -- by KlM

02:48 PM Thu 7/3 -- by thekraken
Artist i always would try to decide if i was attracted to her or not but couldn't decide ever <-- lol this is easily answered by the % of guilt you'd feel fucking the person

02:43 PM Thu 7/3 -- by grass
so...i uh...i made my first official meme today...

09:28 PM Wed 6/4 -- by CelineDion
to see big freedia at empty bottle

11:11 PM Wed 5/21 -- by frederick

11:11 PM Wed 5/21 -- by jonathn
i've become disillusioned with live performances so much lately hoquang. there's always something there to ruin it for me... either the performer, the audience, the venue. i've been some to proper shows lately but also some shit ones . recording and live performance are two different things to me. live a much louder explosion. .... i've expressed these feelings to you already. i'm rambling

10:49 PM Thu 5/8 -- by Ediut
that chick i was tryna date looked just like this one

10:46 PM Mon 5/5 -- by macstoresf2
rodenbach is technically just a flemish red but the grand cru version is pretty sour

08:08 PM Fri 4/11 -- by soverymonkey
i had a stick and poke "SK8 OR DONT" fade off in like 6 months

11:34 PM Wed 4/9 -- by melipone

11:34 PM Wed 4/9 -- by frankhats
what were the names of the other things like AOHell

11:34 PM Wed 4/9 -- by dvvidpw

11:33 PM Wed 4/9 -- by frankhats

11:33 PM Wed 4/9 -- by Artist
that happened when i recorded mini discs

11:33 PM Wed 4/9 -- by yv0nne
i have likt a bootleg version of a tAtU song and it has those aim sounds in it

11:26 PM Wed 4/9 -- by lux
leading the revolution