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thekraken: thanks for the recommendations @agt528
lux: blaze a blaze galangalangalang @agt528 @thekraken @cheseball
lux: @agt528
lux: @agt528
lux: i made you a sandwich @agt528
ShlucHT: @agt528 come by if you are free
kintrala: @agt528 : lets bring back the BBM group pin: 2b1e56c1
ShlucHT: @AGT528 hey found the poem about the südstern church : The old butterqueue. What remained to her was: the place beside the bank before the church of her home town. And if she pressed her ear quite firmly at the loose sidewalk, she could hear the voice of God.
polis: ja gang!!! @agt528 @nicolashorch
thekraken: @agt528 - IDK got woken up before I needed to be awake, going to take a quick shower, make breakfast and then call UNI about something unfortunate but all in all I am in good spirits. what about yourself? I heard you were moving
ShlucHT: u r boyfriend is in berlin too or ? @AGT528
kintrala: @agt528 : come back tho
kintrala: @agt528 : dude this nail polish