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peur: he comes on as @artist now
kiptok: @artist goes there
frederick: @artist
guysalmon: Da boul @artist
cheetos: wow great idea @artist
callus: always a thoughtful contributer @artist
waves: @artist kill yourself
callus: lol @artist
thekraken: @artist @hoquang @pretzel
tommoody: @Artist I said I didn't see the KC show - am not reviewing jpegs - here's what I said about the NY shows -
bees: @cxzy @cheetos1 @artist @??
peggy: @worm fron-facing middle finger is something that @Artist used to do in his cams that other dumpers subsequently adopted
callus: ur a vapid faggot @artist
D_MAGIK: he looks like @artist
thekraken: <-- here @artist
waves: @artist so you were serious when you said you were trying to take me to jail