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dump is like for like socializing

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oak: @artist is that pizza from eataly
Soccer: what is it @artist
Soccer: nice hat @artist
Soccer: @artist
Soccer: no but that sounds sick @artist
betrayer: thanks @artist
Soccer: i think it was a misha hollenbach video the guy from perks and mini @artist
Soccer: wait wuhht @artist ?
Soccer: @artist
kiptijek: u look like neil tennant @artist
Soccer: what jobe @artist
kiptok: @artist
carlosdngr2: @artist you look like frank underwood's henchman with the new haircut
tommoody: @Artist that dude juan is rarely here now
LibrtnPlease: royal tenenbaumsi think @artist
plant: @artist me
Soccer: u into polar skate co? @artist
carlosdngr2: @artist now you are matt damon in the martian
Soccer: the duck is cool @artist
Soccer: do u have facebook @artist
Soccer: where u working @artist
reverberasia: rly into those frames @artist
cheseball: @artist